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  1. wrap23

    TCAS RA Scenario?

    Kyle, I appreciate the aircraft that PMDG has developed and respect the talent of the individuals that created them. I have purchased the rights to entertain myself with a couple of those aircraft. The other evening the topic of discussion with my son made its way to aviation, aviation accidents, and then further to aircraft warning systems. I don't believe I violated the EULA that I agreed to when I attempted to show my son what a simulated TCAS RA might look like in the comfort of my own home. "This software may not be used to demonstrate the airplane, airplane systems, operational norms, flows, procedures or other pilot knowledge application in a classroom or training environment without being supplemented by the appropriate commercial license." After 36 years in aviation terms such as "scenario" and "demonstrate" are just part of my lexicon. Respectfully, Don Spence
  2. wrap23

    TCAS RA Scenario?

    I would like to demonstrate the maneuver for responding to TCAS RA. Is there a way to set that up or do you have to deliberately "run down" a virtual aircraft target? Thanks, Don
  3. I really enjoy my 3415. I definitely feel it’s more immersive with a 21x9 monitor and really like that. When flying the 777, the extra real estate allows me to selectively expand the MFDs, PFD, ND, and CDUs and position them and still be able to view important areas of the cockpit. Though a 60Hz monitor, I have it set to 30 Hz without issue. I like the detail of the 1440 vertical resolution. It functions very well for other non-simming tasks as well. I contemplated getting a second 3415 to create a real panoramic view but opted against due to the middle bezels and the extra strain on my 1080ti driving all those pixels. That said, I get nice frame rates with the single monitor. I personally feel that for the current price point it’s a great 34” ultra wide monitor. We don’t need 144Hz for flight simming! Hope that was useful, Don
  4. I purchased a Samsung 49” CHG90 last week and it’s still in the box! I mostly fly the PMG 777 and I’m looking for a more immersive experience. My intention was to use the CHG90 exclusively for the external view and my Dell 3415 for the virtual cockpit only. The Dell works well for displaying the entire forward cockpit at a usable size when your not displaying the view outside the cockpit. My thought is the 1080p vertical on the CHG90 will be less of a burden on my 1080ti while still giving me a nice expansive external view and I’ll still have the 1440 detail for the cockpit. Since the cockpit will be mostly static I feel the overall graphics performance may be improved. Amazon had a sale last week and I pulled the trigger on the Samsung without really thinking it through. Should I keep it? Does this plan sound reasonable? Your thoughts would be appreciated! Don
  5. wrap23

    KORF Shadows?

    I really appreciate the update. I have huge respect for you folks that have the skill to create detailed scenery as well as troubleshoot each time a change is made to the sim. I look forward to the update! Thanks again, Don
  6. wrap23

    777 Airway Intercept?

    Thanks for responding. I use navigraph and fsaerodata all updated. The Navigraph charts exactly match the real charts which match the manual. I don't think this is the issue. My actual, current 777 flight manual uses the same example. This works in the real sim and in the aircraft. My purpose for attempting this exact setup was to demonstrate for my son, an aspiring pilot, how this worked. It should have worked. I moved the scenario to the NE United States which is littered with Victor Routes and it doesn't work. I'd appreciate it if you might try an airway intercept and see how it goes. I believe it's a PMDG "sim-ism." If I'm wrong I'd love to hear how you make it work with the PMDG 777 vs the Boeing 777. Thanks
  7. wrap23

    777 Airway Intercept?

    I am attempting to do an airway Intercept as described in the PMDG 777 Flight Crew Operations Manual pages 11.42.13 - 11.42.15. I have set up the scenario so I’m at 15,000’ just north of BANDR proceeding direct to EPH exactly like the example in the manual. When I display the RTE page 2/2 it looks identical to the manual. When I attempt to enter V2 in LSK 1L as described I get an “invalid entry” in the scratch pad and can proceed no further with the exercise. I am flying with autopilot and LNAV and VNAV engaged. I can’t see any reason this won’t work. Has anyone had similar experience? Can anyone shed some light on why this isn’t working? Thanks, Don Spence
  8. wrap23

    KORF Shadows?

    Thanks Shaun. What more can I ask. I appreciate your diligence. I’m thoroughly amazed at what you developers are capable of achieving. I for one would certainly purchase additional Norfolk scenery/airports! Don
  9. wrap23

    KORF Shadows?

    Any update on the shadows? This issue takes an otherwise nice scenery and, I'm sorry to say, makes it disappointing. Your not the only developer that is having a problem with this. Latin VFR's Key West doesn't display shadows properly either. With Key West you can see the aircraft shadows display as the aircraft loads but then the shadows are covered up by certain runway elements such as paint, asphalt, some concrete. It's as if it's a layering issue. The shadows are covered up by runway textures. Don
  10. wrap23

    P3D auto loads at System boot-up

    Thank you Gerard. I’m currently out of town. I’ll give this a try when I return. Perhaps I’ve been a little impatient when I shutdown. Hope your enjoying your new system! Don
  11. I’m using P3Dv4.2 professional. Several months ago P3D began starting automatically when I boot my computer. It runs ok, but I don’t want it starting every time I boot. When I close P3D, I confirm in task manager that nothing is running before shutting down the computer. P3D still auto starts at boot up. I have removed and reinstalled the client IAW Lockheed’s instructions but it didn’t help. This behavior seemed to start after installing FSiPanel but I can’t confirm a cause and effect. I removed FSiPanel however, and it didn’t change anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Don
  12. wrap23

    KORF Shadows?

    Hello Shaun, Could you please have a look at the shadows in KORF? The aircraft's shadow displays fine on asphalt and grass, but when over concrete (ramp area and end of runway,) the shadows are not visible. They display on the painted surfaces on the concrete but not the concrete itself. I spend a lot of time using KORF and though I love the airport you've created, this does detract from the realism. This occurs in P3Dv4 and P3Dv3. Thanks for your great work! Respectfully, Don
  13. wrap23

    Can someone please teach me to taxi?!

    Thanks to everyone making recommendations. With the addition of FSUIPC and the use of a micro stick on my Logitech G940 I’m taxiing much better!
  14. wrap23

    Can someone please teach me to taxi?!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to purchase FSUIPC and try the advanced settings that were mentioned. I’m very familiar with a tiller. I wish the aircraft that have tillers were simulated with a tiller axis that could be assigned to a “micro stick” or similar. Since the aircraft don’t have this axis assignment available, it would be very cool to be able to work the rudder axis from a micro stick at slow speed and have control switch to the rudder pedals at 40-60 KIAS. This would be a more accurate way to simulate an airliner. Don’t know how that would be programmed but intuitively it seems like it would be possible. Thanks again. Happy Flying! Don
  15. I’ve flown numerous aircraft ranging from 3,000 to 650,000 lbs but I can’t accurately taxi anything in P3D! I overcontrol all the time. I’m using CHProducts pro rudders. I watch videos and the folks making them do an excellent job taxiing! How is it done? Special software, extra servos or with rudder pedals and special calibration? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m an old dog but I’m bound to be able to learn this trick! Many thanks, Don