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  1. Great thanks for your help. Any ideas when professional version will be releasing and its price range?
  2. sorry i am not sure what you mean by effects. Basically i installed vpilot and BVAI with dynamic lights and all ai aircraft lights were huge fireballs and from the other side of the airport looked like golfballs on each wing. Therefore i downloaded FsReborn lights which has made the lights look alot better, still a little big but i can see ai lights brightly in the day which i didnt think was correct therefore i thought i had an issue? or not? thanks for any help, Loui
  3. i am using FLAI therefore i have removed effects section in the add on.xml and also have special effects setting at max, and fslights reborn is checked in add ons menu so im sure its working im not sure what could be causing this then?
  4. Hi, i have noticed during the day, ai lights are still very bright and visible which is unrealistic as aircraft lights should barely be visible in the day. was wondering if this is normal for fsreborn or whether its a problem and has a fix, thanks Loui
  5. i have overclocked my cpu to 5ghz now hopefully will see a difference
  6. as you see the autogen hasnt loaded atall very far and it never used to be like this. My 8600k isnt overclocked im not sure what do to when overclocking so havnt really touched it, you suggest i do?
  7. https://imgur.com/a/nZx12Mr
  8. I have tried autogen draw distance its made a slight difference however the autogen still takes ages to load and doesnt load in very far. I am currently running i5 8600k, 1060 6gb and 16gb ram. Would upgrading my graphics card to a 1070 or 1080 make a big difference? i have attached an image showing the autogen only loads a very close distance and i want to stop this as its unrealistic and i never used to have problems with this, so wondering if buying a better graphics card or cpu would make the difference, thanks Loui https://imgur.com/uLeujPJ.
  9. thankyou, my autogen draw distance is already at high, ill let you know when ive deleted config
  10. Hi, on my flightsim recently i have noticed the autogen when landing either doesnt load, or loads very slowly where i am under around 1000ft. i dont have any problems on departure autogen loads perfect on departure however on landing it seems to occur and look very unrealistic. i have seen a few forums with this error and fixes suggest locking frame rates, however doing this i lose performance and i dont really want to do this as i know my pc can handle it as its reasonably high end and was handling it fine before this week, its as if something has just triggered it? i have seen fixes such as remove affininty masks etc. I was wondering if anyone had a clear fix, or tips in solving the problem. thanks, Loui
  11. i have tried it previously and now and still makes no difference, at close range the lights are fine, at long range like massive fireballs on the end of their wings
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