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  1. Can also confirm it is not an issue, I use an XBox controller for camera and drone control views (as I don't like them on a flight controller) alongside TrackIR and Warthog controllers, TPR pedals and the Honeycomb Yoke all work fine.
  2. Gabe777 I accept all that you say in your second comment, however in my own pedantic way I have to point out your comment too which I specifically replied named MSFS not the other 3 sim versions you later included. Cheers.
  3. All the best with it - a lot of fun and enjoyment ahead. Though I think you are like a lot of us, enough is never enough once you are hooked. I went from a CRT to 1 HD LED screen to triple screens then to triple 2k screens and now a 4k + panel monitors I find is the best for me. Grabbing the 3rd wire on the Nimitz with the Hornet is just the duck's guts as we say. I can wait till its perfect in VR and I'll make that move. Every new bit of sim software I buy makes me want to crank the satisfaction dial another notch. I am yet to find some spare FPS, it is all used - good luck (though I know what you mean).
  4. Absolutely or you will choose to crank all the settings off the dial and still get 30-40 fps. A better GPU and and system always gives you more options if the system was previously under load.
  5. Very surprised at the last phrase in the above statement - my i9-7900X is running at 4.9GHZ on all cores and is loafing at about 40% and the 1080Ti is at 100% usage 99% of the time (but no DXGI or CTD errors) runs smooth as silk live and I only get some slight hesitations when recording (with geforce). The only other issue I have had is scenery updating online and would really like to find out how rolling and manual cache screw up the experience ie when does it work correctly and how does one know? This imo is the biggest can of worms with the sim at the moment after 3 weeks of testing different profiles on my machine I have tried up to 500GB for each cache (2TB nvme) with awful results loading and flying online (going off topic sorry). The other 3 flight sims on my machine are better balanced for core - GPU loads imo but that is irrelevant if they all work and give you the results. spot on imo but also a fairly obvious conclusion for any graphics intensive software.
  6. Ha ha I had to laugh at this - it is valid in some ways, but also it is like comparing a DIY men's shed to Engineering School.
  7. Well done Rob, v5 is also a big step forward in my experience with Prepar3d. Of course you don't need to prove anything nor will you stop the knockers who will want to prove they can do a better job of breaking P3D. Enjoy your flying, I certainly am.
  8. More than that: Super vs Ti = Memory bandwidth 496Gb/s vs 616 Gb/s, Cuda cores 3072 vs 4352, 256 vs 354 bit memory interface. The 11GB is only part of the story, the 616 Gb/s bandwidth is I believe also a reason why many 2080 Ti owners are happy. That performance along with what DX12 brings has helped a lot of CPUs. The load between GPU and CPU is much more balanced now. As seen elsewhere the posts on 3090Ti rumours are looking for 40% improvement on 2080Ti and if Big Navi and RDNA2 live up to the hype for AMD they will hopefully and finally start to put some downward pressure on the nVidia gravy train. Both AMD & nVidia are playing the release date game at the moment each waiting for the other to draw first. If you are serious about simming the best performing graphics card you can afford at the time is always the right purchasing decision imo.
  9. Happens frequently with new updates that have not been verified by various anti virus companies. Just approve it as a trusted program in your AV software settings.
  10. Seems like my info is out of date Rob, thanks for the correction. My focus has been on DP mainly because of it bandwidth capacity iirc its around 78Gb/sec for v2 (which will go over 60FPS without compression) and hadn't picked up on the uprating of HDMI at 8K @ 30FPS. Cheers
  11. This is a good question however I think it is limited because individual specs come into play - One for example is Free Sync being available and that only working through HDMI or Display Port and an appropriate graphics card. There is some argument in the technical circles/forums that Display Port gives better functionality for multiple monitors and adaptive sync. If you can (wish to) drive 8K you can only do that over Display Port (v1.4) so for the future flight sim that may well be the way to go. I have only glimpsed one article in the 100s about the new 3000 series Nvidia card (and it was only 1 line at that) that mentioned the 3080Ti as being the first card capable of sustained 8K. My 4k is on Display Port and the 2k(portrait mode) is on HDMI simply because rotating the screen caused the DP to be in a bugger of a location.
  12. The power of LNM is quite astounding for a freebie, I have used it for years and every so often it would get updated with another great piece of functionality. Suggest you read their detailed description and surprise yourself, it is only page and you will soon know how much it can do and yes it will decode weather from many sources. Has good manuals imo. https://albar965.github.io/littlenavmap.html
  13. Glad it worked out. Not that there is any doubt about Noctua coolers as I said in my earlier post. You have made the investment and in a fairly clean home it will outlast several PCs. Just pack up the stock cooler for when you upgrade and sell the current machine.
  14. x I installed yesterday and put it into my main (external) ORBX library. Working well 4 me.
  15. You can turn the traffic off in the Vector config. Highway, primary and secondary road traffic is active in the default setup and will apply the P3D traffic % settings to each category, as I understand it.
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