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Found 21 results

  1. Well I've done as much homework as I can and I can't get Axis and Ohs working again. It was working the other day and today it's simply not working. I'm using the software to control my stream decks and have not had any issues until today. I've spent hours trying to get it working again but I'm thinking maybe Asobo messed around with sim connect or something no idea. So once I understood I had a problem I checked the API ports and everything seemed good. It behaves as if everything is working fine. Next I nuked everything from orbit completely removing the software in all appdata folders the main folder and from the documents folder. Then I removed the plugin from the stream deck software as if starting from scratch. I downloaded the latest versions of both the plugin and the software and reinstalled them. I then imported my scripts and I'm getting the exact same result. Seems like it's working but it is not. Does anyone know if sim connect was updated and broke stuff?
  2. Is it just me or anybody else experiencing transponder issues when asked by ATC to squawk? Now ATC terminates service since i cannot verify squawk lol.. PICTURE
  3. Hi all - I'm already aware that people have had issues with FPS drop when the mouse is on screen, but my issue is in reverse :huh: As soon as the mouse auto-hides itself, my FPS drops to around 10-12. I wiggle the mouse and it pops back up to 28-32. It didn't always used to do it, it just started doing it one day. Drives me nuts! If anyone can help or offer a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks FSX on a standard HP Pavilion laptop, Triple-core AMD Processor with integrated graphics, 3GB Ram - Runs like a dream
  4. Hey! I've recently been having some issues with the PMDG 737NGX. Whenever I start my aircraft up, I do this: Battery > APU (whole procedure) > IRS Align -- I may have missed some things out, but that's basically what I do. Now, when my PFD, ND and EICAS come on, it shows this: As you can see, there is no numbers on the PFD, ND or EICAS. I need help! Signed, Jacob Passam
  5. my jetways wont move even thou my all my settings are on ultra high. the jetway use to move but now they don't any one can tell me how to resovle this issue?
  6. Hi I have been having a few issues with my FTX Global and OpenLC, I have attached images of my scenery config, FTX Central and the issue in hand. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hamish :-)
  7. This being my first PMDG product purchase, I was excited and thrilled to finally buy a product from them I wanted. To my surprise, it did not fair favorably to other competitors products I already own and use. It may be standard fair, but I get the feeling like this plane is unfinished. There are things I’m finding that are missing or don’t work like most other AAA or even budget planes I own. Perhaps many of these things were done and designed on purpose, dunno, I welcome any feedback. Also perhaps many things are still being worked on and will be featured in future updates, dunno that either. Some of the below may have been mentioned elsewhere but here is my compiled list of issues or things so far I feel that are questionable for such an arguably heralded developer and pricey plane: C+D does not shut windows, turn off lights nor return some gauges. No 10 fuel tanks in transatlantic plane variant though aircraft.cfg has a 5512 gallon variant rem'ed out, hmmmm. Many tool tips seem missing or omitted. No nice Ref Info page or Checklist included in Kneeboard? Throttles won’t move with game controller buttons. Water injection lights never seem to come on? The lack of blower or cabin noises with various electricals powered up is accurate? Many standard keyboard shortcuts do not function; CtrShiftF1234 does not move the mixture levers, CtrlM does not move Batt Sw, ShiftE does not open main door, Shift and Ctrl and L for lights does not work. Must mouse click mixture control levers, keyboard does not work. Possible error: Starter engages even if the boost sw is not on? pg161 POH "...the boost switch must be depressed before the start switch will function." Even though all avionic devices are off, the ATC announcements come through? Some unexpected nice features: Remembers where you left all switches/levers after closing FSX. I'm no expert at all but most everything seems to be top notch in regards to sim study type accuracy. Questions for myself yet (feel free to contribute an answer if anyone is so inclined(thanks in advance)): Does it shoot flames out the exhaust/engines at any time? Does save/load function work well mid flight? What did the 2 buttons on the yoke do on the real plane? What does Aux Blower Sw do? What does Cooling Turbine Sw do? I don’t understand the helpfulness function or purpose of Cockpit Lighting area within the Ramp Manager panel?
  8. As LINDA users will be aware I have let the real world get in the way of LINDA development and support. This busy period should come to an end towards the end of Oct 15. Please use this thread to lodge any suggestions for improvements and to raise any issues users are experiencing with LINDA 2.6.3. Even you have been in touch with me please post a detailed description of the problem and how to reproduce it. I cannot promise that everything will be included but it will allow me to assess the workload. Note: LINDA 2.6.4 has been issued to fix a problem with odd characters on the VRI Combo 2 (Boeing) panel and may fix some Range Check error reports.
  9. Hello to anyone reading this, Before I Start I Am A P3D V4.5 User I Use Orbx True Earth For The Whole UK When installing Digital Design Liverpool It was a easy experience to do. When I loaded up the simulator i was greeted with the whole of my simulator being black and white and some of the airport was in the air floating. I have installed it properly above that Orbx Products Like Orbx Say to do with you insertion points. When I uninstalled the product And re launched the simulator the revived colour back to my sim but the terrain for at least the UK was patchy some had true earth and some had default mesh and not all buildings and trees where displaying properly i tried using the Orbx help tool to configure the wrongly displaying scenery but that did not do anything to help the issue. Since Then I have reinstalled the whole of my simulator and everything works fine like before. I Am Asking to know if this Digital Design Liverpool Is compatible With True Earth I have spoken to the Orbx Forum And Asked for Me To Contact Anyone At Digital Design To see if they know if it is compatibility issue or it is a on going issue, Down below i have linked my Orbx Forum Topic From Earlier hope this helps and some can help me, https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/193667-digital-designs-liverpool/?tab=comments#comment-1665144 Kind Regards, Lucas
  10. I have started to have issues when starting P3D up, and I don't know if it warrants a complete reinstall... I start up P3D and on the scenario page the aircraft preview doesn't show up and the default airport is shown as Birmingham without anything surrounding it on the map. When I try and change the airport, it shows only 6 airports to choose from. Also when I choose an aircraft and exit back to the scenarios page, the sim crashes. Any help would be much appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gj871fhgn9ii143/Capture.PNG?dl=0
  11. Having FSX issues ever since I made the switch to Windows 10. Tried deleting my current CFG., no difference. I have the UIautomation core so that crash isn't the issue. Can't seem to figure out this problem but defiantly the fault of Windows 10. Really frustrating can't access FSrecorder due to this. It has no loading status bar and I cannot use the tool bar on circumstances without a black screen. Could really use some help.
  12. I seem to have messed something up. I installed Avast to do some cleaning and this occurred. https://s19.postimg.org/qhhxjsy1f/fsx_top.jpg, https://s19.postimg.org/qhhxjsy1f/fsx_top.jpg Its the only problem I have so far in FSX and don't know how to resolve it. Perhaps someone with knowledge knows the answer. I'm running FSX Accelerator on Win7 64. At this point I rather not reinstall since its the only issue I'm having. FSX functions just fine. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Bryan, just to advise that I've been experiencing a few issues with the new program - some of which have been noted/reported here by other users (to which you will be resolving in V1.1), and a few others that at this point seem isolated to me. I'll just raise the isolated ones here. I have tested these several times over with the same conclusion. (I do not use the FO's FMC/CDU at all - it is powered up and ready for use) 1. Arriving at gate the L2 Door is opened automatically by FS2Crew well before the Jetway arrives. (I have these options ON in the cfg panel incl GPU and AIR CON) 2. BRIEF Panel: after setting up landing variables - commencing the Approach brief via button (despite the fact that I am using Voice Control for the vast majority of the flight end to end) - once the brief is complete and the PM commences his DESCENT FLOW - the DISP CTRL on the right FMC is switched from OFF to ON and the EICAS displays the appropriate message in yellow. I then have to manually go into the right FMC and take it back to the MENU and engage DISP CTRL back to OFF. As a side note, I wanted to ask you whether the PM during checklist invocations is supposed to read them out line by line? (nb: I'm electing to use ECL in the cfg). eg: Landing Checklist 1. Speedbrake - Armed 2. Flaps - 30 3. Gear - Down 4. Checklist Complete Or, does he just confirm that the "Checklist is Complete" as all lines have a green tick? UAC is disabled, and ADMIN rights are established for all software on my rig. Not using any saved situations etc. If there are any other details required, just let me know. Much appreciated.
  14. Hi all, Well, I have managed to break the FMC's... Here's the situation starting from CLDDRK: 1. Loaded saved route KBFI to KIAD 2. AIDRU set to realistic 3. Entered all data during align 4. Tried to delete KIAD as destination after some route issues with Arrival information 5. CAPT FMC went completely blank 6. F/O FMC displays information headings but no fields Anyone else seen this? Additionally, no buttons work for the FMC's or lower EICAS display..?
  15. OK...so I got all the ReShade and PTA, URP and P3D issues worked out with the help of the wonderful AVSIM forums. Been playing around with peoples presets, and I like all of them...to varying degrees...but having trouble settling in on one. So, take a look at the pics, and lmk what you like best! The presets are from either AviationLads (http://www.aviationlads.com/my-settings/), Pilot Pete (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10nPl-ydnBc), or the FlightBeam Visual Pack (http://flightbeam.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2647). In all of the presets I have my settings the same in P3D and am getting a solid 30-50fps on the ground with PMDG aircraft at FSDT JFK, and 40-60fps in the air. I have fps locked to 65 in the nVidia inspector tool. I can share my settings if you want. FlightBeam Preset Aviation Lads Cold Season preset Pilot Pete: My thoughts are that Aviation Lads and FlightBeam are the top contenders. Pilot Pete is good but a bit bland for me, although it looks much better in his pics I think thats cause he has tons of addon scenery like ORBX, etc, and does a lot of VFR low flying. LMK what you think! Also, if any of you know the settings to reduce the brightness on the sun hitting the aircraft without turning down overall sim brightness...lmk too :) Have a great rest of the weekend!
  16. As you have read by now, we have stopped support for IE8 and earlier IE browsers. Here are some statistics about users and browser types on AVSIM. These figures are for the last 30 days and up to about 30 minutes ago. First, the entire compliment of browswers that are used to access AVSIM: Now, we look at the breakdown of versions of Internet Explorer: So, the top three, IE, FireFox and Chrome constitute 60% of the browsers used on AVSIM and each has roughly a 30% share. Now, if you look at only the IE composition, you see that of the roughly 967 thousand visits over the last thirty days, approximately 91 thousand visits were done with IE version 8 and lower. That says that roughly 9.4% or less of visits made to the AVSIM forums are by IE8 or lower version visits. Don't get me wrong. I am not diminshing IE8 member's presence or importance to us. What I am saying is that for better than 90% of our community, we cannot afford, nor do we want to, hold back on functionality and features provided by AVSIM.
  17. We have now opened the Forum Upgrade Project Tracker. You can find it here:http://forum.avsim.net/tracker/Or by selecting the MORE tab and then PROJECT MANAGER in the menu selections above.We encourage you to enter issues you may find, and suggestions for improvements in the tracking system.
  18. The only issue that we detected after the upgrade this afternoon was that the BLOCK FORUMS FROM SEARCH was not compatible with the new OS. That module has been removed, and will be replaced when the author updates it to be compatible with the latest revisions. If you detect any issues after the upgrade today, please post those issues in the TRACKING SYSTEM here.
  19. Hi, I've recently downloaded Ultimate Traffic Live for FSX steam edition and I am having a few difficulties with the AI traffic textures. When parked next to AI traffic up close, it's fine. However if you zoom out to take a wider look at the airport and other AI traffic, the textures for the aircraft are awfully blurry? My default AI traffic (Orbit airlines, world travel etc) also used to look this way too. I've looked online and this doesn't seem to be a common fault. I can't seem to see anyone else having the same issues. I don't believe it to be my specs either:Ryzen 7 and 2060 RTX Graphics Card. If anyone could provide me with the fix for this then that would be hugely appreciated!
  20. I can load any airport in P3D but one HDAM. When I select the airport P3D loads to 37% and stays there. This happens with the default and freeware scenery.
  21. Okay, so I know there have been several posts about the "blurries" in FSX. But I have decided to start my own topic for this reason: I can't find an applicable answer to my problem anywhere. Sure, this COULD be because I haven't looked hard enough, in which case I would ask you to kindly refer me to the place I should be. However, I feel as though the more likely case is that I have a rather unique situation... I'll keep it short and sweet. Here goes... I used to be able to run FSX at the settings that I wanted (with some sacrifices naturally). No issues. Used some tweaks. They worked magically. Fast-forward to now. My scenery won't even try to keep up it seems! From the time I leave the departure field, the scenery blurs and never grabs back hold of itself. I can pause to let it catch up. This takes around a minute to work. A full 60 seconds AT LEAST of just sitting there. After that, the same issue. I leave that area and it won't catch up. Period. Now to try to answer some of your questions early. Do I use intense addon aircraft? Why yes I do, thank you. I love to fly the PMDG 777. Best purchase I have made. Simple as that. Not the issue. Or at least I don't think so. I have been flying intense addons for a while. Including back in the good ole days when everything "just worked." These include various Captain Sim products, PMDG products, GEX/UTX, ect... So nothing new here. I just can't get my head around it. I have tried the trusty delete-the-cfg-and-thank-me-later approach, but it doesn't seem to cut it. I may have to start unistalling scenery packages to see if this is the issue. I used to use UTX/GEX for the US. I then upgraded to FTX Global. Or maybe I actually downgraded if it turns out to be the issue. I am open to all suggestions, but bare in mind that I haven't applied any new tweaks since the issue started, so that is likely not the problem. I may post my cfg later if needed. Right now I am on a different computer getting ready to count some sheep. :Sleepy: See you with the morning light, Chase
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