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  1. Crash dump from v9.6 here Nico having closed several times.
  2. Flightaware will not display flight data for Europe, it is not publically available from EuroControl.
  3. Jim, FS Realtime works with P3Dv4, I use it all the time:
  4. Sent you a PM
  5. You have computed and released the PFPX flight ? Otherwise there is no data in the exported route.
  6. No issues accessing Simmarket at all today. Product support is by developer as posted
  7. Please send a PM with reference your support post on the ProATC-X forum as you may have a different user name. Aerosoft scenery is no different to any other.
  8. I have loaded the A320 directly and LINDA is working straight away Andrew. The FSL is installed in a non-default location. Thanks for the significant effort in finding a resolution.
  9. At that point the engine is not running, wait at least until the starter on the overhead cuts out.
  10. You have not waited until engine 1 has started before triggering the flap command. The APU bleed is then off and the cross valve closed, air pressure for start is lost. You are going through the flows to quickly.
  11. The Jeppesen FAF symbol on the EKCH 22L chart is the black impeller at the 1600' mark. I can only suggest that the ILS06L approach at LEPA the FAF and intercept are at the same point negating the need for the symbol.
  12. The intercept is 3000' but the FAF is at 1600'. As the missed approach in this instance is also 3000' then you hear 'Missed approach altitude set'. Just an example.
  13. Take a look at ILS22L EKCH Richard, as an example. The FAF is lower than the approach intercept altitude. Not all approaches are equal.
  14. Please post the issue on the ProATC support forum.
  15. Not only makerwys 4.82 but Lorby-SI AddonOrganizer also as detailed in the documentation and required for P3Dv4 ?