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  1. An-124? I'm pretty sure it has oleo struts. Then again, that seems pretty hard to find data for lol.
  2. Hey there! I just downloaded XP11... and this is my first time in X-Plane. Anyway, I just wanted to know which sceneries worked in XP11. I know MisterX is a prominent figure in the world of X-Plane, but most of his sceneries were made for XP10. If I install them, will there be any compatibility issues? And are there any good scenery packages you could recommend? Thanks for any help!
  3. Same here. I've spent money for Navigraph's FMC data, but never for charts. I just look up charts online and work out which STARs and SIDs to use.
  4. I know this will sound weird, but are you too far "back?" If the camera is placed too far back, it goes into the virtual headrest. This "blocks" the FMC because the game thinks you're inside the headrest.
  5. So excited you're finally releasing this! Just one question: Do I need to setup Reshade for P3D or will your .exe do everything?
  6. Well damn. FS9 isn't broken after all lol. She's still kicking.
  7. I had the same issue back when I used FS9 once. I can't exactly remember the sound, but I believe the engine sounds of the default King Air were "overlapping" with the other aircraft. Only thing that fixed it for me was a complete removal and reinstall of FS9.
  8. People need to stop tweaking their P3D cfg file. Delete it, let it rebuild, put the settings where you want them. The FFTF tweak is a tricky one to work with. See how P3D handles without it. Can you also please put screenshots of your settings? That'll give us an idea if something in your settings is causing stuttering. Another thing: What hard drive do you have?
  9. I've moved on the P3D, so I don't experience it anymore. But when I used FSX, my framerate would tank from 22-ish to about 8.
  10. I'm sorry I can't help, but that looks hilarious
  11. I will never use the FFTF tweak again. Either it causes a ridiculous amount of blurry terrain or it'll destroy my frame rate. I can never get a nice balance.
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