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  1. The TAF is backup with online weather Torben which remains the best option for planning in PFPX.
  2. Just checking, are you referring to the weather not been available or P2ATC not displaying the correct pressure in the dialogue? The reading cannot be read from aircraft such as FSL A320.
  3. I'm using NOAA here without issue, any particular airport?
  4. Are you using the version from github Torben? WX2PFPX
  5. Latest version Beta 7J2 https://pilot2atc.com/index.php/public-betas
  6. Using the latest beta which fixed NOAA access? Did REX update their program following the NOAA changes.
  7. TAF had also been fixed but became stuck once more, dev is aware.
  8. Fixed with a beta update a few days ago. Beta 7G3b 10/18/2023 Hot Fix for NOAA Weather. Fixes weather and TAF retrieval after NOAA changed their website and the location of data files.
  9. Coded server side so cannot be updated by the end user.
  10. As of this morning PFPX online weather is restored, airmet is however missing currently. For those not using the service subscription wx2pfpx has been updated for the changed URL's, thanks to the dev 🙂 . WX2PFPX will provide an output similar to ActiveSky where that program is not available to use and at a greater resolution for upper winds aloft.
  11. Which SODE version ? If v1.8.0 then uninstall and replace with 1.7.1
  12. I don't use Simbrief for planning but is the function not working: Beta 7E 09/23/2023 Fixes SIMBrief CallSign Import to give 3 options: SIMBrief Airline Code and FltNum filled in will yield an Airline CallSign with the Airline CallSign for that code and the flight number: Airline: DAL FltNum: 345 yields Delta 345 SIMBrief Airline Code Blank, CallSign and FltNum filled in will yield an Airline CallSign with CallSign as entered and the flight number: CallSign:Delta FltNum:345 yields Delta 345 SIMBrief Airline Code and FltNum Blank, CallSign filled in will yield a GA CallSign with CallSign as entered and the Registration for the Tail Number: CallSign: Cessna Registration: N431VB yields Cessna N431VB
  13. Specific gravity of the fuel PMDG is using at FAOR ? This would depend upon how you are loading fuel.
  14. Approach transitions from DOLEE and COZZZ ? There are non, from the KKILR3 STAR exit at those points expect vectors as noted on the chart.
  15. Is 'Force STAR Assignment' selected in your flightplan options of the config.
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