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  1. No way.. Comm failure was in no way instantaneous, he was in the middle of 2 FIR, comm is always difficult in there. And its perfectly common to hear an abbreviated response. that was in no way an incompleted message
  2. electrical fire can be sudden. search for the fire in the Flight 111 MD11 a few years back. It was a matter of minutes. at 22:10 they started to smell something ar 22:14 they already had visible smoke and declared a PAN PAN at 22:24 autopilot was desengaged by the fire and pilot declaring "We must fly manual" at 22:24:25 FLight 111 declared and emergency plane desapears from radar (transponder OFF) ar 22:25:50 FLight data recorder stops recording The pilots is heard leaving the seat to fight the fire and phisical evidence is shown that the first officer continued to flight the airplane, shuting down and engine due to fire warning one minute before impact. Its important to understand that the pilot recieved a fire warning in an engine that probably was not real, and was caused by a short circuit or something. Now what could had happened in flight 370?... normally a pilot would not declare and emergency only for a certain odor. and as you can see in flight111 it only took 14 minutes from the odor to really affect the electric equipment. What would happen if the pilot were able to "control" the electrical fire but they had a really malfunctioned airplane? no intruments, no lights, no nav com etc.... maybe they were injured during the fire but not dead, what would you do? the first rule is.. Fly... Navigate... comunicate. They Flew... they tried to navigate.... Random heading.. random altitudes.. all consecuent of an injured pilot trying to mantain control. What would you do in that situation? how would you communicate? Put yourself in a situation where you are injured, in a dark cockpit full of smoke and heat.
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