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  1. 1. Weather Radar 2. Better camera system needed (yes I know it works and how to do it but I think it can be better and easier)
  2. If they can keep the fps down like they said (4fps with 50 aircraft) then definitely a game changer. I use FSHUD and just injecting a few aircraft hugely affects the fps and adding a realistic amount for me is a fps killer.
  3. I did. Worked fine for me. Definite improvements! Smoother, better FPS, looks and feels great. Darcy
  4. I too don't care about interiors. I never quite understand why. Just make them look good pulling to the gate. I also will probably get the one that is best on performance and looks half decent.
  5. Anyone know where I can get a good GSX profile for this CYYJ scenery? Thanks
  6. If there was just a way to reduce the cpu usage in the larger airports this would be perfect. Beta is better than 1.246 but fps in airports drops like a rock. This is with FSLTL: 25 static and 15 active. Unchecking eternal and everything goes back up. I am told by developers that this is an asobo problem. But it does make it unusable in large airports though (at least for me). Too bad because I really like this ATC. Hopefully they can come up with work around.
  7. I am most looking forward to performance improvements as it is quite hard on fps compared to the PMDG.
  8. I hope that means that Fsimstudios is doing CYYC. Much needed airport!!
  9. For me too much money for not as good scenery. I pay less for individual airports from quality developers. I guess I will wait.
  10. Personally not a fan of Simaddons. It tried them in P3D and they just look cartoony. Are they better in MSFS? Very very pricey. Thanks
  11. I believe Fsimstudios is doing cyyc, cyyj and cyeg as said is coming out soon. CYWG I have not heard about that but if I was you I would check with Fsimstudios. Thanks for asking.
  12. Is the MCDU not suppose to count down miles and match the ND? When it acquires the waypoint the mileage just stays at the number it was on when acquired? The ND shows the correct countdown but not the MCDU. Is that a bug or is that normal (other airbus sims countdown in MCDU). Thanks Darcy
  13. Anyone get the issue with the MCDU not counting down the miles to waypoint. The ND shows correct but the MCDU just stays stuck on the miles? 2 flights now and the same issue both times. Yes I submitted a ticket, just curious if anyone else has this issue. Darcy
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