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  1. fsusem36

    FSX Steam Ultimate water

    OK got to play around with program and found it to be not bad. But there is some additional info I got from the Steam Community that you should be aware of: Great add-on! At first the water didn't look that different but after contacting support, I was told to follow these steps: Once the add-on has downloaded go to your 'Ultimate Water X' DLC folder. Typically found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\FSX\DLC\915653 Inside the '915653' folder DELETE the Texture folder only. (expand review to read the rest) After that, open the Steam Client and click on the LIBRARY tab. On the drop down menu that appears click on TOOLS. Then in the list that appears, scroll down and double click on the 'FSX: Ultimate Water Tool' This will open the water configuration program. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and select the water effects that you desire. I recommend "Crystalline" option if you want the water to look like in the screenshots. It looks amazing in game! That's it! Enjoy the new water 🙂 T
  2. Hi this just came out this past April anyone out there tried it? Is it better than FS water config?
  3. fsusem36

    FSX and ACES Studio gone for 10 years soon..

    Interesting that Dovetail did the proverbial oops we bit off more than we can chew....got all kinds of folks excited and then pulled the rug just after release. Left a bad taste as many people simply got jacked! I think that is why FSX still endures because of people like Dovetail. We simmers are a niche market with just enough purchase power to keep some of it going but always remember that the share holders hold the keys to any vehicle (I.E. X Plane/ Prepare) past history doesn't bode well for them.
  4. fsusem36

    Airport advice

    O........K not sure what you mean?
  5. fsusem36

    Airport advice

    Thanks Portia911, but he has no plans to implement to FSX. He believes the FSX format is all but dead, and he can make more money with P3dv4
  6. fsusem36

    FSX upgrade

    Oh yeah my CPU is 3.5Ghz and 8G memory and it is a thing of beauty:).....at least as far a sims go. The operative word being "Simulated" And lastly I don't really suffer OOM's even with a flight from west to east coast. And scenery is fantastic with Megascenry 3
  7. fsusem36

    FSX upgrade

    Hi So as airernie said I think it comes down to personal choice and he is right about the visuals all the videos show how neat it is that the wings bend in the wind and you can see the flaps and slats...etc Well the last time I checked no pilot sat in the cockpit monitoring the wing movement, Like me they are usually busy monitoring the instruments, because you cant see that much of the wings from the cockpit anyways.. Also when I watch vids of P3vd I still see (the jerky movements of the sim). Yes you get more eye candy but not enough for me at this point. Interested in flying not a beauty contest. So when someone makes a sim that makes it hard to distinguish between the real world and it... yup, I'm in... mortgage the house gotta buy new stuff. 🙂
  8. fsusem36

    FSX upgrade

    So after years of working with FSX, I might be ready to transition to Prepare. But there is one nagging problem (besides forking out the $700 to 1000 for a new system and $199 license cost for P3v4, and having to use windows 10) The problem is that everytime I look at a Youtube video with Prepare I don't see a big enough jump in the over all visuals??? Meaning I thought it would be like "Oh my god wow!" but it was more like "really this is the newer better sim????" Is it just me or really bad Prepare videos? Because before forking out all that money I want to be blown away. As with most of you I have gotten my FSX sim to near perfection with all the add on's so what Iam I missing other that a slightly crisper sim because of better memory management? FSX/SE 3.5Ghz cpu/1070Ti/ 2TB drive and just about every add on there is
  9. fsusem36

    Is REX Sky Force 3D worth it (for me, personally)?

    Oh yeah and mine still works in the sense that it will load, not sure about Steam because I have FSX/ACEL version
  10. fsusem36

    Is REX Sky Force 3D worth it (for me, personally)?

    Well in truth none of them do work really, because real time accurate weather is hard to do, but a least I don't get the ubrupt wind change in REX. When they at finally get that fixed then I use them as a weather engine again:)
  11. fsusem36

    Airport advice

    It always make me laugh when some folks think that new is the end all be all. Most of p3vd customers are 13 years old and they have the problem of short attention span. So yeah it's the new shinny thing, but it comes with all the old problems, you have more memory access but it is still CPU hungry and defaults to using only one core (sound familiar?). So you will see a drop off in interest as all the teens grow up. Then your left with old guys with money with no where to spend because everyone thought the new shinny thing would last. Sounds penny wise but pound foolish to me. That being said thanks for the suggestions guys for now I will just use Portland -Hillsboro until someone mabey FS dream team will do it 🙂
  12. fsusem36

    Airport advice

    So after patiently waiting for Flightbeam to come out with PDX, only to find that it's in P3v4 only kinda sucks, because I still am using FSX and yes I know it's 13+ years old and everyone is jumping on the Prepar band wagon but I'm still waiting. Mostly because of not wanting to fork out $1500 to 3,000 for a new system, and because I have a ton of add-on's that finally make FSX enjoyable, and because I can still run Win 7 (I hate Win 10). Tried some other 3rd party versions of PDX but was not impressed. Does any know of a 32 bit PDX version that doesn't suck? Thanks CPU 3.5/ 1080TI FSX+ACCEL Megascenry earth/ any many more add-on's
  13. fsusem36

    Is REX Sky Force 3D worth it (for me, personally)?

    FYI: I have Skyforce and yes the textures are great, but at altitude your right about bad cloud formations. My solution to this was to set the clouds at minimum (FSX+ACCEL) this makes all the clouds look as they should, and you even get the flattening that a person would see in real world (usually above 2,000). And truth if you don't want to fork out more money for a good weather engine. Just use the default FSX engine still works albeit not accurate but close enough.