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  1. "tower, requesting alternate missed approach instructions runway heading to x thousand feet" lol
  2. Was hoping for the game of thrones wall, including a little landing strip up top for ski planes 😏
  3. Asobo are arrogant in their dealings with customers priorities vs their own (and/or the suits at MS..). We get what we get, with very little considered as far as the end users requests. I'm pretty happy with it so far, but it still doesn't replace P3D for me. MSFS still feels like a shiny cheap plastic toy far from a robust simulation tool that P3D has become. I look forward to talking to P3D at FSExpo this year and see what they have to say about the future. The future for MSFS is going to be verrrry slow and painful for those hoping things like AI traffic will be improved.
  4. Matt (WT) has said in the discord that they have no timeline of it ever being fully finished as of now, that could be a long long time
  5. FWIW I had issues connecting but realized my VPN was on and after disabling it my update process went pretty smooth.
  6. Queue the complainers complaining about complaining crowd 🤣
  7. Did you see a update? I'm trying to find current info on the Kodiak super excited for it too
  8. Curious what your fav airplanes are to use with it?
  9. I'm not sure much has changed in Asoboland. They have some odd priorities.
  10. Yeah and it's always great to complain about complaining, when you could just not post a complaint which is definitely harder for some to do eh?
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