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  1. Is in 11.50 still ok Msgt? I have the same problem in my fav freeware Gulfstream IV. Do you have any tips? Grz. Paul Btw. If I am correct was the T33a Tbird in NL as well near Delft, stationed at Ypenburg, mil.airfield.
  2. Thx both. Having said this, it is nonetheless possible but it is just not 'user-accessible' (i.e. a 'placement tool' of some sort). For example there is a well known user-made full 3D integration: I own a heli which has this integration. That is why a dared to ask...
  3. I simply don't see, why you don't reply? Did I mention something wrong? Stupid question?????@RXP
  4. Hi, I own the heli X-rotors AW139 and use the GTN750 a lot. But I would like to build it with full functionality in the 3D cockpit. There is non used space in the cockpit where it should fit. Where can I find instructions how to do this? Thx in advance...
  5. Shure. Before TO: Plan route in GTN750 Set FMS1 AP1 and AP2 on (should be on when loading AC) Take off and fly to route En Route: Force Trim On - ATT On Choose NAV (and ALT) For landing: Force Trim Off (ATT goes off - SAS goes on) STBY (NAV and ALT go off) That works for me.
  6. Hi, It seems I allways managed to couple the GTN750 as a nav source in aircraft that were not 'native' ready for the GTN750. But in the AW139 heli I am not succesfull. Does somebody have a hint? Thx in advance...
  7. Thx. I will check various (indeed) these airports. And thx for the advice. great. I didn’t have these long loading time in 2.1 with the same set Dutch airports.
  8. Is it possible to make a direct import from simbrief to the RXP GTN750 catalog? I found the Flight1 export, but this FP doesn't show in the catalog. How to (I hope...)?
  9. Hi, In the annunc panel I see 'P/S HTR off'. Really no idea what to do...
  10. Thx RXP. So no more Reshade then. I am very happy with your product. Fun to fly👍🏻
  11. Hi Scott, Thx again for your help. Since your last answers on my pre-buy-questions I am now the proud owner of the gtn750 and use it a lot in my Caranado s550. What a fun to fly... (and to study...) I can use on my iPad the free app AeroWeather a great info in daily life as well
  12. Hi, In the above mentioned situation, Reshade keeps loading and XP becomes unusable? Is there a solution for?
  13. Is it possible to check/see Active Sky weather in the gtn750? the button is now 'greyed out'...
  14. I was in the process of buying but hesitated. I fly Xplane on pc and on my laptop. If I buy the 750, am I able to use the 750 on both for one purchase?
  15. Thx Scott. Great to prepare whilst I am on holiday now. But 2,6Gb. Can't wait:)
  16. Gents, I would like to start reading about the RXP device. I understand that there are several manuals at the Garmin site. Which should I download? I found the pilot guide and the cockpit guide. In which order should I start reading? Versions? grz.Paul
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