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  1. Sorry for being out of the scene for so long, I recieved a lot of bad response via PM that I think its better to let it go... I have never flown the real C90 so no opinion there. I bought the F1 King Air a few months ago and its really good, I dont like the G1000 system but thats a personal dislike. Havent tested much because of lack of time and heavy frame rates impact. In carenado I get 30 fps in F1 I get around 20 If your setup can handle it.. I surely recomend F1 Anyway.. Im aviable 24/7 via PM to answer questions about the B200. Go ahead and ask.
  2. No way.. Comm failure was in no way instantaneous, he was in the middle of 2 FIR, comm is always difficult in there. And its perfectly common to hear an abbreviated response. that was in no way an incompleted message
  3. electrical fire can be sudden. search for the fire in the Flight 111 MD11 a few years back. It was a matter of minutes. at 22:10 they started to smell something ar 22:14 they already had visible smoke and declared a PAN PAN at 22:24 autopilot was desengaged by the fire and pilot declaring "We must fly manual" at 22:24:25 FLight 111 declared and emergency plane desapears from radar (transponder OFF) ar 22:25:50 FLight data recorder stops recording The pilots is heard leaving the seat to fight the fire and phisical evidence is shown that the first officer continued to flight the airplane, shuting down and engine due to fire warning one minute before impact. Its important to understand that the pilot recieved a fire warning in an engine that probably was not real, and was caused by a short circuit or something. Now what could had happened in flight 370?... normally a pilot would not declare and emergency only for a certain odor. and as you can see in flight111 it only took 14 minutes from the odor to really affect the electric equipment. What would happen if the pilot were able to "control" the electrical fire but they had a really malfunctioned airplane? no intruments, no lights, no nav com etc.... maybe they were injured during the fire but not dead, what would you do? the first rule is.. Fly... Navigate... comunicate. They Flew... they tried to navigate.... Random heading.. random altitudes.. all consecuent of an injured pilot trying to mantain control. What would you do in that situation? how would you communicate? Put yourself in a situation where you are injured, in a dark cockpit full of smoke and heat.
  4. Sorry havent been here for a while, Im installing both Service Packs right now, and will give this guy another spin!. I dont seem to be able to edit my first post to reflect the issues that have been solved. Funny thing the Gear, the Max extension speed is 181, and the max retraction speed is 163 maybe there was some mixup in the .cfg
  5. Did another Touch and Go,s on it to test the landing gear, still not luck, I have the Hotas Warthog but landing gear still on the default G key. at 200 app flaps.. 180 press G.. nothing happens, landing gear lever goes down, but nothing happens until airspeed reaches around 165-0 then landing gear starts going down. Did several test flying around 170.. with no luck. Thanks!
  6. Ok, guys, thanks for your imput, I been able to resolve the RPM issue, by reassigning axis in FSUIPC, so I apologize for my mistakes, and so the first post will be edited. Obviously some people got the message wrong... I love to have a B200 in FSX, and carenado focusing on the general aviation side of fsx is nothing less than great. Yes I bought the C-90 and I had a rought Idea of how the B200 was gonna be so no excuses there, but there are still mistakes that are obviously overlocked at, like the missing/wrong guages, switches etc. I know this is only a GAME, what am I expecting of a game? to work as expected. Now lets go constructive and help out each othere here, cause in the end we all want a great B200. Carenado PLease consider this findings as my way to help you out sort problems I been testing engine parameters in flight, and with the help of Andy1975 and Flying_bob, this issue with my controllers or FSUIPC is working great. During climb, RPM to max, Torque 2000, everything ok, Here is a comparation of settings during cruise on the same route, on the same day, hour using Active Sky 2012 In this situation my torque was limited by the N1 exceding 100%, so i push it as far as it could go this is the setting on our "normal" cruise setting on the real one Flight Level 170. OAT 1C. Kias 200 ITT 760 760 TQ 2170 2170 RPM 1800 1800 NG 98.8 98.5 FF 380 380 OT 60 60 OP 110 105 As you can see I cound push the carenado that far because of N1 Limits... and found out this issue, the toottip show a diferent value than the Digital display taking this into account and using the tool tip as a reference I can push it a little bit higher getting more closer to my findings than with the digital display, the (tootip is showing 98%) Overall things have improved, will try that Autofeather and autoingition lights code. When I have more time I will test it acording to the performance charts. I seems the ITT is still low and the Oil Temperature is very low. Any way to make the Landing Gear drop at 181 not 160? I just found another guage missing, in the overhead panel, the Battery Ammeter Il show you some testing =) And pleaaasee some help with the transponder! cant use it!
  7. Hi, first of all let me apologize for grammar mistakes and my poor english, Im writing in a Hurry =) I been a real world B200 pilot for a couple of years now and been looking for a good King Air to come up for FSX, when carenado released the C90 I bough it just to find out a bunch of bugs and not so realistic flight, but having zero experience on a real C90 I could not give you my real point of view.. So came the B200... I just didnt want to buy it.. i knew I was going to be dissapointed, I wasnt buying PMDG nor A2A... but damm... it was a B200 with the 85 Proline II collins instruments just like the one I fly.. so i bought it.. 39.99 dollars.. Just Let me compare prices first.. I know this is not PMDG, but just for comparasion the Jetstream 41 of PMDG is 44.95, thats just 5 dollar more... and the new P-51D of A2A is 49.99 with Accusim. Those are two top aircraft that every switch, system, light, guage.. works not only simulating stuff but works as it should on the real thing. First Impressions.. Carenado always does a great work at textures and visuals, overall this is a great plus for the AC, almost everything is right just a couple of issues here --No ELT antena on the exterior model... it should be on the right side of the Rudder --The textures over the upper part of where the aux tanks are, are the same on both wings, it shoudnt. Right wing has the Battery, Left has the Hydraulic access port. and im Almost 99.99% sure they arent the same size.. (tomorrow I will confirm this) Now lets go inside the cockpit.. Cold and Dark... -----Guages mistakes omisions and other stuff -Oxygen Guage only works with battery on.. this is wrong -DC/Volt Loadmeters... they dont have the press switch... (how can they get that wrong?) -Hydraulic FLuid sensor press to test doesnt work mmmm to be honest it looks like a circuit breaker is there instead of a button -Bleed air switches have only 2 positions!, as far as I know on all B200 there should be 3! Open, Enviromental Off, Instrument and Enviromental Off. -Transponder selector mode not working --Cabin Alt range is just plain wrong, on some B200 red line starts at 6.0 PSI of diferential, others 6.6.. Lets turn on the battery.. --The prop Amp guage is wrong, always showing 20, this should only work then Prop deice is on. Now Lets turn on the engines... I know the FSX limitations on turboprop, and I make this purchase knowing that i Will not get a real representation of the start up secuence for the PT-6-42 but they actually manage to create a decent startup simulation --Low Idle should limit NG at 61% not 66, high idle seems fine =) --Elevator trim off Light doesnt light up.. I use my real B200 checklist and procedures to check all systems, they obviously dont work as expected, I performed the next procedures to verify --Airstair Door circuitry check,,, well it works,, if door is open. light comes up.. very simple --Oxygen Sistem Preflight..... Just didnt even bother to test it.. surly doesnt work --Enviromental Systems control.... Just two position switches at the bleed air.. and the A/C sound is from y POV very High --Pressurization... Doesnt work in test mode --Flight director.. Worked fine (except test modes) --Yaw damper doesnt add resistance to the Nose Wheel. in real life you cant move the nose wheel with the YD on Electric Elevator trim... Light doesnt come up the turned off --Rudder Boost.. didnt notice any movement on the rudder when a differential power is used but to be honest i dont either in the real plane, just a slighly rudder pedal movement. --Autofeather... this is just wrong, the light turns on when the switch is set to arm, in Real life, the autofeather lights turn on (arm) when torque is above 400 lbs and N1 above 90%.. for example during take off if both engines are at TO power, autofeather is armed and both light ON.. if one engine fails and drops under 400 lbs, the working engine Autofeather light will turn off.. showing that the systems has been dissarmed on that engine, if torque continues to drop below 200, the system will feather the prop, and the autofeather light will extinguish. ... The test mode doesnt work either. and as far as i test it.. the system doenst work at all --Vaccum and Neumatic pressure...... Well, the bleed air switches are wrong and didnt expect any luck here, so overall, the Gyro Suction guage is there just the same as the O2 guage and the Loadmeters... just to be there.. it doesnt respond to Bleed air fails. --Engine Anti Ice.. at least the light work as they should, system on... light on.. easy.. they also affect the Torque, wich is just like on the real one. --Ice Protection Equipment... Auto Ignition swithes doesnt seem to work, light never turned On.. Windshield anti Ice doesnt affect the loadmeters.. but then again.. what does? Prop Deice doesnt affect the Deice Ammeter, well actually its always on Surface Deice doesnt affect the Pneumatic Pressure... Stall Warning Heat.. doesnt affect loadmeters but to be honest I havent checked if it does on the real one Pitot heat... DOES affect the loadmeters.. well they got one right! even though is a very high load Now I now you are thinking I am expecting a level of realism a la A2A or PMDG.. well not! I know but the least thing that I can expect is a level of Consistency in their product if the pitot shows an indication, why not the windshield anti Ice, how hard is to make the light of the Auto Ingition to turn up, as the Anti Ice do? And Im not expecting none of this systems to really work, but at least help in making the checklist as real as they can. Like the Door. if its open, I want an indication in the cockpit, is nice that they get that one right. obviously im not expecting to have any real effect on the rest of the systems.. for example I sure I can pressurize the cockpit with the door open.. I will let that to more professional guys not carenado. Now.. the Flight part... Im gonna be very respectful on this part and gonna say that I need to fly it more to get and actual "feeling" of it in different flight and different situations. I took it to my most common flight.. a 40 minute 17000 feet flight that I do twice a week.. My results... this plane doesnt even come up with the real thing.. Itt doesnt go up with altitude.. (yeahh thats FSX limitations) RPM... I just coudnt reach 1900 for climbing.. Prop full forward.. max i could get was 1850 this is plain wrong N1 exceed 100% very easily, and Torque is just very hard to adjust, not sure why, in real life you can make very small adjustments to the torque, in carenados version, they jump all over the place. Cruise setting where just wrong, tomorrow will make a more exact comparasion with real life engine parameters The descent was ok.. Torque goes up as it should, and speed seems to react ok, also the red pole at the airspeed seems to work fine. In R/L the King air slows very fast, if you follow the next procedure.. 900 lbs of torque will slow down the AC enough for reach 200 and app flaps, then with the nose up tendency (wich carenado seems to get that right) you will reach 181 quickly, and drop landing gear (carenado gets this wrong probably the worst mistake ever and is a experience killer for me as the gear doesnt drop until you reach 160!!!!) next with full forward prop (this makes the airplane break as much as we pilots can feel it) and around 400-500 lbs of Torque you can drop full flaps on Final, and mantain a nice Vref all the way to the runway. (carenado doesnt seem to slow down at 400Lbs) Anyway even with low expectations, im dissapointed of this product.. this product as it is should cost more than 20 dlrs..
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