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  1. All I can say is PMDG is starting to consistently bring smiles to their competitor's faces.
  2. Anyone else using a ds4 or Xbox controller with their PC and the 737? Is the rudder/taxi steering really odd to you as well?
  3. Seriously. GFO was the most frustrating thing I let myself get excited for from PMDG.. definitely learned to take RSRs updates with a grain of sea salt.
  4. Will be fixed when they let a 3rd party do it right..
  5. I appreciate their efforts but feel Asobos cultural tendencies affect the way they handle things. Coupled with how they handle pressures from Microsoft and some cases of seemingly blatant lack of attention to realistic details the community has wanted, I just think Asobo is lucky to be where they are. I'm sure another software company given the same resources and goals could certainly have done equally as good or better.
  6. Great video, I wonder if Asobo ever tried out their own sim with DX12? Like I don't think they actually play the game ever..
  7. Does anyone know if the white dot that PC users that use an xbox controller is fixed?
  8. No it's a persistent issue that needs to be addressed by the folks at Asobo.
  9. Its an issue especially those PC users that have an xbox controller as their main control, it's really annoying.
  10. I don't see why they can't make it optional for us
  11. I usually wait a few days and watch these threads for any "don't do it!" warnings and if it seems quiet I happily update. I trust the engineers and the optimizations that possibly come with them.
  12. I sometimes wonder if it's cultural arrogance/stubbornness on Asobo's side.. 🤷🏾
  13. +1 for Foreflight, with Flight Events app I can even use the synthetic vision on FF it's pretty incredible to have. Also if you don't get a charts sub you can still use it for it's awesome planning and weather features.
  14. I use Lorby AAO to bind a rotary knob on my Xtouch MIDI controller to the MFD range knob (along with several other NXi functions). It works very well.. You can download the trial version and give it a shot, you can use a single button for range in and out using short and long click functions. Eg: short click for zoom in, long click for zoom out
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