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  1. wrap23

    P3D auto loads at System boot-up

    Thank you Gerard. I’m currently out of town. I’ll give this a try when I return. Perhaps I’ve been a little impatient when I shutdown. Hope your enjoying your new system! Don
  2. I’m using P3Dv4.2 professional. Several months ago P3D began starting automatically when I boot my computer. It runs ok, but I don’t want it starting every time I boot. When I close P3D, I confirm in task manager that nothing is running before shutting down the computer. P3D still auto starts at boot up. I have removed and reinstalled the client IAW Lockheed’s instructions but it didn’t help. This behavior seemed to start after installing FSiPanel but I can’t confirm a cause and effect. I removed FSiPanel however, and it didn’t change anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Don
  3. wrap23

    KORF Shadows?

    Hello Shaun, Could you please have a look at the shadows in KORF? The aircraft's shadow displays fine on asphalt and grass, but when over concrete (ramp area and end of runway,) the shadows are not visible. They display on the painted surfaces on the concrete but not the concrete itself. I spend a lot of time using KORF and though I love the airport you've created, this does detract from the realism. This occurs in P3Dv4 and P3Dv3. Thanks for your great work! Respectfully, Don
  4. wrap23

    Can someone please teach me to taxi?!

    Thanks to everyone making recommendations. With the addition of FSUIPC and the use of a micro stick on my Logitech G940 I’m taxiing much better!
  5. wrap23

    Can someone please teach me to taxi?!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to purchase FSUIPC and try the advanced settings that were mentioned. I’m very familiar with a tiller. I wish the aircraft that have tillers were simulated with a tiller axis that could be assigned to a “micro stick” or similar. Since the aircraft don’t have this axis assignment available, it would be very cool to be able to work the rudder axis from a micro stick at slow speed and have control switch to the rudder pedals at 40-60 KIAS. This would be a more accurate way to simulate an airliner. Don’t know how that would be programmed but intuitively it seems like it would be possible. Thanks again. Happy Flying! Don
  6. I’ve flown numerous aircraft ranging from 3,000 to 650,000 lbs but I can’t accurately taxi anything in P3D! I overcontrol all the time. I’m using CHProducts pro rudders. I watch videos and the folks making them do an excellent job taxiing! How is it done? Special software, extra servos or with rudder pedals and special calibration? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m an old dog but I’m bound to be able to learn this trick! Many thanks, Don
  7. wrap23

    VAinterface 2.25 is out now!

    No feedback to ipad or android tablet when using virtual CDU! However, all keystrokes made on ipad/tablet are recognized by my PMDG777 CDU. This is maddening! I eventually got the virtual CDU working with Predar3d v.4 back in August by following numerous recommendations on this forum. Now I've updated to 2.25 and I'm having issues again. Back then it was 32bit dlls vs 64bit program or something. What now? Please help me get this sorted out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Don
  8. Thanks very much for the feedback. Just got my rift so I'll likely experiment with the mouse before "leaping" into leap motion. I'm most interested in having a more natural interface for preflight and post flight checklists. I feel like Leap Motion might be good for that. Thanks again Don
  9. Will Leap Motion work with FlyInside for P3Dv4 or will Leap Motion also have to be rewritten for version 4? Thanks, Don
  10. wrap23

    How to monitor CPU while running P3D?

    Thanks very much for the responses. I'll try each of the suggestions. I have 64GB (8x8) Corsair Dominator 2400. I don't know how much is being utilized, wish I did! I'm a pilot that got into this hobby a year and a half ago to simulate what I can't do at FL380. I had no idea you had to be an engineer to get the most out of it. I'm very appreciative of the folks on this forum that have a better handle on the nuts and bolts. Respectfully, Don
  11. Please help me understand how to monitor my CPU's performance while running Prepar3d. If I try to open task manager or CPU-Z while running Prepar3d the sim pauses and won't "un-pause" until I minimize the sim! Forum users are always mentioning performance. How do you determine it?! Thank you, Don
  12. Does Leap Motion work natively in P3D or does it only work in conjunction with FlyInside? Thanks, Don
  13. wrap23


    It's unfortunate that the flight simming market apparently isn't large enough for NVIDEA to tweak their drivers for our purposes. If any computer gaming/simming community needs graphics performance it's those of us into flight simulation. Come on NVIDEA, write us a "flight simming" driver. We're not all first person shooters!
  14. wrap23


    Interesting that the latest copy of "PC Pilot" magazine in their article "Pepar3D Version 4, preparing for the future" states that with Prepar3Dv3, Lockheed Martin "...on the technical side, SLI support was implemented." Intuitively it seems to me that if SLI is supported, that two powerful cards would easily be a benefit with all the graphic demands P3D puts on a system. Why aren't people jumping on duel graphic cards to go with multi core processors? Seems one popular philosophy is buy the best single card you can afford and don't SLI. But if you can manage to buy two... Insight please! Don