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  1. To each his own - that is what flight simming seems to rely on to keep the props spinning. I agree with the general sentiment that the Warthog is a great controller and have used it for a number of years now, having bought it back in 2014. For my 2 cents the T.A.R.G.E.T. software is C.R.A.P. (apologies to moderators if that upsets their sensibilities) in W10. I used the P3D controller setup UI for a while (about a year I guess) but switching back and forth when changing AC got to be a pain especially when I started adding aircraft that made full use of the Warthog (eg: weapons systems) buttons. FSUIPC stands so far out in front when setting up specific profiles there is no coming back imo. Cheers
  2. You lost me there - as it doesn't relate to the OP post and additionally if you are a student that is why the academic license is available and why there are study level AC available in the academic P3D.
  3. I have to agree. That is the decision of the developer and a dumb one at that imo, given there are other developers that don't take that approach with modern aircraft weapon systems they (Virtavia) clearly are 1: not interested in selling their product to the flight sim masses who like studying the aircraft in an academic sense or 2: severely limited in the marketing department or 3: have had a licensing restriction imposed upon them by the Aircraft manufacturer? All the above are speculation on my part however the outcome results in a severely limited market for the specific AC package. Back to studying my 740 page FA18E manual and flying the superbug (with weapons systems enabled).
  4. That Time Spy result is good (excellent actually) I frankly think largely due to the the 2x 2030Ti - nice to have. As I said I dropped back in clocks because I was not comfortable with the voltage under full P3D load at 5GHZ. I followed Asus advice on not cranking the weaker cores (2) they identify in the BIOS and found that dropping all cores back the 100MHz took a full 0.175 volts off the cores and 8C at idle for a 2% loss in Geek Bench and Time Spy and no discernable difference in P3D. Having 10 Cores @ 4.8- at 36C idle in 23C room will do me for now. The only time I get stutters is when I play around with texture size bumping it up from 10 to 11 - 12 that makes things interesting (sub optimal) at 4k when you jump out of the plane and start admiring the scenery. The OP said he is running a GTX 2060 and I assume that is at 1080p I think he will be fine with a stock 3700X using PBO
  5. OK understood cheers - yes it is a big plus for the X299 and I found using that tune-ability in conjunction with Process Lasso has balanced the load on my CPU very well. I frankly in the last year or so am the happiest I have been with P3D and the other flight sim on my system.
  6. One of the problems I have about this sort of question is that most only ever refer to P3D flatly and not globally in other words you need to look at how many plug ins and add-ons are going to be making calls on your system and on P3D. My objective isn't to get all cores to 100% because you your system will crash if it does, in fact I look for ways to lower the load without major quality hits to the image. My target was to get a smooth sim with the add ons I use at 4K and that's why I opted for the best of both worlds - high core count (at the time) and high overclocking ability. I was lucky my CPU will actually run 6 cores at 5GHz and the rest at 4.8 ( after delidding and my cooling helps a lot) but frankly the 2% improvement I measured over what I have now 24x7 wasn't worth the voltage. I think somewhere between 8 and 12 cores is ideal however I am keen to see the difference with AMD's version of hyperthreading after a couple of bios updates-.
  7. You have me at a loss here for what you are trying to say? Are you saying that an X299 can't overclock individual cores to different speeds? If so you are wrong the multiplier is selectable per core. I think you are also assuming Dave_YVR hasn't assigned the tasks to specific cores.
  8. My i9-7900X uses all 10 cores very well, when it is busy in P3D they hover around 50 to 65%. I want to add some more add ons and hive them off with project Lasso to other cores as I do now on the 10 core so I am watching the 3900X with some interest. I will certainly wait till September for the 3950X reviews and also to gauge how Intel reacts with its price in the meantime.
  9. No it shouldn't I had an issue with a 980Ti that was WC and RMAd it to the shop I bought it from no issue at all ( I did put the original cooler back on - as one would). Difficult for most reputable brands to do something like reject a claim on basis of water cooling given the top brands all have had water cooled options themselves on GPUs (eg Poseidon). CPUs also set the precedent because as we know the HEDT editions now don't even come with a cooler.
  10. Tony, Classic shell is a great product and I used it for a good while until I discovered Winaero tweaker almost 2 years ago. It is without doubt the product for anyone who loves Win 7 and some control over the look and feel of their OS. To anyone who gripes about 10 I suggest they try this I have it on 4 Win 10 machines and have installed it countless times on OP PCs. https://winaero.com/blog/category/windows-10/
  11. Hi Ryan thanks for asking the answer is no I didn't. Flying with the 2d pop up only at the mo. Frustrating I went through the procedure several times I would like to get the RXP pack working in the VC of the c182 as I prefer it for the low and slow flying I have uninstalled and reinstalled using the config post in the forum without success. If I don't get it working by Tuesday oz time I will leave it alone for a month as I am travelling OS. Cheers
  12. Broadwell and Haswell seem to be the 2 problem lines. Intel from my reading have officially told everybody to stop deploying the microcode fix for the two series until they test out the perceived solution properly. Detailed here: note the recommendations dated Jan 22 halfway down the page. https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00088&languageid=en-fr Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere.
  13. I am only interested in the GTN750/650. I have since got it working as a pop up only will keep fiddling with the VC. Thanks
  14. Thanks for setting me straight I did base that assumption on the dates of the two products, I should have read a bit more closely. Maybe A2A will release it sooner rather than later in 2018. I am happy to keep flying the Cheyenne + GTN750 in the meantime. Thanks again for the advice.
  15. Thanks Jean-Luc you are probably right I hadn't considered that aspect given it was posted in Oct 2017 I assumed wrongly it applied to the latest RXP. I will compare Frank's files with Nirgal76's and see if I can work up something. Cheers
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