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  1. Has there ever been a solution to this keyboard not working problem? I have just started to use MSFS2020 and have the same problem and it is now Feb 2021.
  2. OK I "think" I have most of my queries/problems sorted. I can now successfully get flying in VR. I do need to tweak it for best performance. For setting up purposes I can now get MSFS opening on my 2nd monitor which makes assigning/calibrating controls much easier as they are much more visible to me. I have been able to set buttons for "pause on" and "pause off". When flying 2D and VR my mouse remains active but there is no response to the keyboard. That makes it impossible, for example, after landing to get back to the flight planning screens without shutting down and restarting MSFS but maybe that is the way it is?? Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions.
  3. I can get VR running OK ( I have set the Shift Right key as my VR trigger) .---- I just cant quit and get out of MSFS2020 without using Task Manager via ctrl/alt/del. The problem also is still there when running MSFS in 2D mode. Have I messed up the keyboard settings somehow? I am running in Windowed mode which for some reason I cannot resize either. I also have a 2nd monitor attached as I am running MSFS2020 in my Home Cockpit Rig.This is set up as an extended display where I can drag screens to-however I cannot drag the MSFS screen to it but that is probably another issue
  4. Hmm Just loaded all up again this morning and once again my keyboard was not getting any response - I had to quit via Task Manager again. On my main monitor I see the dual screens and double mouse pointers visible in each screen. I do not see the MSFS Main Menu. Something is wrong . Thanks for helping - hopefully we can solve this.
  5. Hmm certainly in the headset there is no sign of the Active Pause and the other associated drop down menus. On the main monitor (TV) I can see only the twin displays. I think I should be able to get a normal display? Keyboard seems to be not recognised. But I am only 1 hour old in VR terms!! Thanks also for the heads up re upgrading.
  6. Hi, I have just today got MSFS 2020 VR running on my Quest2. (That was a lot of reading and watching YouTube videos to get this far!!) To save me lots more searching can someone please help me with: (1)Pausing the sim whilst in VR? How do I do that? (2)Quitting the sim whilst in VR (I have to use Task Manager at this time) (3)Recommendations for an upgraded computer from currently an i5 processor with a GTX1060 graphics card. Many thanks for any help.
  7. I had the same issue a couple of times but got the game started by left clicking on the mouse. Since then "pressing any key" has continued to work ok.
  8. I am thinking of upgrading my 40" Samsung 1920 X1080 TV for a 4K TV - this one https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/lg-43um7050plf-43-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-led-tv-10206392-pdt.html The maximum size of monitor I can have is a 43" screen This will be to run XPlane 11 via a GTX1080 graphics card. Would the above TV be ok. Any help/advice much appreciated.
  9. Yes but when I then set Previous Flight to be the "Default Flight" P3D kept reloading that one particular save when I restarted P3D. Using the facility in FSUIPC has solved the issue for me. Now when I start P3D it reloads at the location I last left it. I bypass the need to select "Previous Flight" and wait for it to load.
  10. Yes I could do that but previously I had flightsim set to do this automatically (cannot remember how I did this). Just wanting to be slick
  11. How can I restart P3D from where I hast left the programme? For example when I leave the programme at Airport xxxx and Gate xx then on the next session P3D will load up at the same location. Using “Previous Flight” as the Default start up doesnt seem to achieve this.
  12. I never did find the folders containing the data shown in the CTD Guide. However the instructions to delete a Carenardo file lead me to thinking about the 9 times out of 10 (roughly) but not 10/10 CTDs I think I have traced the CTD to a downloaded Prosim livery. I have now saved my startup flight with the default Prosim livery and haven't had a CTD since -- hope thats not it jinxed now!! However thank you very much for your help. William
  13. Thank you very much for your reply. Could you please tell me where I can locate the dll.xml . I can find the DLL.XML but that is not the one with multiple entries. William
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