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  1. Portia911

    Mitsibishi MU-2B-60 with wx500 in virtual cockpit.

    Is there any info here to help you, Desertman (? I notice the MU-2B is mentioned): https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/469987-weather-radar-for-fsxse-p3d/
  2. Portia911

    I only get partial rudder during flight

    Given your desire to relate your sim experience with r/w flying, it may be a worthwhile investment to get the A2A Cub (and accusim add on if that is still sold separately?) - it was/is a significant improvement in flight dynamics over the default Cub.
  3. FeelThere Embraer ERJ series might be worth a look for small jets that require a bit of learning but are by no means complex.
  4. Minor price/exchange rate variations aside, the only key difference between retailers I could see was flightsim's pilot shop had the 690 Turbo Commander marked down (US$27.97), whereas it was full price everywhere else.
  5. Portia911

    25% off the A2A Store!

    Odd that this sale seems exclusive to A2A's site. I'm sure in previous years it has been rolled out at PCAviator, SimMarket and the like (?!)
  6. Portia911

    Sea Bases

    In terms of ORBX regions, you'll find plenty of SPBs scattered around PNW, PF and SAK - and add Tongass Fjords if you want to fill the gap between PF and SAK. If you want a further immersion factor in that area, check out Return to Misty Moorings - it's very water-oriented in its offerings.
  7. until 1 March: http://secure.simmarket.com/justflight-dh.104-dove-devon-fsx-p3d.phtml
  8. Portia911

    Baron or Cessna

    While the VC in the Baron is gob-smackingly beautiful, I prefer flying in the 310 both for its lower fps impact and (IMHO) more realistic flight dynamics.
  9. Portia911

    Crazy flip flop starting?

    Had that experience a few times with one of the D18 packages (original by Milton Shupe). Seemed to happen if I hadn't flicked the mag switches before hitting the starter.
  10. Portia911

    IRIS Simulations

    All Iris products seem a fair bit cheaper at flightsimstore (unless there's another price correction!) - got me the new Grob for Aus$14 - so get in quick.
  11. Big discounts on select Milviz products - inc. F4E Phantom (Aus $24.90) and 737-200 (Aus $20.75) http://www.flightsimstore.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=270
  12. Portia911

    Tongass Fjords 50% Off at SimMarket!

    +1 recommendation re: Tongass I'm thinking I'll get the Gloster Gladiator - can't go too far wrong for €8
  13. Carenado sale started @ PC Aviator (US) http://www.pcaviator.com/store/home.php?cat=927
  14. Portia911

    ERJ frame rates

    Fingers crossed your problem has gone away, Ernie. I had a look in 'properties' and found I did not have any boxes checked, so hopefully I'm good to go (haven't ventured much beyond VC exploration and a cold and dark start so far). Glad to hear it's not a huge jump up from GA - the FMC looks intimidating, but I'm sure it's just a case of learning the steps. Happy flights.
  15. Portia911

    Serious Landing Glitch

    Is it always flying the same aircraft? If so, which one? Is it always landing at the same airport? If so which one? Could be the plane, but it might also be a mesh/landclass problem if you are running conflicting airport or scenery add-ons.