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  1. Thanks Ray, I may yet pull this one off. As far as Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant, Thrust master Quadrant, too late for them as they will have to be delivered to Jordan when they are released. One thing I noticed on the monitor is it is NVIDIA G-Sync® Compatible, whereas the older one says simply G-Sync. Hopefully not a big difference there.
  2. Actually my intended destination is Jordan, so the savings are real, and sadly the taxes are much higher than in the UK when it comes to electronics. As crazy as it may sound, the formula works best this way, as I mentioned earlier that I am allowed a one time tax free shipment of household goods, including electronics.
  3. Ray, thanks for the advice. For the record, I hung up with Overclockers Uk about 15 minutes ago. I will need to order it on the phone direct as it is shipping overseas. I am waiting for a more certain availability date from them so I can make sure it gets here before I leave so hopefully it all works out. As far as discount is concerned, it will be tax free, so the shipping only raises the price by a hundred pounds, which is still about two hundred less than the older version her in Dubai which is/ and has been expected in 13 days for a month or so now.
  4. Thanks for the advice Ray. Firstly the sockets in the new place will take the three plug fine so no worries. The problem is that the country I am going to has a horrendous tax on electronics, and as I am moving I get one tax free shipment of home furniture and electronics. I am anxious to get it before we leave, which is now unknown lol, as the concerned government is not up front with reopening the airport so I may have gotten enough time to order the original with a twist. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/pc-monitors/pc-monitors/lg-ultragear-38gn950-b-quad-hd-38-curved-nano-ips-lcd-gaming-monitor-black-10205235-pdt.html I am checking to see if they ship to Dubai, as the supplier in Dubai does not have a delivery date n the old one, let alone this newer version. Plus, as it is going overseas it means I do not pay taxes (200 or so) and that may cover the shipping cost. What do you think of this one Ray?
  5. I was looking at an LG 38 inch (LG 38GL950G) to replace my 10 year old LG E2750, but the one I want is not likely to arrive in time before I move countries. I would like advice on a good 34 inch monitor instead as those are readily available. I will use it for Simming, and for some gaming (nowhere near pro status lol). I have a 9900k and a 2080ti, so higher end should be fine. Some monitors I am looking at: 1-34 "LCD Acer Predator X34P - IPS, QHD, 4ms, 120Hz, 300cd/m2, 100M: 1,21: 9, HDMI, DP, USB, speaker, pivot, G-Sync 2-MSI Optix MPG341CQR 34 "C/3440x1440/3000: 1/2ms/144H 3- "WLED ASUS PG349Q ROG 4-LG 34GL750 - QHD, IPS, 2xHDMI, DP 5-LG 34GN850-B 34 Thanks in advance for any and all insight.
  6. Perfect gentlemen, thanks for the help.
  7. I have my own assignments, which include deleting almost all and reassigning my own for my throttles, side stick, and rudders. They are deleted sometimes when I install new software, and it is a headache to say the least, so I was hoping someone would guide me as to how to save the assignments for the next time I install something that deletes them. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  8. https://milviz.com/flight/products/KA350/index.php Look in Downloads on the product page for manual. Also, if you are registered on the site look under KA 350 general forum for King Air 350i Manuals. Halfway down the page you will get a lot more manuals. Good Luck
  9. Window seats? If so, it is going fast enough for takeoff so do not panic as it only looks like it is going really slow. Try to see the lower cabin as it is ridiculously spacious. Other than that, it is a lot more quiet than anything out there, but the AC is kind of loud. Just have fun and enjoy your vacation.
  10. Sadly I am not sure yet of the exact details, but she wants it as a "walking tour" of some cities. Nothing too complicated, and supposedly the scenery is already available online. Cannot give more information as she is at work and is still gathering information. I just figured I would "benefit?" as we have to get a VR system for International day at my daughters school.
  11. So what should I look for? Wife needs one for a day, and I might as well get one that I may end up using down the road. Thanks for any insight in advance.
  12. If it is one thing I would appreciate (if possible) would be a fix for worldwide time in "real Time".. I currently live in Dubai, and want to plan a flight from, say Sydney to Beijing. Or perhaps from New York to Vienna. I would appreciate it if the time shown is for that flight that I choose, and not have to struggle with figuring out the time in one place and not getting it wrong in the sim, or the change to winter or summer schedules and whatnot. Thanks for your consideration in advance, Waleed Nuseibeh.
  13. Working now I guess. For some reason, detect crashes was on even though I turned it off soon as I worked the settings after install. I have a "sound" issue though as the Raptor sound is intermittently cutting out. Read about it while looking for possible answers earlier in the day so will revisit that. Thanks for the help, as a few restarts seem to have helped a lot.
  14. installed again, ran it, exited a few times and it is loading fine now. Just need to figure out the "crash" it states when I try and accelerate down the runway. And I forgot to mention that landing wheels sink into the runway, as they have always done in previous versions of P3D.
  15. I read it a while back Jim, but it was never an issue in the previous versions straight out of the box. I was under the impression that it was OK to use outside of Vatsim, and the AI works fine with no issues. I will try to load it up a few times to see if that does anything. It is an FS9 scenery converted to work with both FSX and P3D.
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