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  1. Hi all As Im a old fashion technician, be patient and do not hunt for latest release of anything and especially not alfa´s, beta´s and release candidates. I understand the developer Mr. Jean-Luc that a release of other (third part) application can not and should not be bases upon a not finished applications such as XP12. Even when XP is ready after passing RC we should wait at least for the first service pack (old thumb rules). BR to all Stefan
  2. Hi Just a note: 8.33 does not work in X-Plane 9 up to X-plane 11 early releases as I experienced. Those versions do not understand 8.33 khz channels! Later X-plane 11 is no problem. BR Stefan
  3. Hi Jean-Luc Im back again. Update checked on XP 9 and XP 11 and Im confirming that it is working fine. Good work as always and vey fast! 👍 Have a nice and pleasant day BR Stefan
  4. Hi Jean-Luc an others Sorry about my misstake in the forum, as I understand you found the cause of the problem. Do you still need the other files? I will look in to those anyway as soon Im back home again and make some test before and after the new release just to learn something from it. Thanks for a quick respons as usual.👏 BR Stefan
  5. Hi I went in to problem after upgrade RXP GTN to 2.5.20. After install, everything looks fine but as soon Im klick on the "settings" in the plugin menu, X-plane crash and quit at once. Other raw in the menu working but not "settings" Link to AppCrashView files, rxpGTN.xpl.log and rxpGtnSim.dll.log. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8kb02q2ityj6dtq/AADi1c6DqrsJSb7ocKFseuH6a?dl=0 OS: MS Windows 10 Professional updated resently Running XP 9 but same problem occur in XP 11 latest version as well. No problem before update RXP 2.5.20. Checked with and without as-admin. Hope any have one a clue. BR Stefan Lund
  6. Hi Jean-Luc Thanks With the link in your previous answer it works, i missunderstand that the should be changed.😉 Later this afternooni will make som new test again. I will be back soon Stefan
  7. Hi Jean-Luc The individual DB link´s results in "Not found" But this works: http://download.garmin.com/avtrainer/databases/ this. http://download.garmin.com/avtrainer/databases/ and this http://download.garmin.com/avtrainer/gtn/ Thanks BR Stefan
  8. Thank You Do you know if there is any problem to customize your own instrument panel? I use today a complete black background with my own instrument panel design and use a second monitor to show visual. BR Stefan
  9. Hi Does anyone know if there is a good working Piper PA28R (Arrow) non-turbo modell for X-plane 11 on the market? BR Stefan
  10. Hi I also discover similar problem. But Im using X-plane 9.61 so I don think there is a reason to hunt a bug in XP 10 or 11. When activating and load approach or STAR, SID Ap does not capture/arm APP or NAV. It is flashing. When open GTN 750 menu (during flight) and change anything that need reeboot , then it works. Could it be that AP should be turned on with GTN 750 in OFF position, then cycle AP, then starting GTN 750? Im going to test that within comming days.I dont know if the GTN ini file is changing by it self?
  11. Hi We are at least two ! I have asked RXP if he could update the GTN XPR manual with those new config options. It is not simple to understand how to set all features and if config differ between US and Europe? Is GTN 750 comming with some standard settings in real aircraft for europe? Is there any best practise? That would be nice. BR Stefan
  12. Hi I must also say once again thanks to Timothy for a very complete explanation about how it works and I understand that this is not so easy. Im my case "the coin is not falling down" yet but Im study the manual carefully bit by bit. There is so many parameters for the system to be right and to be considered. In real life, it must be a risk for misstake compared to old fasion ILS (go or no go). Lack of red flag for a not reliable indication is very strange even if we know that the flag will not show in the use case explained. Im continue study... BR and thanks for this attention. Stefan
  13. Hi As we brainstorming GTN iI have a question that Timothy mya have a good answer on. Im askin If you know is it is a normal behavior that the HSI GS warning flag dosen not show when a RNP approaches that is not approved for precision approach with un-activated Visual approach on the GTN? The GS needle is visible and it stands at the top during the approach regardsless of any altitude. However when activating Visual on GTN (as guidance GP only) the GS needle folow the GP and the AP follow it as well. What I mean is that if the GP is not present even as guidiance only, why is the warning flag for GS needle not showing? Do you know if this is normal or not? I hope I was right in my explanation about what is GP and GS in this matter? BR Stefan
  14. Hi Timothy Very nice work with the manual. Thank you. I will read the manual to better understand how it really works and from that it will be more easy to trace strange behaiviour from RXP GTN 750 that could be normal? I have tested RNP approach at Insbruck airport Austria it is follow calculated glide path but on ESTA Angelholm, Sweden it does not. Your manual will probally answer that question. I heard today that ESTA is only approved as 2D approach. Its a learning curve to work thru to fully understand the system. Many issues in this forum is more a user understanding problem perhaps and I is one of them. Thanks again for your attention in this matter BR Stefan
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