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  1. Hi, I would like to replace my old Prolite B2480HSU for a better/larger one. I see monitors for gaming, but I am not shure if these are perhaps somewhat 'overdone' for MSFS and/or X-plane. What (minimum) specs should I look at? I have nVidia RTX3060 card. Will 60hz be ok? I have it now and think it is good enough for simming right? Is HDR important? Freesync? Any help plz
  2. I would save a FP and let WinExplorer search for it…
  3. €93 is a lot of money indeed. What are “ini’s a300/a310”?
  4. Does someone dare to make a calculated guess about a (beta)releasedate?
  5. Well, I like the form and the content. Well done. Can't wait...
  6. Is this plug-in compatible with UWXP? Tried to look for an answer myself, but I am away from home so the demo couldn’t help me. So curious… Sorry
  7. Looks great! How about compatibility with ASXP and UWXP plz?
  8. Hi fellow pilots, I noticed in the Cessna's 208 and 172, that the tapes (spd and alt) in the PFD and meters in the ND are not working. Radioknobs, NAV and CRS selectors don't function either. The gauges in the external view and the 'steam gauges work ok. First I thought that the WorkingtitleMod (from the Icon a5) was the problem, but after deleting that mod, the problem persists. Same with FSUIPC. Started MSFS without, but still the problem. Somebody plz? Or.... Am I doing something wrong? Thx for helping. Paul
  9. Guys, I am not a profi in flightsimulation and I didn't read all the pages of this thread, but I have a few questions regarding flying in MSFS and XP11. I did several flights in both sims in the IconA5 and the a320ng both the modded ones in MSFS. In xp11 with the Vskylabs IconA5 and the Toliss a319. I found the flying itself with little difference, though the system depth in the busses was noticable, although I must say that the mcdu in the modded MSFS bus has other 'depths' than the Toliss one. With some downloads from flightsim.to I got to 'personalize' my surrounding in the SW of NL, even better after the latest MSFS update with Belgium, NL etc. I feel that MSFS isn't such a 'game' like mentioned above, I think it has potential. I like to understand the flaws in the flightmodel, but I have not found any. Can somebody elaborate on that? What am I missing?
  10. This is only a promise from hst since 2019... I wouldn’t count on it...
  11. Is in 11.50 still ok Msgt? I have the same problem in my fav freeware Gulfstream IV. Do you have any tips? Grz. Paul Btw. If I am correct was the T33a Tbird in NL as well near Delft, stationed at Ypenburg, mil.airfield.
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