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  1. Well if I ever need a surgeon for my “mid century modern” self, I’ll be sure they were educated before YouTube’s creation!
  2. I was a part of the Alpha from day one and yep, it was non-intuitive enough I found it frustrating. This program is detailed and needs explanation. I don’t think any quality third party developer releases a scenery and certainly an aircraft without documentation. Being part of the Alpha shouldn’t have been figuring out how it works but if it works as it should. A paying customer certainly shouldn’t have to spend hours figuring out through trial and error how the sim works. Nor should they have to wait until someone who enjoys that kind of thing publishes tips or creates a YouTube video or worse pay $20 for the documentation MS should have included in the first place. I may not print the documentation but I sure would reference it. MS has said this simulation should help usher new flight simmers into the hobby. Well imagine starting into flight simulation with no experience and starting up MSFS for the first time. You might be overwhelmed. Even you SeanMo. This is a major oversight!
  3. I do give QW credit for creating a very beautiful aircraft. I was hoping that behind the pretty exterior their was more functionality. I’m hoping that they will dig deeper into the workings of the 787 and produce a study level version for those that want the details. Personally I think having two levels of detail for the same aircraft is appropriate. You literally get what you pay for and know what your paying for up front. Having to modify the config file is really inappropriate. PMDG got this right with a menu in the MCDU that is even accessible from an unpowered aircraft. Oh well, perhaps someone will create a study level 787 eventually.
  4. I would gladly pay twice as much for a higher “Quality” 787. Without getting into the FMC, things that should have been easy to program are not programmed. When I push a button on the MCP it should be animated. When I operate the tuning control panel (TCP) I should at least see complete, selectable menu items, i.e. cabin >Directory. Sure, I’m not going to call a flight attendant, but the visuals should be present and accurate. Adding standby frequencies to radios only allows one page, not three, and you can only scroll through frequencies on VHF Left vs VHF, L,C, and R. HF is not available at all. At $80.00, these types of things should work.
  5. Thanks to everyone for their feedback! I need to head over to the P3D forum as well. I tend to use Avsim as my “go to.” It is some how comforting knowing I’m not alone. I’m sure it will ultimately get worked out. Cheers, Don
  6. I've updated my drivers which didn't help. I've disabled MSI Afterburner which did not help. Is no one else having this problem? I'm using P3Dv5 HF1, NVidia driver 445.87, Win10v1909 build 18363.836. Any additional input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don
  7. I’ve never used FreeMeshX. Does the installer for version 2.0 install into p3dv5? thanks, Don
  8. "Try a clean un-install and then re-install your driver suite. I had this once...and doing what I suggest did the trick. Your driver installation could be 'dirty'.... " I'll do this as well. Thank You!
  9. Thank you. Hadn't considered Afterburner. I have the latest Nvidia driver installed. As luck would have it, when I restarted my computer after installing P3Dv5, MS started a Win10 update! I thought perhaps the Win10 might have screwed something up. I'll update Afterburner.
  10. Get this popup most of the time when I try using P3Dv5. No add-ons Default scenario. Anybody else seen this?
  11. Thank you Pete for your continued support. Respect!
  12. If you really wanted to hear some whining, Pete should have announced he was not creating an upgrade.
  13. If you ever flew the Tweet, you’ll enjoy this aircraft. If you owned the microsim Tweet for FS9, well, you haven’t seen anything yet! If you wish you had the opportunity to fly a Tweet in P3D, it’s finally here!
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