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  1. I don’t have a lot of scenery, but I got ORBX Innsbruck recently and it is now the most beautiful airport/setting I own. FlyTampa Corfu a close second.
  2. Basically it’s a run-your-own freight, passenger or even Bush-Pilot operation based wherever you want in the world, building up from a single modestly priced 2 or 4 seater to a fleet of the biggest aircraft you can afford (or as big as you want to fly) - using default and any installed add-on aircraft in your ‘Aircraft’ folder - and hiring (and firing) AI pilots to help you along the way Read about it here: https://www.justflight.com/product/air-hauler-2-xplane
  3. Good to know this is still being progressed. AH1 in XP has got pretty old (especially if you know how much better AH2 is!)
  4. If Flightbeam’s Portland is the one jointly developed with Bill Womack (iblue yonder), Bill was ‘testing the market’ for interest in a FSX version when the P3D version was released - so it is/was being considered. Might pay to contact him.
  5. Is there any info here to help you, Desertman (? I notice the MU-2B is mentioned): https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/469987-weather-radar-for-fsxse-p3d/
  6. Given your desire to relate your sim experience with r/w flying, it may be a worthwhile investment to get the A2A Cub (and accusim add on if that is still sold separately?) - it was/is a significant improvement in flight dynamics over the default Cub.
  7. FeelThere Embraer ERJ series might be worth a look for small jets that require a bit of learning but are by no means complex.
  8. Minor price/exchange rate variations aside, the only key difference between retailers I could see was flightsim's pilot shop had the 690 Turbo Commander marked down (US$27.97), whereas it was full price everywhere else.
  9. Odd that this sale seems exclusive to A2A's site. I'm sure in previous years it has been rolled out at PCAviator, SimMarket and the like (?!)
  10. In terms of ORBX regions, you'll find plenty of SPBs scattered around PNW, PF and SAK - and add Tongass Fjords if you want to fill the gap between PF and SAK. If you want a further immersion factor in that area, check out Return to Misty Moorings - it's very water-oriented in its offerings.
  11. Hope some feedback gets posted from any early purchasers - screen shots look really good.
  12. Thanks for these links Mithras, and thanks to Griphos for the PNW flight suggestions - I might have myself a nice little 'Cub appreciation' session this weekend inspired by some great posts on this thread. Happy flying!
  13. +1 RealAir Scout Interested in your new love of Idaho, Mithras - presume we're talking ORBX CRM here (?) What are your favourite airports/airfields. Without meaning to, I always seem to fly 'over' or around Idaho and have yet to discover its best spots. If you ever get up the BC coast/ Tongass Fjords way, you'll find the A2A Cub on floats is great for SPBs on small lakes and inlets you can't squeeze the C185 into.
  14. Cessna C185F 'Bush' (Carenado) DHC-2 Beaver (Aerosoft) DHC-6 Twin Otter 'extended' (Aerosoft)
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