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  1. I know this is a long shot but is there any way to make Ultimate Traffic Live work for Fs2004?
  2. What are the most up to date AI traffic files (freeware and payware) for Fs2004? I currently have a traffic package from Wi 2015-16.
  3. Thank you for your response. However, do you have an exact number for the limit? I know how routes work and I am using coordinate waypoints based on flight radar 24 and there is a way to reduce it. I just need an exact number.
  4. What is the maximum amount of waypoints allowed onto the FMC of the level D 767? The problem I am having is that I have a route from Seattle Tacoma Airport to Beijing Airport with 218 waypoints (42 pages) and my FS crashes after I input it. If anyone knows the specific number please let me know.
  5. Has anyone made a repaint for the new Hawaiian A321neo yet?
  6. To begin, the two things I use to create routes is flightaware and FsBuild. I get the route from flight aware and input it into FsBuild to build a flight plan for Fs2004 and my fmc or fmgs. Flight aware is getting increasingly inaccurate for routes to Asia and Europe. This article shows that by using csv files (csv files contain location (lat,long), alt, etc.) from flight radar 24, you can use the csv of a historical flight and put it into an excel file the author made and it would put out coordinates that could be used in freeware and payware flight planning software (e.g.. Sky vector, FsBuild, etc). My question is: Is there an easier way to get a realistic flight plan without going through all of this hassle (and not using flight aware)? If there is absolutely no way to do this, please just post it isn't possible.
  7. Is there any way to make a route using FR24 I can input into simroutes, or FsBuilder, or sky vector efficiently? I found this but it takes a lot of effort (without excel) and requires payment. If there is absolutely no way to do this, please just post it isn't possible.
  8. Hello. I noticed, when I engage APP, I can't get off of it. If I want to go around, I cannot use my autopilot after because I can't get out of APP mode, I'm stuck on it. How do I fix this?
  9. Agovico261

    KSEA AFCAD (ADE) problem

    Thank you very much! My question now is, how were you able to identify that?
  10. Hello. I've found this great stock free AFCAD for KSEA called Seattle-Tacoma International Airport UPGRADE (KSEA) by Carlos Si (which can be found here: Everything looks fine (Photo 1) but I'm having problems with custom objects (FSX style gates). I like to update some parking configs before I use a scenery, so I edited the AFCAD file using ADE9 (not AFCAD). When I recompile, I get an error (Photo 2). I recompiled it anyway, but then all of the custom objects disappear (Photo 3). Is there a solution for this? Or should I stop trying? Thank you for your time. Photos found here:
  11. I'm using ADE to make crosswind runways for EDDF. The afcad I made works for runway 07L/C/R and 18. The problem I have is it doesn't work when when I try to configure it to use runways 25L/C/R and 18. How can I make this work with 25L/C/R and 18 while making it easy to still configure it to runways 07L/C/R and 18?
  12. Can anyone explain in depth on how to do this? I tried it and only 22L and 22R and a fake runway is being used for takeoff and landing while 26R is not being used
  13. Hi. Something I wanted to do is to fix a problem in some of my airports. In Honolulu, planes lands on 8L and 8R and sometimes takeoff 22L and land on 26L. In AFCAD I can close the other runways to leave 8L and 8R open. When I want to takeoff on 22L and land on 26L I can't because you can only do that on parallel runways. If possible, how do I leave 22L and 26L on while they are not parallel?
  14. Agovico261

    Weather Archive Addon

    Hi. I always used the real world weather on Fs2004. I see realistic addons of weather and I was looking to download/buy one. What is a good weather addon that allows me to use weather that is not real time? For example the current time is 9 am and I want to use weather from 7 am. What addon will allow me to do that?
  15. Agovico261

    FS9 across 3 displays

    Do you have a 3d video card?