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  1. bite the bullet and spend the week installing everything (OS included) from scratch. I can't honestly recommend doing it any other way.
  2. own EFBv2, never use it. use LNM for IFR and plan-g for VFR.
  3. this is supposition, I don't use SLI.. I think this one might need to be reviewed in light of SLI on RTX cards which changed drastically. GPU memory in SLI is now (I believe) mapped as a single flat address range whereas it used to be per card. if the 'system copy' was an aid to SLI loading textures in two address ranges then that might not be necessary any more.
  4. there were 12 zips when I downloaded it consisting of 1 for program, 1 for key maker and 10 voice packs. that was very early on in it being made freely available.
  5. I would personally go back a few steps. check the zips (I believe) are not corrupt or the wrong sizes. I don't know if there's MD5 checksums available for each zip. compare OS version with someone with a working copy. (home vs. pro) disable anti-virus, anti-malware, etc. make sure you're logged in with admin rights. unzip to a new folder using win10 built in and not another utility. run (each) installer using 'run as admin', (or follow the instructions bearing that in mind). I don't know the specific instructions for installation. I seem to remember it being made available in a series of zip files and some people mentioned download problems when it was first made freely available. I doubt you need the run times for VB, esp. if no one else has used them. VB projects I wrote in VB6 included all the requisite binaries as part of creating the installation.
  6. turn off all options in Start> Settings> Privacy if you want to reduce win10 footprint.
  7. I eventually let KB4489899 remain installed and on a whim got rid of a whole load of AI aircraft. I can't offer anything definitive except 'maybe' that rogue AI models can be detrimental to performance. anyway performance is back better than before and ground textures look crisper across the board.
  8. CTDs again so KB4489899 has been uninstalled. see how it goes...
  9. yes, but I think this is at a different level to uninstalling immediately post failure. it sounds more 'intrusive' to me. link to zdnet article
  10. follow up: on my system KB4482887 was removed by the update process on 3/12 and KB4489899 has replaced it. this update is supposed to fix the problem for some users (gamers) that had issues with KB4482887. as of yesterday, this has had the opposite effect! yesterdays flight stuttered and ground textures were abysmal. during a flight of <500nm I had two CTDs. if the flight tonight is still bad then KB4489899 is getting uninstalled. the irony of KB4482887 being fine and the 'fix' unstable is not lost on me. as of now microsoft has put procedures in place to automatically uninstall 'buggy' updates on a users PC. this relies heavily on the data collected by win10 during operation. while I am not one to 'bury my head in the sand' with regards to updates, I would much prefer less background data collection and more control given back to the user if they choose it. stay safe, etc.
  11. I would look at the OS if you haven't already. making sure you have folders excluded from scanning and ensuring the OS isn't working on something behind the scenes (like file indexing) that will cause contention with P3D. good luck anyway.
  12. 418.91 here with rtx2080ti and up to date win10pro. I cleared out my shaders after an initial CTD and it's been smooth sailing since. (not sure if clearing shaders actually did anything over and above what P3D did anyway). I don't use any nvidia (or any other) overlays.
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