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  1. Hy Guys, I had the same and I put the white panel to the side with combination that is described in the VR section of P3d. It's a workaround but you can pan, resize, move or turn that it disappears. But from next start it will be back again. So wait for update. Btw what is light sensor Panel and how deactivate?. Thanks Andreas Hövel
  2. simpilot1

    Sales strategy of PMDG 748

    Guys, Anything obvious how 748 will be launched. From the beginning of development it was clear that -8 comes as add-on to the 747-400. Robert stated during FSEXPO presentation this aircraft has nothing in common with the 744 either the hump. Myself is interessted in 747-8 only and I would like to know if the new product is launched as standalone version. Any knowledge out there? Andreas
  3. simpilot1

    Oculus Rift

    I feel exactly the same. Since 25 years of flightsimming nothing changed that much the immersion as VR does right now. Never without again. Andreas Hövel
  4. simpilot1

    OK Prepar3D V4.2 is out!!!

    Hi Dave, OK, located on Nvidia website. BR Andraes
  5. simpilot1

    OK Prepar3D V4.2 is out!!!

    Hi Dave, i think you are right with your recommendation. To be honest it is sometimes a nightmare. In every documentation you read when having problems is first make sure to use the newest driver setup. But I have no idea how to go back with the Nvidia driver. Where can I get older version? Thanks Andreas
  6. simpilot1

    OK Prepar3D V4.2 is out!!!

    Hi all, I'm using 390.77 and I experience a 100% CTD when using single Pass Rendering with the Rift. Rootcause is g2d.dll when looking into event record. Back to Stereo works fine. I have no idea what cause this issue. At least the CTD causes the Rift to malfunction in when trying to open Rift Home Screen (no Picture at all) Need to restart Computer and at one time I Need to reinstall Oculus Software. I'm going to stay calm as I can use both known mode in P3D to fly with VR until solution is pressnted. Either from Oculus or LM. BR Andreas Hövel
  7. simpilot1

    Introducing New Lufthansa Cargo Livery

    Thanks Guys for reply. Have a great Weekend. BR Andreas
  8. simpilot1

    Introducing New Lufthansa Cargo Livery

    Hi Paul, can I use it for P3Dv4 also? BR Andreas
  9. simpilot1

    Height of cockpit when on ground

    Hi Pete, it is not to be catch in a shot. They main thing is the point when you flare the aircraft for touchdown and main gear is settled on ground and the nose comes down it feels like the nose sink to much. The main driver strating this Topic was the VR expierence I made some days before. Finally it is linked to the 2D screen I#m sitting again without VR. Thank you for your kind support follow-up my issue. BR Andreas
  10. simpilot1

    Height of cockpit when on ground

    Hi Gent's Bill, I tried what you recommend and the result is that I'm higher in VC. What want to point out is that I feel the complete VC is to low compared to real aircraft. When nosewheel touch the ground I think the nose itself is touching ground. BR Andreas
  11. simpilot1

    Height of cockpit when on ground

    Hello, I use PMDG 777 within P3Dv4 (VC). When I'm on ground I got the feeling to sit in a Cessna. The height what I feel is much to low as this aircraft might have. This is also very disturbing when in flare short before touchdown. Has anyone an idea how to manage getting a higher position. What can be adjsuted to reslove it. Any ideas? Thanks BR Andreas Hövel
  12. simpilot1

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and CTD

    Hey Guys, have insatlled Fall Creators update and have following issues with P3Dv4.1 1. Activy Sky for P3Dv4 won't start again. Works fine before without any issue. SOLVED by creating an exeption in Avast free antivirus Software. Never need this before. 2. P3Dv4.1 crashes after 5:30 inflight with PMDG 777F and Error Code ntdll.dll fail. Restart and load scenario leads into second crash 30 minutes later with the same Error Code. I'm tired to fix issues with the Sim and Win10. It works pretty well with all Add-ons and 4.1 for 10 or 12 hours of flight in Win 10 previous Version. Now agian some bull..... Bingo to find out reason for crash again. I'm going to try out details of reasons to crash, but honestly I only want to fly some nice hours of my valuable lifetime. Thank you very much Mircosoft "Engineers" Best regards Andreas Hövel
  13. Hello, I'm not sure if this Forum is right for the issue but let's try. I made a new full new setup of my machine. Win 10 64bit Pro, P3D v2.5 PMDG 777 and TrackIR (TrackIR 4 device and Software 5.4.2.) (plus some more addons) After starting the sim with default airplane I can start TrackIR and it works fine. When PMDG 777 is loaded (initially) and I start TrackIR it doesn't work. TrackIR Software shows no recognition on P3D. When I start TrackIR before the sim and I load PMDG777 it works. As I somehow start TrackIr on later stage of the flight and on approach I don't want to stress system with Software running without needed. Any Idea or ever heard similar issue. Thank you. Best regards Andreas
  14. simpilot1

    Restart Engine Issue P3D 2.5

    THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED!! To make a long story short it was "homemade". Stupid and tricky at the same time. (That's the characteristic of homemade problems) Topic: Button control interaction P3D and PMDG777 fuel valve. Sorry that you have waste your time. Thank you for your help. Have a nice day Kind regards Andreas
  15. simpilot1

    Restart Engine Issue P3D 2.5

    Dears, adding one observation. The during engine start N1 spools up to only 21.6-21.7% than it stops. Than i advance the thrust lever and if the thrust advance also I go back to idle again the thrust is some 22.8%. Maybe the start sequence is not complete. This works only when engine response normal. But again I cannot repeat it. It happens by accident. Kind regards Andreas