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  1. Thanks for the reply Yashigashi: The folders reside in the root C folder. The sharing window displays: "This folder is shared with other people. If you delete this folder, it will no longer be shared. The share names are the same as the folder names, just without the "C:\" Thanks again. RTH
  2. I have three desktops, and two laptops in my home which run Windows 7 home premium. My primary computer with which I have FS9 and FSX installed along with a number of addons has a massive number of folders originated from an unknown source. None of the other computers ever display folders like these. Even after upgrades and reinstallations this scenario has persisted. For example, just picking a couple out of probably hundreds: 30d4a567f3f8del2 or 46f504de209f369eo68c5cafed75ec If I double click on any of these folders they appear to be empty and they display 0bytes. If I try to delete them, they say they are shared? Should I delete them, and if so how do I keep from getting more of them. Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing? They don't seem to affect anything, but are something I have wondered about for a long time. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully: RTH
  3. rhodges

    Excessive Background Noise?

    Very Bumpy: I understand what you are saying and see that happen with some aircraft. However, in this case the background noise is not aircraft specific, and is present with default aircraft as well. Disk98 and Stans: Under display options I have moved Aircraft Vehicle Density and Road Vehicles sliders full left. In fact I have tried with all sliders full left and still have the background noise on the ground. ggwertzde: The addon list is just about too long to list but Included is Flight Commander, PP3, Ultimate Traffic, GEX, FEX, Ultimate Terrain, Active Sky Evolution, Rwy Info, ISG FMC and gauges, and a hanger full of third party aircraft. I probably overlooked the culprit in my list. I strongly suspect that you are right and one of these somewhere is the culprit. I know of nothing here I really want to do away with, and it would be a great task to isolate which might be causing the background noise. At some time in the future I will follow your advice and by a process of elimination see if one of these addons is the problem. I am not certain, but reasonably sure that the noise is specific to being on the ground. I did not realize this until I realized that once in the air I was primarily hearing the engine or environment noise that could be turned down with the sliders (Most birds, see Very Bumpy above). Not so on the ground. I probably will just live with this for the time being. By cycling between outside view and cockpit view, the volume of the noise can be reduced or sometimes virtually done away with. If worse comes to worse I can hit the "Q" key to mute everything except communication with PF3 temporarily. Thanks for the suggestions: RTH Edit: For what it is worth, there is no sign of this background noise in FS9.
  4. rhodges

    Excessive Background Noise?

    Thanks for the replies folks: I have tried turning down both ground traffic and ships down to nothing, and the noise continues to be there some of the time at different levels. Happy flying: RTH
  5. Somewhere along the line I have developed background noise that is annoying. I cannot really tell whether it is engines, wind, the environment or something else. Sometimes switching to the outside view and back to the cockpit view reduces the noise for a period at least. I am pretty sure it is coming from FS as pressing the "Q" key silences it. Communication continues with PF3, but all other sound is silenced then. I have tried unchecking all sound options and nothing changes relative to the noise. Engines and communication settings can be set high enough to override the background, but it is still a nuisance and one has to listen carefully to the communication due to the background. Any ideas? RTH
  6. rhodges

    No Heavy Static of AI Airline Traffic?

    Thanks to il88pp on the FlightSim forum, the problem is solved. The SimObjects folder includes another folder installed by UT called "UT Aircraft". I edited the main section of the fsx.cfg file to include a line item as follows: "SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\UT Aircraft". Airline birds are all over the place now both on the ground and in the air. The mystery is why three installation tries with UT did not install this line this time. Without having to do anything after multiple installations over the years it installed in a user friendly manner, but after three tries this time, it was omitted. Happy flying: RTH
  7. For some reason, I am seeing no static or AI airline aircraft in FSX. I have the older version of Ultimate Traffic for FSX which has worked fine for a number of years. I do see the default General Aviation aircraft only. With my aircraft at an KIAD gate, on radar I see 22 aircraft in the air within a 40 mile radius, but all have NXXX numbers and are the GA aircraft. No Heavies at any location I can find. (KIAD, KJFK, KSFO, KORD, etc.) I have tried a bunch of suggestions that have apparently worked for others as posted but have not found what I am doing wrong yet. Examples: Reinstalled UT with a new download by the flightone wrapper. I do not see a way to uninstall it. Help here would be appreciated. Edited my config.file to include "SimObjectsPaths.6=SimObjects\Airplanes\AI Airplanes" (Assume these are just the default GA Aircraft) Removed the Traffic.bgl file Edited the trafficAircraft.utb file to .bgl I turned off all shadow effects in the FSX options, and the sliders are maxed to the right. I have tried virtually turning down everything else in the options except aircraft, along with every variation of settings I can think of. I have older backups of FSX when it was working fine. I have tried renaming and replacing folders and files from the backup that were working fine when they were active to no avail, including the entire world scenery folder, my fsx..cfg file and a number of others. The last thing I tried was to download the AIFP3118 tool as recommended by another post. I have tried to hunt and compile all files as recommended in order to be sure there are no AI aircraft with a FS9 format. However, I am not sure exactly how to use this tool and don't know if that did anything. The manual does a great job of telling what the tool does, but so far I have overlooked anywhere that it tells you plainly how to do it. If someone is proficient with this tool, I would appreciate a step by step tutorial in how to identify these files and be able to remove or correct them. If anyone else has been through this scenario and knows the solution, your help would be greatly appreciate. Respectfully: RTH
  8. rhodges

    Crazy flip flop starting?

    Thanks Portia911, will give it a try. RTH
  9. With some aircraft, when the engine is started, the aircraft goes completely crazy flip flopping and wandering all over creation. It almost seems that the prop stays still and the aircraft rotates which may not actually be the case. Bill Lyons J3 Cub and the Commercial Level Simulations Arrow II would be examples. This is not a constant problem. Sometimes the aircraft will startup normally, but I have never been able to isolate the cause, or solution. Has anyone else seen this happen and have any idea what the correction might be? Thanks: RTH
  10. rhodges

    WOW! Surprise Forced Landing!

    Thanks for the reply Jimmy: Sometimes there are strange things that happen in MSMS. About six years ago, I flew the "Amelia" around the world flight offered with Arick Hohmeyer's L10E Electra which I very much recommend. A lot is offered included Amelia's believed route . On one leg I started to loose barometric pressure in Active Sky Evolution. Finally, I could not maintain altitude and I made an emergency landing at the nearest airport. I then checked the pressures along this route in ASE and found the following: OOGB = 29.91"; OOMS = 29.97"; OPJI = 21.39"; OPOR = 14.98"; OPMK = 0.00"; OPMK = 7.47". The next leg recovered: VADS = 23.91"' VAJB = 29.9".' MSFS weather implementation did not seem to have this problem, only ASE. I have never seen such a thing before or since anywhere else in the world (going back to the old 5" floppy days). Happy flying and thanks again for the reply: RTH
  11. rhodges

    WOW! Surprise Forced Landing!

    Found the problem! I am afraid it was so simple, I overlooked it. The panel of the aircraft in question had no carb. heat leaver, so no indication as to whether it was applied or not was shown. I found that the "H" key was not activating car. heat in any aircraft although it was assigned in the options>settings>controls>Button/Keys. I have no idea why it no longer had any effect. I deleted it and selected it again for carb. heat and it still did nothing when the "H" key was pressed. I reassigned the "Ctrl" plus "H" selection for Carb. Heat and it worked just fine. My Cessna 195 seems to now be even more sensitive to Carb. icing, but application of heat brings power back normally now. For good measure, I installed a leaver for Carb. Heat in my 195 panels and may do the same for a number of other aircraft. Due to this glitch in MSFS it seems like a good idea to me. I even have had some jets that lost power at altitude and responded to Carb Heat due to this known glitch. Happy Flying: RTH
  12. I have almost 300 file folders on my "C" Drive that have appeared from an unknown source. Name examples: 1a73ede68382b425ae3f2b fee433929e7eb729e7b928ed048482 Dates modified run from June 25, 2014 to January 17, 2015. It is possible that I missed one that may have been earlier, or later, but I believe all are from June, 2014 through January, 2015. I can't wonder if there were earlier which were removed by the same unknown sources. All folders appear to be empty although I did not check all of them. I run two computers side by side. These unknown folders originate on the primary computer in which I run FS9 and FSX. No such files ever show up on the secondary computer. Both computers are running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium. Both are on a home network, so have access to the internet. Seems that long ago I saw posts regarding these folders but I don't seem to locate them now. Can anyone tell me anything about them and is it safe to just go ahead and delete them and is there a way to prevent getting them? It is a bit of a nuisance to have to scroll through them to find active files or folders. Thanks: RTH
  13. Flying the Shakyjake Cessna 195. Flightplan: UKKK BASO1R SULUM LIDNO ATREK MURK1A LUKK. Altitude: Climbing from 6,500 to 8,000 MSL 1. About 20 miles North of SULUM, power fell to near or at Idle power. 2. Assumption (Yea, I know): Carb. Icing. Applied Carb. heat with no affect. 3. Spot View: Smoke trailing aircraft, but no flame displayed. 4. Set up for a forced landing. 5. At about 2,000 MSL, smoke went away in spot view, still no power. 6. Landed in a field, engine continued to run, but no throttle control. 7. Shut the engine down (mixture control) and restarted the engine with no problem. 8. Takeoff and Continued the flight with no problem. Been flying MSFS since the old original 5 inch floppy days and this is a new experience that I have never seen before. In my realism settings, I have the Flight Model General slider full right, all others full left. The only other things checked are the ignore crashes and damage setting in Crashes and Damage, and Display indicated airspeed in Instruments and lights options. I suspect this may be built into the aircraft modeling, but have flown the ShakyJake 195's many times over the years and have never seen this happen. I tried everything I could think of except shutting the engine down while still in the air. Possibly that would have reset everything and a restart would have solved the problem but we may never know. Happy flying! RTH How is that for a little bit of unsuspected realism thrown in?
  14. Time will tell, but thanks to DSHUTT on the LDS 767 FS9 Forum, I think a solution may have been found. I installed the 314.22 Video drivers and I believe that did the trick. Several flights have now been done with the LDS 767 with no problem. Apparently it did not like any of the other drivers I have in my archives or the 340.52 drivers that I have been using up to now. The latest drivers, the 347.25 drivers do not work with my dual video card setup. I loose the third and/or fourth monitors. Happy flying: RTH
  15. Thanks D.J. Yesterday before posting here, I tried to do what you recommended, but goofed up. I apparently looked at support instead of the forum and it said that I needed "Proof_of Purchase_lvld67,htm" out of my "C"\Flight One Software" folder. I have had the LDS 767's both in FS9 and FSX for years, installed multiple times, but never have had that file in the Flight One Software folder although I do have my order no. and key from Flight One.. Choosing to delay trying to sort out a solution, I chose to post here. Ironically, as you recommended, I was able to simply go to the LDS forum and post a copy of this thread just before making this reply. This is no biggie as the bird does fly just fine with no problems in FSX. I do wonder what has happened and what it does not like in FS9 now. I do use Smart Security (NOD32) for my firewall and antivirus which has a known problem for this aircraft in either FS9 or FSX. If not excluded, it will quarantine a dll. which shuts down FS when the LDS 767 is selected. However that dll has been excluded as per the LDS instructions and is no problem now. Thanks for your help. RTH Edit: Are you flying the bird in FSX or FS9? I have no problem in FSX. I may try to sort out how to contact support directly, The installation (Flight One Wrapper) does not install the "Proof" file that is required, nor do I know what they mean by "certificate number" assuming that is the same thing. Installation uses my key and credit number used for the purchase years ago for the Flight One Wrapper installation.