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  1. nam1394

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    PFPX or Simbrief are the dispatchers in our simworld who represent the companies.
  2. nam1394

    Early Comms (leaving the gate)

    You are welcome.
  3. nam1394

    Early Comms (leaving the gate)

    Yes, there is. Just say call for pushback without pressing PTT, this way the FO will only request pushback untill you ask for taxi. You can, also, say ‘call fro clearance’ and ‘call for taxi’.
  4. The problem occurs because FSL has a panel folder for each livery and they all point to one panel cfg. If you don’t want to do it manually, her is how: when you run the panel configrator, you will see more than one a320 cfm and more than one a320 iae depending on the liveries you have installed, so just pick the first cfm and the first iae and you will be fine.
  5. nam1394

    Speeding sim rate up/down

    You don’t have to hold it down. Pressing it once is enough, unless you click using the mouse anywhere on the screen, you will have to press it again.
  6. nam1394

    Ai Traffic and NDB Approach

    Some AI planes don’t have radio section in the aircraft.cfg, so they don’t respond to ATC and keep flying until they are out of the traffic bubble. And it has nothing to do with the NDB approach. I use my traffic 6 and many planes don’t have the radio section and I had to manually add them to fix the problem. If you happen to remmeber the ai’s plane type, check the cfg file.
  7. nam1394

    P3dv4 and indexer

    👍 thanks
  8. nam1394

    P3dv4 and indexer

    Do i need to export the scenery cfg in lorby’s addon organizer before running the indexer like i would do before running makerynway?
  9. nam1394


    Yes, voice is the one and it will mute your pilot’s voice but the one in the sim which you won’t need since you are using the voice from proatcx.
  10. nam1394


    Yes you should mute the default ATC sound in the sim. And make sure you select “interact with AI’ in the proatcx options. i just replied to you at the proatcx forums.
  11. nam1394


    None of the ATC addons control AI except of VOXATC which creates its own AI traffic. othe addons like PROATCX, PF3, and radar contact don’t control AI. AI will be controlled by the default ATC and those addons will give them instructions mimicking control. Except for runway incursions they will be frozen so they wouldn’t enter the runway, also, on approach but each addon will control them differently. PROATCX will speed up or slow down ai traffic or ask them to maintain altitude. PF3 will freez an AI plane flying final behind you in position until there is a good distance between you and the AI plane. Radar contact will just have plane fly away from the final silently. By the way, PROATCX is agreat program now after years of frustration.
  12. nam1394

    PRO-ATC after recent patches

    Go ahead and install it. Finally, after waiting for years, I could say it is the best ATC available.
  13. nam1394

    Unusual ATC/AI behaviour

    This isn’t the case with FSXWX. It sets the weather over 120nm away. i never had any problems with it. ASP4 on the other hand always sets too close to the destination.
  14. I think you are right. Whenever I am using the default ATC, I hear the ATC talking to an AI plane and it doesn’t respond until the IFR is canceld. This happens with my traffic 6.