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  1. srcooke

    Vertical Profile Questions

    Which AIRAC provider ?
  2. srcooke

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    Which is why suggested disabling the crash detection and trying a wider mesh setting, known to cause issues at runways adjacent to water. 5m may not be enough as experience has shown.
  3. srcooke

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    Disable the unrealistic crash detection. Try setting the mesh resolution to 10m
  4. srcooke

    Looking for FZQA Charts (LUBUMBASHI)

    Yes it is Navigraph.
  5. srcooke

    Looking for FZQA Charts (LUBUMBASHI)

    They are available on NG Desktop cycle 1812 try reloading the index
  6. I have multiple products from various vendors using Esellerate, all installed without issue.
  7. By default they are empty.
  8. srcooke

    Flytampa CTP sale incl. EHAM

    Correct, FT apples the tax at checkout making the full Simmarket price virtually the same. The discounted price is a good offer.
  9. srcooke

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Personally I monitor several flights, if there is a discrepancy does it occur in the climb,cruise or descent phase of flight. Be sure to use the climb/cruise/descent profiles as planned in PFPX including CI. When planning are using PFPX online weather or that sourced from the weather engine ( PFPX online been more accurate ) Having monitored the fuel difference from the flights apply an average bias adjustment.
  10. srcooke

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    It is a profile based on realworld data and not a template specific to PMDG. Set a BIAS adjustment as required based on your experience along with PMDG weights and capacities.
  11. srcooke

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Watch this space
  12. srcooke

    747-8 Fuel Calc.

    Later today possibly.
  13. srcooke

    LINDA 3.0.9? is still the LINDA version Andrew ?
  14. srcooke

    PFPX file for 747-8

    All been well within the next few days.