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  1. Window seats? If so, it is going fast enough for takeoff so do not panic as it only looks like it is going really slow. Try to see the lower cabin as it is ridiculously spacious. Other than that, it is a lot more quiet than anything out there, but the AC is kind of loud. Just have fun and enjoy your vacation.
  2. Sadly I am not sure yet of the exact details, but she wants it as a "walking tour" of some cities. Nothing too complicated, and supposedly the scenery is already available online. Cannot give more information as she is at work and is still gathering information. I just figured I would "benefit?" as we have to get a VR system for International day at my daughters school.
  3. So what should I look for? Wife needs one for a day, and I might as well get one that I may end up using down the road. Thanks for any insight in advance.
  4. If it is one thing I would appreciate (if possible) would be a fix for worldwide time in "real Time".. I currently live in Dubai, and want to plan a flight from, say Sydney to Beijing. Or perhaps from New York to Vienna. I would appreciate it if the time shown is for that flight that I choose, and not have to struggle with figuring out the time in one place and not getting it wrong in the sim, or the change to winter or summer schedules and whatnot. Thanks for your consideration in advance, Waleed Nuseibeh.
  5. Working now I guess. For some reason, detect crashes was on even though I turned it off soon as I worked the settings after install. I have a "sound" issue though as the Raptor sound is intermittently cutting out. Read about it while looking for possible answers earlier in the day so will revisit that. Thanks for the help, as a few restarts seem to have helped a lot.
  6. installed again, ran it, exited a few times and it is loading fine now. Just need to figure out the "crash" it states when I try and accelerate down the runway. And I forgot to mention that landing wheels sink into the runway, as they have always done in previous versions of P3D.
  7. I read it a while back Jim, but it was never an issue in the previous versions straight out of the box. I was under the impression that it was OK to use outside of Vatsim, and the AI works fine with no issues. I will try to load it up a few times to see if that does anything. It is an FS9 scenery converted to work with both FSX and P3D.
  8. I am trying to install a scenery(http://vatjo.net/JO_Sceneries_VATSIM.zip) into "Addon Scenery" folder in P3D v4.4 (Clean Install) just like it was in V3, but am having issues. Seems like I am floating over the scenery below me, then it settles down and "lines up" but I am on the original runway below the scenery, and then I "crash" as I accelerate on the runway. It then reverts to the startup flight after a "soft" crash. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
  9. To add to Jesse's advice, what I did is put Orbx above Ultimate terrain and that solved it.
  10. I believe you simply need to log into your account on the main page, and go to the downloads section. It says 1.00 on top, but the file itself says V1-5, which is the new release version. I just downloaded it and installed it in V4.1, and paid nothing as this is an update. Good Luck.
  11. I have asked and begged a lot, but more never hurts as someone might go for it. 1-QOTS2 http://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p870796895/h6F329B4F#h6f329b4f 2-777-200LR https://www.planespotters.net/photo/684368/jy-agi-alia-the-royal-jordanian-airline-lockheed-l-1011-385-3-tristar-500 3-777-300ER http://e-spaces.eu/?p=76598 Thanks in advance.
  12. yes it is. http://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2017/6/10/flight1-level-d-757-200-to-enter-beta-stage
  13. Please stop spreading false statements. Get your facts straight before advising others. P.S. I neither work, nor am affiliated with either of the mentioned companies. Simply put I am just allergic to people who spread false information.
  14. Well Ken, your Aircraft software goes in the same direction I am afraid. Starts from around say $500K and goes way north of that too, and it does not include external, internal, or VC modelling. Makes complaining about PMDG, and FSLabs prices moot.
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