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  1. I've updated my drivers which didn't help. I've disabled MSI Afterburner which did not help. Is no one else having this problem? I'm using P3Dv5 HF1, NVidia driver 445.87, Win10v1909 build 18363.836. Any additional input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don
  2. I’ve never used FreeMeshX. Does the installer for version 2.0 install into p3dv5? thanks, Don
  3. "Try a clean un-install and then re-install your driver suite. I had this once...and doing what I suggest did the trick. Your driver installation could be 'dirty'.... " I'll do this as well. Thank You!
  4. Thank you. Hadn't considered Afterburner. I have the latest Nvidia driver installed. As luck would have it, when I restarted my computer after installing P3Dv5, MS started a Win10 update! I thought perhaps the Win10 might have screwed something up. I'll update Afterburner.
  5. Get this popup most of the time when I try using P3Dv5. No add-ons Default scenario. Anybody else seen this?
  6. Thank you Pete for your continued support. Respect!
  7. If you really wanted to hear some whining, Pete should have announced he was not creating an upgrade.
  8. If you ever flew the Tweet, you’ll enjoy this aircraft. If you owned the microsim Tweet for FS9, well, you haven’t seen anything yet! If you wish you had the opportunity to fly a Tweet in P3D, it’s finally here!
  9. Thanks Rob, I remember my old soundblaster card from the 90s(?) It had memory slots so you could add more memory if needed. Back then that was more for people using the card for midi purposes and I believe it allowed the storage of more music samples. Very disappointing that the 2080ti has the slots but the option to fill them doesn’t exist! Sounds like the days when Intel disabled their math coprocessors to make a DX chip an SX chip. It is all about the money isn’t it! I’ll just keep hoping. Don
  10. Why won’t Nvidia put more memory on their 2080 cards? It appears flight simulation is more in need of graphics memory than graphics processing power. I don’t need the processing power of a Titan RTX but I could use it’s memory! Give me a 16 or 24 gig option on a 2080ti. Though TombRaider and the like may do fine with 6,8,11 gigs, flight simulation needs more as many of us have witnessed and Rob has demonstrated. Nvidea needs to start taking flight simming seriously!
  11. Test, Test, Mike Test...😉 Shaun, you indicated you discovered the reason for the shadows problem about a year ago. Since I’m the only one active on this topic perhaps fixing it just isn’t important. An update on whether you’ll resolve this would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hello Shaun, This is a pretty old thread by now. I'm thinking that I'm the only one interested in the concrete at KORF having shadows. It was 10 months ago that you said you discovered what the issue was. Do you have any plans for correcting it? I really enjoy flying from my home base but this really degrades the experience. Thanks for your consideration. Respectfully, Don
  13. You guys are conversing so above my head! I own tons of ORBX scenery as well as a lot of others. Haven’t loaded the new ORBX central but don’t understand all the reasons I perhaps shouldn’t. Where can a basic operator like me go to learn in simple terms how scenery is supposed to be installed and prioritized? What the impact is having one scenery above/below another and how to change it? Does a document like that exist? thanks Don
  14. Every time I load the PMDG 777 the scratch pad reads NAV DATA OUT OF DATE on the IDENT page. The IDENT page displays the correct AIRAC cycle and date but I always get the NAV DATA OUT OF DATE message. I subscribe to Navigraph and the P3D/PMDG/NAV DATA folder indicates all files are for the current cycle. Any ideas on how to get rid of this nuisance message? thanks, Don
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