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  1. StLu1000

    GTN750 not picking up GS on RNAV/LPV approach

    Hi guys I also have the same problem with capturing GS. Everthing else works fine. I will check and try all the suggestions in this thread. Im running X-plane 9.61, I dont think this is related to x-plane version at all. And XPR sell this as compatible with xp 9 as well! After som test I will return with the results. Note: Why Im running XP 9.61? It is because of PFC hardware that does not have a plugin for newer X-plane version. I spend a lot of money on PFC Cirrus II so I need to stay with XP9 (it is very stabile). BR Stefan
  2. I think that the Garmin update only covers US and not Europe. Forget Navigraph in this matter. You can use Navigraph to a iPad connected to X-plane via WiFi (moving map IAL). On Avsim forum there is a good explaination how to update GTN and how to avoid overwriting. Also in XPR manual tells how to set up and prepare windows path etc.. You have to get real data base from Garmin, try first as a test if you know anybody that own a real GTN. However be aware of license roules! It is not allowed to copy DB! When open such download or reading files from the SD card, you will not see any files as long you dont modify Windows explorer to show all "hidden" files an OS files with full extention. Google "Garmin Data Card guide", it is a good explanation of what the different files are used for and how the cycle of update works. Several databases on subscripton does not change that often such as terrain etc..
  3. You can use real Jeppesen database! It works. BR Stefan Lund
  4. XP reallity GTN 750/650 manual shows about Failue Annuciation function. Anybody how knows how such function could be impemented in X-plane? The only working is as shown i first row. Tested in XP-11 and XP-9, same same Failures Annunciation REALITY XP GTN 750/650 TOUCH X-PLANE When enabled in the configuration panel, the GTN plugin uses the following datarefs6 as failures sources: sim/operation/failures/rel_gps sim/operation/failures/rel_g430_gps1 Satellite reception failure, displays "No GPS Position" sim/operation/failures/rel_gp Differential GPS failure, reduces location accuracy. Satellite reception mode switches to 3D instead of 3D-Diff. sim/operation/failures/rel_com1 COM radios failure only. sim/operation/failures/rel_nav1 NAV radios failure only. sim/operation/failures/rel_navcom1 Both COM and NAV radios failure. sim/operation/failures/rel_xpndr Transponder failure. sim/operation/failures/rel_marker Audio Panel failure. If data fields become invalid, the GTN typically annunciates the failures with a large red X, as shown. The only failure that works is GPS unavailable via GPS430 command in the first line above. I cannot figure out how to reach this functions! I whant to control the operation failure from IOS if possible or thru keyboard. Even in plugin admin there is som keys to use but those above is not vissible anywhere. Tested in XP 9 and XP 11 and that is the same. Best regards Stefan
  5. StLu1000

    GTN750 key mapping

    Hi Did ypu ran in to any problem with keymapping commands? I have! When toggle COM to NAV it lights up as it should but as soon Im changing frequency on NAV it jumps back to COM again. Can you check that? BR Stefan