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  1. waleed

    KSAN Coronado Bridge - Double Vision

    To add to Jesse's advice, what I did is put Orbx above Ultimate terrain and that solved it.
  2. waleed

    29 Palms Skiathos Updated

    I believe you simply need to log into your account on the main page, and go to the downloads section. It says 1.00 on top, but the file itself says V1-5, which is the new release version. I just downloaded it and installed it in V4.1, and paid nothing as this is an update. Good Luck.
  3. I have asked and begged a lot, but more never hurts as someone might go for it. 1-QOTS2 http://www.aviationphotocompany.com/p870796895/h6F329B4F#h6f329b4f 2-777-200LR https://www.planespotters.net/photo/684368/jy-agi-alia-the-royal-jordanian-airline-lockheed-l-1011-385-3-tristar-500 3-777-300ER http://e-spaces.eu/?p=76598 Thanks in advance.
  4. It made a flight into KMIA for Thomas Cook.
  5. waleed

    LevelD 757 at FSC 2017

    yes it is. http://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2017/6/10/flight1-level-d-757-200-to-enter-beta-stage
  6. Please stop spreading false statements. Get your facts straight before advising others. P.S. I neither work, nor am affiliated with either of the mentioned companies. Simply put I am just allergic to people who spread false information.
  7. Well Ken, your Aircraft software goes in the same direction I am afraid. Starts from around say $500K and goes way north of that too, and it does not include external, internal, or VC modelling. Makes complaining about PMDG, and FSLabs prices moot.
  8. For anyone who is interested, you have the option to purchase at full price (top right), but most if not all would rather wait for the generous discount they offer once they release it
  9. I would suggest (if possible) a way to add repaints like PMDG, and Aerosoft do for their aircraft. Simply push "Add, delete, or change" livery and it does so automatically for specific airline/ aircraft from a repaint downloaded and put into a "repaint" file by the user. This makes it easier, and would probably keep us in the "loop" as far as new repaints created by re painters (thanks a lot for your hard work) are concerned. Since I lost my D drive on the day I wanted to back up my "complete AI" repaint folder, I can attest to the fact that it is quite an undertaking to redo all repaints replacing Daedalus (search for on multiple sites, download, copy and paste,edit, etc., etc.) and then to include them using the UT2 interface.
  10. I would appreciate it if someone were able to do a repaint of the PMDG 777-300 in Royal Jordanian colors. They do not have them, but would be great to have for my long haul flights. I will link pics of their 787 for reference: http://www.airportspotting.com/royal-jordanians-787-delivered/ http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/471689/jy-bab-royal-jordanian-airline-boeing-787-8-dreamliner/ Reg. could be JY-WBH Thanks in advance.
  11. I do too Rich, and every month. I was about to lol.
  12. That is what I was afraid of Rich. I just want the one AI repaint folder lol, but hey no guarantees and not worth it. Guess I will just need a new ssd, and hop UT3 will be out soon. Thanks to everyone for their help and advice. Happy and safe Holidays to all.
  13. Ok, so I connected my C drive (W7) into slot and it was working fine. I connected D (RIP???) in place of C drive (connections) and nothing. I tried all different ports and sadly nothing, and it did not show in bios, nor did it show in Disk management. So dead? Can I find a way to retrieve a folder, or do I need to take it in for that ($$$$$)/
  14. Well, it was connected "on its own". It is a 2.5" SATAiii 6GBS that is old (4 years or so). I will get the cable and try another drive tonight I hope (Dubai time). And we just got the update for P3D lol. I forgot to mention that the evening before, I opened the computer icon to see something and it was blank and showed no drives at all. I had to restart for it to see the drives. Not sure if that helps pinpoint any cause. Like I said, my main concern if it is broke is to try and get back all the repaints for the AI. Either way, if not it means I get to download "newer" more fsx type repaints so not the worst I guess.
  15. Thanks for the heads up Martin, I will try to get a new cable then. I will also look for new drivers, though I believe they discontinued the line. If nothing else, then good to know I can at least hopefully salvage the one file.