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  1. why don't you use samsung magician to allocate over-provisioning?
  2. there are prescription lenses available for the occulus rift if you didn't consider that option. can't speak as to the comfort at all.
  3. I have a 34" 2K asus curved g-sync monitor. I am extremely happy with it and I wouldn't change it BUT I don't use the whole width for P3D and I don't use the 'wide' option within P3D either. I do have a few ancillary programs running (map, etc) in the free space and that arrangement is how I like to have it set up. no advice, just an experience...
  4. jpf

    Direct scenario start

    (long shot but maybe worth mentioning)... if windows 10 shuts down before a program/process has completely finished; the task will be restarted when windows starts. P3D can take a minute or two to shut down completely AFTER the icons disappear and a shutdown or reboot within that time will often restart P3D when windows starts up the next time.
  5. jpf

    Intermittent Sound Clicks with USB Soundbar

    change the method you're connecting the bar to the PC. I hear clicking when a bluetooth speaker being charged by a USB connector is connected to my PC; clean sound when it's not connected.
  6. goodness, no. don't do that! if you've done the changes that mpw8679 suggested then back off your sliders in sim and see if that improves things.
  7. very inclined to agree with mpw8679 here.
  8. jpf

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    yep... toposim for me.
  9. jpf

    Changing Monitor

    no... nothing like that. I think it's quite possible to find a happy medium with your PC. you will be able to turn off FXAA in P3D settings with the monitor you're thinking about which will offset but in no way compensate completely for the demands the higher resolution places on CPU/GPU. but it is a step in the right direction and a huge improvement on your PC experience as long as your eyesight is good. (my old eyes find 1440 a bit of a strain).
  10. jpf

    Changing Monitor

    the huge jump in resolution should provide a far more immersive experience on its own. but whereas previously I doubt your GPU was stressed at all; the new monitor could easily overwhelm the ability of a 1060 so you _might_ need to reduce some settings accordingly. I have a curved monitor and never thought much of the tech until the monitor I wanted was only available curved - so I bought one. it didn't take long before I no longer noticed the curve. as to the benefits vs. flat... I can't really say... if you're overly conscious of things like light bleed then flat are likely to be superior. I don't worry about such things; when the sim is running it all looks great to me. a GPU upgrade is in the cards though. a 1080 will get you high settings in P3D and medium res textures in environmental add-ons. a 2080 will get you highest settings in P3d but doesn't have the VRAM for all 4096 textures and... a 2080ti should sweep the board (best).
  11. considering energy (heat, noise...) and reliability... don't do it (my recommendation). especially in the age of 'inexpensive' SSDs.
  12. jpf

    Windows 10 1809 Networked PC tip

    it's never easy is it... ;( if you have the stomach for another go at some point then a complete uninstall/reinstall of the video driver (and sometimes sound driver too). I imagine you probably did this (but for others reading...) I can't complain about 1809 myself but there's certainly a fair share of P3D users that have no luck with it.
  13. you don't say how much PC or GPU ram you have. right click on the task bar and select task manager, choose the processes tab and sort on memory. at a guess I would expect textures to be the culprit, either P3D settings or weather but who knows?
  14. jpf

    REX SkyForce 3D and REX 4 Texture Direct

    also worth considering FSrealWX. free! I believe.
  15. jpf

    REX SkyForce 3D and REX 4 Texture Direct

    per your requirements I would seriously consider the TOGA products.