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  1. An-124? I'm pretty sure it has oleo struts. Then again, that seems pretty hard to find data for lol.
  2. Hey there! I just downloaded XP11... and this is my first time in X-Plane. Anyway, I just wanted to know which sceneries worked in XP11. I know MisterX is a prominent figure in the world of X-Plane, but most of his sceneries were made for XP10. If I install them, will there be any compatibility issues? And are there any good scenery packages you could recommend? Thanks for any help!
  3. Wow. 100 bucks for a flight simulator addon? I realize that it's probably going to be super realistic, but I think I'm gonna wait for the price to drop or for a sale...
  4. Surprised nobody is speculating that this happened because the 747 is coming out soon :ph34r:
  5. Same here. I've spent money for Navigraph's FMC data, but never for charts. I just look up charts online and work out which STARs and SIDs to use.
  6. Heh. I saw what I think was a Navajo flying down the Hudson the other day. And great screenshots btw! Your XP setup never ceases to amaze.
  7. Inside out. And round and round. :smile: Great pic btw!
  8. See, what I do for best performance in P3D is put the FPS limiter to unlimited. Keeping it on has such a big performance hit it isn't ideal IMO. I simply limit the sim to 30fps using Nvidia Inspector. No blurries while getting the consistently high performance of P3D when it's framerate limiter is at unlimited. Even on my potato computer, I can maintain 27-30fps even at big airports with bad weather generated by ASN.
  9. You did the right thing. When you're flying long-range and at high altitudes, you want most of your fuel to be in the wing tanks (L and R fuel tanks) or have it kinda evenly distributed. You don't want all the weight to be in the center. If you're nearing maximum load capacity when taking off, you may need to do a step climb... but that's a whole new topic.
  10. This is kinda intentional. In the daytime, the taxi and landing lights will be barely visible in real life (obviously because of the sun). PMDG develops their aircraft to reflect this, unlike most other flight sim developers that just "project" a light texture in front of the aircraft.
  11. Are you sure your view is parallel to the HUD? Don't forget that it moves with your perspective, if that makes any sense...
  12. Good morning Avsim! I was browsing through the Flight Sim reddit when somebody pointed out that HiFi, the makers of Active Sky Next, released a new video on their YouTube channel hinting at a new product (possibly AS2016?). It looks like their new program will include textures and will be compatible with ASN to determine what kind of cloud textures are needed to accurately depict the weather. Or maybe it'll be its own weather engine that installs textures, like AS2012. It looks like (maybe) we can change textures in-game, which might be really cool. Here's the link courtesy of r/Sethos88: According to the description, they'll be showcasing it at FlightSimCon in June. Knowing HiFi, it'll be a fantastic addon. Can't wait to hear more! What are your thoughts?
  13. I know this will sound weird, but are you too far "back?" If the camera is placed too far back, it goes into the virtual headrest. This "blocks" the FMC because the game thinks you're inside the headrest.
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