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    If you want to ask me something, just ask, no need to be shy!

    I'm belgian so me native language is dutch, sorry for my English noobness

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  1. Augustin320214

    Boston to Laguardia IGEX 737

    Ultra-realistic shots!
  2. Augustin320214

    Matt Davis striked by IVAO

    They are just hurting themselves really...
  3. Augustin320214

    Matt Davis striked by IVAO

    Is this even a valid claim? You could be making a video of the aerosoft airbus and than have aerosoft sue you because you used their aircraft in your video you are making money from, that would basically be the same thing. And for a surplus, the IVAO_MTL is a collection of FREE aircraft from the community or from developers who have vanished and the IVAO_MTL is free. And completely aside from that, it is time for IVAO to grow up. I have spoken, go on and have a nice day
  4. Augustin320214

    The European airport sceneries you don't want to miss

    the upcoming brussels scenery from airosoft will also be very good, Brussel is the capital of belgium, so it is a reasonably large airport with 3 runways and serves many destinations around the world.
  5. Augustin320214

    Low cpu usage

    Thanks for your reply but I can confirm when flying four hours, my cpu is running fine at 2.50 GHz
  6. Hi there It's been a while since I started up my computer... And I noticed that If I run any CPU intensive program Like P3D or even GTA 5 I get very low cpu usage (about 30% ?!) resulting in lower fps. I run windows 10 64-bit and I have An i5-4200M (yes it's a laptop but some time ago it was just normal at about 80-90%) Does anybody have any clues? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  7. Augustin320214

    My 'Return to Flight' flight!

    Why couldn't this be FS 11, it looks amazing!
  8. Augustin320214

    Take-off run 777

    Do you use any live weather app for instance like ASN? Maybe it is because of the outside temperature/airpressure mix.. or even a bug!
  9. Augustin320214

    Take-off run 777

    Have you tried not to derate your engines? (The only thing I know is that emirates don't derate with their 777's)
  10. Augustin320214

    Which A330? Jardesigns or RW

    I have the jardesigns A320 and It has still a long way to go. (The fbw is the hell). I paid fricking 70 euros for this and it isn't even close to pmdg :mad:. The vc is poor and they have modelled fbw just by forcing trim in some position or another. I'm dissapointed in jardesigns to say the least and I wouldn't buy their A330 if nobody would recommend it to me in person.
  11. Augustin320214

    Aerosoft Brussels EBBR

    The problem with the old scenery is that it is laggy as hell and it doesn't look very well in P3D. (It was made in 2007!). In that time a new terminal has been built and the numbers of the runways have changed.
  12. Augustin320214

    Aerosoft Brussels EBBR

    That would be a real dissapointment as my home airport is Brussels
  13. Augustin320214

    Win 10 and VAS

    I didn't notice any difference at all. I only experienced that the load times are a little bit quicker than win 8.
  14. Greetings from belgium! Awsome shot!
  15. Augustin320214

    Reshade Airbus

    Too real :o This reshade is becomming very interesting, is there a tutorial somewhere?