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  1. It very much sounds as if you have the ATC settings set to METRIC as the figures you mention convert to suggested feet. Check the setting is METRIC-FEET or USA if you prefer.
  2. OSKOR5P is not a SID but rather a SID Transition. From 35R you require something like TELVA 6G or H then add the OSKOR5P transition. You'll find numerous departures in Italy coded like this.
  3. You could use LittleNavMAP , it will display all active afcads on the airport overview. There should only be the P3D default and the addon required.
  4. No issue here in P3Dv5, check for duplicate afcad's possibly a traffic program and scenery layering.
  5. It would be difficult for P2A to differentiate between those approaches where the procedure arrival is required, such as those in a valley, and those suitable for vector. Only option I could think of would be a tick box in the airport manager mandating the procedure arrival.
  6. When exporting the route to the 737 drop the numeric suffix so it is ICAOICAO only, the wind will then uplink.
  7. So not directly related to PFPX, the Localstate folder is not the correct location however running PFPX as admin the files can be saved there.
  8. @disco79stu I would use Herve Sors 'Airport Inspector and Editor' in preference Stu, no need to edit and compile, open the BGL and update the ILS using inbuilt current airac data.
  9. Initially the same CAPTCHA error but upon ticking the box again I'm logged in.
  10. Have you tried adding the entry to the AirlineCodes.csv file located in the data folder ?
  11. I use the run option Ray as I do not require the use of various AS configurations. Also required AS to be started after the sim has loaded, however doing this prevents a flightplan been automatically loaded in AS.
  12. You could add ASP3D to the 'run config set' and disable the function in extended settings unless you require the additional SS functions.
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