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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I recently bought a GTX 970 4GB graphics card for my PC as previously I didnt have a graphics card. My current PC specs are; GeForce GTX 970 Intel Core i5-4690k CPU 3.5ghz 8.00GB RAM Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium But I loaded up at EGCC on fsx it was overcast and I was using rex soft clouds and my weather settings were on detailed clouds and maximum cloud coverage but when I look at the clouds I went from locked 30 which I have it set as to 10-12 frames. Addons I was using were, UK2000 EGCC, FTX EU England, ORBX global, ASNext, REX Soft clouds, Precipit FX, Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 Please help!
  2. Hi all - I'm already aware that people have had issues with FPS drop when the mouse is on screen, but my issue is in reverse :huh: As soon as the mouse auto-hides itself, my FPS drops to around 10-12. I wiggle the mouse and it pops back up to 28-32. It didn't always used to do it, it just started doing it one day. Drives me nuts! If anyone can help or offer a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks FSX on a standard HP Pavilion laptop, Triple-core AMD Processor with integrated graphics, 3GB Ram - Runs like a dream
  3. Hello :3 So, I've recently bought the CS757. I had a clean install of FSX (it's on a new computer). It runs pretty well on my system and settings with about 36 fps at KLAX with about 85% traffic. I took off and was flying at about 32,000ft when I noticed that my framerate went down to about 8 fps O.o I'm so confused xD Shouldn't the framerate be better when I'm in the sky because it has to load less stuff? Does anybody have any clue what's wrong? Thanks for any advice
  4. Name: Outerra Chaos City Stress Test Category: Outerra Videos Date Added: 16 November 2015 - 07:45 PM Submitter: HiFlyer Short Description: Testing Outerra frame rates with large numbers of buildings Testing Outerra frame rates with large numbers of buildings over Acetones Chaos City stress test area. (fps counter is in upper left) Specs: I7 920, downclocked to 3ghz from my Usual 4Ghz just to show that Outerra largely doesn't care about the cpu, as my frame rates were essentially identical at both Cpu speeds. Gpu is Nvidia 770gtx 2gb Recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay, all shadow settings and ambient Occlusion were on. Resolution was 1920 x 1080, AA was at 2x, all other settings at default. Tentative conclusion is that these aren't enough buildings for Outerra to even notice, and I can't imagine what a GTX980 might do. (slight hitch at first from tiles loading) View Video
  5. What am I missing? I have searched the forums, tried many tips and tricks to get my FS9 running smooth with the new gaming computer I have and I am very disappointed with my results. I am just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas or additional suggestions? I am running three 24" screens with triple head to go, with all my views in windowed mode. I fly in 2d panel cockpit view. Here are my computer specs: Windows 7 64 Bit, Intel i7 - 4770k cpu @ 3.50 ghz, 8g ram, Directx 11, geforce gtx 970 4g At first I thought it was because I was at an intense airport, fsdream team's lax. So I played around with settings, turned off all my ai, lowered all my autogen scenery, no shadows, all the lowest weather settings, target framerate 25. I use AA settings in the grahics card. I had the same jerky movement. Then I removed fsdream team's scenery and used the default airport, same results. Went to another default airport, yeg and still, same jerky frames. So I am still thinking it's a settings thing somewhere. Like I said, I've tried so many tips and tricks with no luck. Rebuilt my cfg, removed and added back scenery, tried the dxtfixer... Any other suggestions? I think about moving to FSX but hate the thought of all the money I paid for added scenery in FS9 and starting over, learning a new flight sim.
  6. Hi, when I turn the "Heading Knob" (HDG not armed on my 2D panel, PMDG 737 NGX, P3D v4) I have a impact of the framerates from more than 50% and extreme stutter!!!! When I finish the turn is again everything fine and smooth! It would work all perfectly, only with this problem it is impossible to fly ... This is my cockpit with 3 monitor surround view Best regards, Klaus
  7. I probably should have posted this earlier, but I'm getting so fed up with it that I'm going to post it now. For the past few months, I've been getting absolutely atrocious framerates on FSX:SE on my MSI GP70 2PE Leopard gaming laptop. My average framerate during a flight is 2-8 FPS on takeoff and landing, and 20fps during cruise :mad: . I almost can't even go on VATSIM anymore because I'll almost crash the plane on the approach due to the framerate drop. I've tried reinstalling FSX, tweaking the .CFG file, overclocking, and setting my sceneries down to their bare minimums, but nothing is working. Also, I can play other games on my computer (e.g. Team Fortress 2, Minecraft) at almost max settings and still get more than 60fps. What could be causing my FSX to run so poorly??? :( MY SPECS: CPU: Intel i5 4210H dual-core @2.9GHz, turbo to 3.5GHz (overclocked to 3.9GHz once or twice) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 840M (With MSI Afterburner overclock) RAM: 2 x DDR3L-1600MHz, 16gb Storage: 256gb SSD
  8. Hi All, I have been stopping myself to post a message in the forum hoping I could do something about my framerate in FSX by myself but I have not managed to do that. So here I am ! Here are my specs : I7 930 overclocked to 4ghz. 12GB ram GTX 480 (Asus). ASUS P6TX58 Addons : PMDG 737 (obviously ) REX overdrive (no essentials) Active Sky 2012 ORBX YMML (for the test) ENB Series (I have issue with that one. I can fly using it but I get black screen when I access the menu/use replay etc.. especially when I fly in high details area/by night or other stressing situation for the computer) FPS Limiter (same as above, I suspect it's coming from the d9d3.dll and my graphic card, they don't like each other so I tend to deactive both of them). I deleted the FSX.cfg and use the online tool (Venetubo) and that's about it. I've also used Nvidia inspector and use the 4S configuration. (for anti aliasing and anisotropic selected in FSX, framerate unlimited) Frame rate at YMML on active runway : 15-18fps. Autogen : normal My first question is : is that a common framerate ? If yes, well too bad for me I might need another machine. if no, is there anyone with pretty much the same config that could share some tips with me ? I love this plane and would like to enjoy it as much as it deserves it. That would be much appreciated. Thank you and let me know if you need more info. Sylvain.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some support here, as I'm honestly quite lost right now. Up until a few days ago, I was flying around without any issues in P3D v4.5, all of my settings being unchanged for months and using all sorts of add-on planes, scenery, weather, shaders, textures, etc. Everything was looking beautiful and I was enjoying it a lot. Without changing anything in the sim, I suddenly experienced a massive drop in FPS (to < 15) and blurry textures in scenarios that were no problem before. This issue unfortunately still persists, despite my desparate attempts to narrow it down. This is what I've done since the problem appeared (in the following order and with reboots/tests in between): Disabled VolFog and AA Disabled all add-on scenery Disabled all other add-ons (weather, GSX, SODE, FSUIPC, etc.) Restored P3D's default shaders Restored the default P3D.cfg Removed all user generated files (as per LM's general debugging steps) Reset all NVidiaProfileInspector settings to default Installed a legacy P3D v4.4 client Updated my graphics card driver Installed an older graphics card driver again Disabled my CPU and GPU overclocking None of this solved my issue or caused even the slightest improvement. The only way I could get back to my old FPS performance was to dramatically reduce scenery complexity, LoD radius and draw distance through the settings (complexity sliders at "sparse" instead of "dense" or even "very dense", the latter of which I used for VFR flying without any issues a few days ago). So, I decided to completely uninstall P3D and all of my add-ons, as I thought one of my many add-ons might have messed up the sim. Afterwards I set the CPU and GPU overclocking back on. Today, I started testing with my fresh P3D v4.5 installation which I had downloaded again. P3D default scenario, all settings unchanged = all fine (as expected due to low settings) P3D default scenario, all settings back up to the low range of what I was using before = bad performance again (stuttering, low FPS) This is with no add-ons enabled and a complete clean installation. I locked my FPS to 30 via RivaTuner which took some load off the GPU, but the problems are still there, no matter if the GPU is working at 70% or 100%. Currently I am experiencing stutters again with GPU load at approx. 80% and the CPU at approx. 70%. This is flying from KVPS (P3D default) in the default F-22, using settings that would normally be fine for flying an add-on airliner out of Frankfurt with a complex weather scenario. Of course I was used to FPS going down in other cases before too, but not to the current level that really makes the Sim impossible to use, unless I fly virtually without any objects in the scenery. I tried to rule out a hardware issue. So I performed a test via userbenchmark.com, which resulted in all of my components performing "as expected" or "way above expectations". Not sure if this is enough to rule out any issues here? Right now, I'm completely lost and don't know what to try next. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! Let me know if I should post any further information and I'll gladly do so. Best regards, Daniel tl;dr: My P3D v4.5 has become a complete FPS and stutter desaster out of nothing, even after a clean reinstall, with no changes made to the settings My system specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K OC@4.4 GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB SSD: Intel SSD 256GB HDD: Seagate ST1000 1TB RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4 3000 C15 4x4GB MBD: Asrock Z270 Pro4 OS: Win 10 Home 64 Bit Sim: P3D v4.5
  10. Hi! So, I've been looking to get the PMDG NGX for a while. I'm used to flying larger aircraft like the MD-11, 747, 767, etc. I was just wondering, what kind of FPS do you guys get? I don't have anything too impressive, but I'll be upgrading my GPU soon. Thanks for any help :Big Grin:
  11. I cannot play fsx with max setting with any addon aircraft and get more then 20 fps any help? I dont know if fsx is using all cores or all of my memory either specs: Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601) System Model Install Language: English (United States) System Locale: English (United States) HP-Pavilion NY810AAR-ABA e9150t Installed: 3/31/2010 4:02:25 PM System Serial Number: MXY93401MQ Enclosure Type: Desktop Processor a 2.67 gigahertz Intel Core i7 920 64 kilobyte primary memory cache 256 kilobyte secondary memory cache 8192 kilobyte tertiary memory cache 64-bit ready Multi-core (4 total Hyper-threaded (8 total) Main Circuit Board b Board: PEGATRON CORPORATION TRUCKEE 1.04E01 Serial Number: 102416800000562 Bus Clock: 133 megahertz BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 5.24 10/29/2009 Drives Capacity 133.13 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space 640.13 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH24NS70 [Optical drive] TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-H653R [Optical drive} Generic- Compact Flash USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 1 Generic- MS/MS-Pro USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 4 Generic- SD/MMC USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3 Generic- SM/xD-Picture USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2 HTC Android Phone USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 5 SAMSUNG HD642JJ [Hard drive] (640.13 GB) -- drive 0, s/n S1GWJ9AS604687, rev 1AA01117, SMART Status: Healthy Memory Modules c,d 12280 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory Slot 'DIMM0' has 2048 MB Slot 'DIMM1' has 2048 MB Slot 'DIMM2' has 2048 MB Slot 'DIMM3' has 2048 MB Slot 'DIMM4' has 2048 MB Slot 'DIMM5' has 2048 MB Local Drive Volumes c: (NTFS on drive 0) * 624.36 GB 130.96 GB free d: (NTFS on drive 0) 15.78 GB 2.18 GB free * Operating System is installed on c : i Display AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series [Display adapter] Powercolor Radeon 6870 1GB VRam Acer A221HQV [Monitor] (21.7"vis, s/n ETLQ40W00113803D1B4320, September 2011) HP L1506 [Monitor] (14.6"vis, s/n CNC614P4HN, April 2006)
  12. HiRecently built a new system which I thought would run FSX like a dream which it does...kind of. I was expecting a bit more from it to be honest. Here's my dilema:Fresh installation of FSX Deluxe with both service packs installed...(no addons, scenery etc)Got the PMDG 737NGX, installed it and followed the Introduction PDF that came with it. I changed my scenery/weather etc. settings as per the PDF and also used the tool by ******* Altuve www.venetubo.com/fsx.html and made the necessary tweaks based on my hardware.I start up FSX using FPS limiter at 30FPS and start a flight. Seems OK, fairly smooth but every now and again the frame rate drops to something like 10FPS which makes everything jerk for a split second. I decide to start up with FPS limiter not running to see how high the FPS is sitting with unlimited framerate selected. It runs between 30-50FPS.Correct me if i'm wrong but given the hardware i'm running (listed below) and from what I've seen on other people YouTube videos, should I not be getting better than this?Any opinions would be greatly appreciated,ThanksGarry
  13. Hi all So, I recently bought the CS 757 after contemplating it for a while. I decided to do a short flight from KJFK to KMIA. I started cold and dark. The framerate was about 30-40 (I was using bandicam). As I started programming the FMC and was starting up the plane (didn't actually start the engines yet), I noticed that my framerate was dipping into the low-teens (about 10-13). I saved the flight and loaded it up again. My framerate was still in the low teens. I restarted FSX, lowered my settings to nearly the bare minimum (kept global texture res on high though), created the same flight and the same thing happened! I decided to fight through the low fps and decided to take off. I got the autopilot running and my framerate was DIPPING TO 4 FPS! IN THE SKY WITH NO AUTOGEN AND CLOUDS AT THE LOWEST SETTINGS! What the hell's wrong with my game? It seemed that the more systems I started, the lower my framerate got. Is this normal? I have other payware aircraft but noticed no real difference in framerate. I know the CS757 can be a b**** to run, but I didn't know it was this bad! My systems OK: i5 3330 @ 3GHz (3.2 turbo... i think) GT 630 (going to upgrade to a 750 eventually) 1TB HDD 6GB RAM It's kinda hard for me to get the money to upgrade considering i'm only 15. Plus, there are other people with worse PCs than mine that run it at better fps... with REX and other addons. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated :3
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