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  1. Thx. I will check various (indeed) these airports. And thx for the advice. great. I didn’t have these long loading time in 2.1 with the same set Dutch airports.
  2. Great scenery again, but double load times...😢
  3. Is it possible to make a direct import from simbrief to the RXP GTN750 catalog? I found the Flight1 export, but this FP doesn't show in the catalog. How to (I hope...)?
  4. Thx. Now I know what to search
  5. Hi, In the annunc panel I see 'P/S HTR off'. Really no idea what to do...
  6. Thx RXP. So no more Reshade then. I am very happy with your product. Fun to fly👍🏻
  7. Hi Scott, Thx again for your help. Since your last answers on my pre-buy-questions I am now the proud owner of the gtn750 and use it a lot in my Caranado s550. What a fun to fly... (and to study...) I can use on my iPad the free app AeroWeather a great info in daily life as well
  8. Hi, In the above mentioned situation, Reshade keeps loading and XP becomes unusable? Is there a solution for?
  9. Is it possible to check/see Active Sky weather in the gtn750? the button is now 'greyed out'...
  10. I was in the process of buying but hesitated. I fly Xplane on pc and on my laptop. If I buy the 750, am I able to use the 750 on both for one purchase?
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