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  1. I have recently uninstalled and reinstalled p3d on v4.5 and downloaded all my orbx products from fresh again do you think i will be safe installing DD Liverpool again or do you think it will mess my Sim up again? Kind rergards, Lucas
  2. Hello to anyone reading this, Before I Start I Am A P3D V4.5 User I Use Orbx True Earth For The Whole UK When installing Digital Design Liverpool It was a easy experience to do. When I loaded up the simulator i was greeted with the whole of my simulator being black and white and some of the airport was in the air floating. I have installed it properly above that Orbx Products Like Orbx Say to do with you insertion points. When I uninstalled the product And re launched the simulator the revived colour back to my sim but the terrain for at least the UK was patchy some had true earth and some had default mesh and not all buildings and trees where displaying properly i tried using the Orbx help tool to configure the wrongly displaying scenery but that did not do anything to help the issue. Since Then I have reinstalled the whole of my simulator and everything works fine like before. I Am Asking to know if this Digital Design Liverpool Is compatible With True Earth I have spoken to the Orbx Forum And Asked for Me To Contact Anyone At Digital Design To see if they know if it is compatibility issue or it is a on going issue, Down below i have linked my Orbx Forum Topic From Earlier hope this helps and some can help me, https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/193667-digital-designs-liverpool/?tab=comments#comment-1665144 Kind Regards, Lucas
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