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Found 92 results

  1. Hello, i noticed that when i fly the drone far out and leave up somewhere, the ground textures stay blurry when i switch back to cockpit camera. It seems that the ground texture resolution is dependant on the drone camera position. I really would like to switch between an airport overview and my cockpit while having appropriate texture resolutions in both cameras. Please examine pictures: Nr. 1: Drone camera in default postion, close to airplane -> sharp ground texures Nr. 2: Drone camera up high, far from airplane -> blurry ground textures
  2. In short, I am trying to change my sky textures entirely. I've replaced every (140) sky texture file in the Texture folder yet somehow the sim is still using the default ones. I can't seem to find where it's using it from. I've replaced the sky textures now with about four different presets to see if there's any change but nothing noticeable has come up. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi, It is happening that when I press the escape button my textures get blurry as in the picture. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GLvc After clicking the escape button a couple of times, it goes back to normal. What should I do to fix it? Thanks
  4. Hey everybody ! I Have a severe problemo with FSX The ground textures are extremely blurry Any fix ?
  5. Night Environment Benelux v1.71 Released! Night Environment Benelux, our first region and the one that started it all is finally getting a face lift from Aerosoft, this is a complete new version that includes our latest Textures and Quad installer; with support for Prepar3D v3.x, the new release is coupled with our v1.7x series standards; including... Read more here
  6. Just to let you all know, guys. It's a SkyColors and environment pack i created from scratch. It's based on many observations and photos. Colors are not "invented" but taken directly from in-flight videos and photos. My custom shading/ lightning/ fog is included with the pack. It's designed to work with the new shader mod by Pe11e (highly recommended). Get it from here (for free): https://mega.nz/… ..and don't forget to give your opinion. I'll gladly modify any part of the day. previews: If you like it, i'll upload it here in the library. Best Regards, Vic
  7. Dillon1431

    Ai help

    Posted 26 June 2016 - 09:53 PM Hello, I am currently having a problem with the bad textures of ai traffic on v pilot. I am using p3d v3.2 and v pilot beta version because the standard one did not make the models. I have two questions. Sometimes models like the 737 look amazing, then models like the aurbus look aweful. How can I fix that. And I am using MyTraffic6, but am not sure if it is connected to vatsim. All I see for model matching is WOA then 6 models identified. They give me the models just in bad textures. And one more question. On the models there are little circles of light, 1 on top and two on the bottom. I think they might be the landing and turnoff lights. Is there any way to check/fix these problems Thanks, Dillon L Also I forgot to mention, the details does not show flaps, spoilers, or reversers. 0 Selective Quote Quote
  8. Many third-party airplanes today are shipping with 4k/2k textures. While we can debate its usefulness to no end, the fact remains that they are quite memory intensive. There are ways to reduce texture sizes and mip them, but I came across an easy tool which makes it a breeze, http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12801/?, developed by AdPipino for Skyrim and other games. I let this program run through my airplanes folder, to reduce texture size to 1k and mip them also, and then I measured the results. All tests were done on runway at supposedly the most isolated airports in the world, Mataveri International Airport / SCIP. All situation were loaded after fresh start of P3D from saved flights. After loading I panned/zoomed around in both VC and spot view, measured VAS using ProcExp and GPU using MSI Afterburner. While VAS and its effects we all know, I am not sure about GPU memory and its effects, but I still measured it. GPU experts can chime in. System Specs: i7-4700MQ @ 2.8, 16GB 1866Mhz Ram, 755M SLI 2GB DDR5, 128+512GB SSD Settings of note: FFTF=0.0, AM=244, TEXTUREMAXLOAD=27, TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024 Observations: We are saving about 150-300MB VAS, depending upon the Airplane. None of these aircraft had mips in their original textures. Some have 4k textures, some 2k. You might think that just by selecting 1024 as texture size in the P3D settings, it might reduce memory load. But this is not true as you can see above. This maybe because, none of the original textures are mipped, my guess. So if you want you can choose not to reduce the textures, but just mip them. I have not tried this. After reduction, I did not see any visual difference. There were no FPS differences between the textures sizes, so this does not do anything for FPS performance. The B1900D has shimmer in the cockpit controls with the original textures, but after reducing/mipping there is no shimmer :smile: So how can you do it easily? 1. Make a copy of the Airplanes folder in SimObjects directory. Let the copy be in the SimObjects folder itself. 2. Run Ordenador tool (link above), and select the folder copy you just made. And other settings as below Also in the More/Extras tab, un-select backup option, as we already made a backup. 3. Click Start and wait for 10-15 minutes for it to finish. (You may have to confirm the no backup and reduce textures options in the subsequent dialog prompts) 4. After finishing, I suggest you copy the log window and save it as text for future reference if need be. (for me the original folder size was around 21GB and it came down to 10GB after reduction) 5. Rename the original Airplanes folder to something like "Airplanes_ORIGINAL". 6. Rename your folder copy to "Airplanes" You can switch back and forth between original textures and reduced ones just by renaming the folders in future. I also want to try out the new BC6/BC7 texture formats supported by DX11, but the conversion speed is pretty pathetic with the tools today. Maybe in the future. Mega Airport experiments are next up, till then just imagine the savings! Edit: I just realized that the textures more than 1k and being cut in half, but not cut to 1k. E.g. 4k texture becomes 2k, 2k becomes 1k. So finally we are left with 4k converted to 2k. If we run tool one more time, it should convert the 2k (4k originally) down to 1k also. So more savings!
  9. Hi! I haven't used my flight sim in over a year but recently I've gotten back into it. I forgot how much fun I had operating flights through fsx. I'm from the Boston area and KBOS is my home airport. For whatever reason the airport in the sim is completely out of wack. I don't have much knowledge in the technicalities of all of this but I believe it's a texture issue but I cannot pinpoint the problem. The runways and airport buildings are present, along with taxiway signs however, grass and taxiways are completely black. I've removed any add-on's I had for KBOS and still no luck. This is the only airport I have this issue with. I was hoping that there's someone smarter than me out there who can suggest a solution that doesn't involve doing a full reinstall because I have so many add-on aircraft & airports it would take ages to get everything back. This is my first post here and I'm not sure how to attach screenshots but if someone knows I'd be glad to provide them. Hopefully someone can help me out here, thanks!
  10. Hi All, I am experiencing a fairly large number of square daylight textures when flying at night on P3DV4.3. I have come across a few topics where others are having the same or similar issues, but their issues seem to be arising from Orbx scenery conflicts. However I haven't got any Orbx products installed. I have only ever touched Orbx to install the free Iceland demo, but have since un-installed this product. Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=2018-12-18_21-7-55-913.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/ay758h2rrs886cn/2018-12-18_21-3-50-739.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=2018-12-18_21-3-54-88.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=2018-12-18_21-7-59-447.jpg Regards, Archie.
  11. The ground night textures in my FSX load at around 2-3pm in the afternoon which is annoying obviously. This also happens in the morning when the night textures stay until around 10am. Actually even the night textures of Aerosoft's London Heathrow Xtended load at those times during the day. Is there any way that I can change the time that the night textures appear? I don't want night textures loading during the day. I want night textures to load during sunset time and day textures to load at sunrise.
  12. I have been trying to improve on some of the landing light textures for the POSKY A330 and the Project Airbus A380 as follows, but whenever I alter one of the lighting textures, they no longer switch on and off with the landing lights (glare from the landing lights remains on the fuselage even when the lights are off). For the feelThere E195 I have also been trying to find any lighting textures at all which will switch on and off with the landing light and tail logo switches in the cockpit. POSKY A330 I am trying to improve the textures on the vertical stabiliser, which are patchy and inconsistent on each side - but lights cease to operate properly whenever I alter a file; Project Airbus A380 I have added a nice glare on the fuselage from the landing lights as there was none before, and have the same result as for the A330! feelThere E195 None of the standard or add-on lighting for landing lights or tail logo is operable by the cockpit switches. Whenever any of the lights are on, the tail logo is lit and the landing light glare on the fuselage is there regardless of the position of the switches or the status of the landing lights. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to resolve these issues? Regards, brianlr
  13. So since about a month ago I've been having this issue with FSX. My ground textures load very slow. They don't load until I'm right over the area. Random trees keep appearing up. The ground about 5 miles in front of me is completely barren. I have no clue what to do. It's not my add ons because I've tried it all. Have done a re install and it's still the same. I have no clue what to do. It drops my Frames about 20 fps! Anyone know about this? Thanks. PC Specs -AMD 8320 8 Core CPU @ 4.0 GHz -MSI 7870 -8 gigs of 1600 MHz RAM -GIGABYTE motherboard Add Ons -FSDT O'Hare -Aerosoft Hamburg -PMDG 737 & 747-400/800 -CS 777-200/300 & 767 -REX 4 -FS Recorder -Freeware Sceneries & Planes
  14. Hey guys. I need some expert opinion. I want to upgrade my gfx card from a 9500gt to either a radeon 7750 or radeon 7770. I want to know how they will run on fsx with my pmdg 737 (ie if textures would load immediately etc). The 7750 is much cheaper and if i select that i will order it immediately. However if i choose the 7770 i would have to wait till june/july. Which should i get and are there vast diffrences? Btw system is Phenom ii x6 1045t 4gb ram 1333 ddr3 Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
  15. I'm impressed with the smoothness of DX10 and FSX after making the necessary changes and using the modified files put together by stevejp. Thank you for all your hard work! However some of my favourite older aircraft now have all white textures inside and out which is a bit of a killer for me as I love flying my De Havilland Chipmunk, HS748, RealAir 172 and other pre-fsx aircraft. I have tried the addon x demo and even though it replaces some of the textures they all appear slightly transparent so have uninstalled it and am hoping to find another way of getting older aircraft textures to show up in DX10. Any ideas? Regards Adam
  16. Hi FS2004 fans: Thought I would post a discovery I made which appears to have solved a problem I have had for several months - namely blurry ground textures. The textures near the aircraft have been OK but not far away turn into a complete blurry mess! I tried tweaking all the terrain and texture settings in my FS9.cfg file per recommendations I have found online, to no avail. Yesterday I tried deleting ( actually I hid it by renaming it) my user\application data\Microsoft\FS9 directory (I'm using WindowsXP) and had FS2004 rebuild it on the next restart. This directory includes not just your FS9.cfg file but also index files and a scenery cache directory. On the next restart FS2004 regenerated some indexes and to my amazement, my blurries were gone! Textures were nice and clear much further into the distance. I then tried replacing the newly rebuilt FS9.cfg with my old one to see if it was a bad setting in that file that was causing my problem. To my surprise my textures remained clear! So, at least for me, it was some scenery index or cache file in my user directory that was causing my trouble. Time will tell if my solution remains permanent but I am so happy to finally have this problem solved! I had not encountered this suggestion online so I am posting it here. Long live FS2004! David B.
  17. Hey folks, I just noticed a problem flying around one of my airports today, 4N1 Green Lake in northern NJ: I modeled this airport a while ago and you can see in the first gallery shots that the water textures were fine back then. Here's what I've done to try and resolve this so far: I disabled all my custom scenery layers to revert the terrain back to default. This worked, so I went back and started re-enabling bit by bit. I found that the only thing that seemed to make a difference was whether MegaSceneryEarth was enabled or not as you can see in this screenshot. The removal of no other layers (like UTX) had an effect I re-installed all REX water textures. No effect. I re-installed all GEX textures. No effect I deleted all entries in my terrain.cfg file following the autogen entries to reset it to default as I had tweaked it a little while back (adjusting the index count accordingly). No effect I uninstalled and re-installed these MSE tile areas. No effect. I noticed these textures looked fall-ish so I tried changing seasons (even though I'm currently still in Summer). No effect (cept the textures themselves changed seasons, lol) So at this point I am stumped and looking for advice. So far the only thing that seems to make a difference is disabling the MSE tile layers that affect this region of scenery, and I have not yet come up with a reason as to why this is. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! Thanks in advance :) P.S. - I'm not emtrely sure I reverted my terrain.cfg file back to default so if anyone has a clean copy can you email it to me? EDITED
  18. Hi everyone, I have seen different textures painted by very good people in this community. But what I would like to know is, how do you add subtle effects to textures? I'm talking like the little shine across the tail which makes it look so much more realistic and all of them little nitty gritty parts which make a repaint look that much better. I'm currently painting on the CLS A330 fwiw, N388HA Hawaiian 2017 Revised Livery.
  19. I know this question has probably been asked a million times now, but from past experience, what do you think it better? I currently own REX 2.0 (I'm getting Essentials tomorrow when I have the time) and I'm also thinking of buying ActiveSky 2012. The problem I find with REX is that it takes absolutely ages to install textures, and this really gets on my nerves. I've heard that AS' weather and clouds is better/more realistic but I've also heard that REX has better textures. So what do people do, use both? Any past experience, I really want to hear some!!
  20. Hello, All of sudden out of the blue this morning the red line containing metars and coordinates appeared, Can anyone tell me how to remove them from FSX, I searched for about an hour this morning and couldn't find anything, I tried to screenshot it but no luck, It's still there right now, It says, "LAT: N41` 58.47 LON: W87` 53.92, ALT: 675.FT MSL MAG 24 0.0 KIAS WIND 124 MAG @ 24KTS". Second issue is with my Imaginesim scenery designs for FSX, None of them have textures. I can see the building shapes and what looks like taxiway's and runways, I've already tried the following fixes/changes: -Uninstall and Re install -Removed from the scenery library and added them back, -Re install of FSX -Several computer updates reboots and defrags even though it's only 2 weeks old. Other smaller issues with less impact: -CTD if I change the time drastically -Scenery 115 is missing and I get the same pop up window everytime upon opening, If anyone can help with at least one of these issues, that would be awesome. Cheers! UAL4LIFE P.S. I am running on windows 8
  21. Hi All, After Re-Installing Windows because of some series of problems,I Installed fsx and tweaked it like before. But Now i'm experiencing strange behaviors: "Blurry Textures",but 'mostly' on pop-up 2D panels http://xum.ir/image/boMy http://xum.ir/image/boZ7 http://xum.ir/image/boZM http://xum.ir/image/boZb http://xum.ir/image/boZF http://xum.ir/image/boZn http://xum.ir/image/boZq p.s. my AA settings on graphics CP is 16X.
  22. Sorry if a topic already exists like this, I couldn't locate one.... What I'm looking to do is restore EVERY file to do with textures.....after GEX, FTX Global, REX, UTX tests I am not 100% sure I executed the uninstall process properly on each addon..... I think i have congested my FSX and Im loosing FPS.....I would like to restore all original texture files properly and install my selected addons based on my tests CLEAN.... Will the repair function actually do this...sometimes I hear yes sometime I hear no...I kind of scared to do it...Am i jeopardizing anything?
  23. Hallo, I fly the default FSXSE CRJ700 a lot. The VC is decent but the texures are not high rez enough for me. So I'd like to fire up GIMP and tweak them to make em sharp and HD. I want to do to the CRJ what the OzX team did to the default Goose (they did a HD Goose Redux). However I cant seem to locate the VC texures files. Im looking for the instrument panel, the cockpit windscreen pillars, the circuit breaker boards etc. The panel folder only has the BMP files for the 2D panel. Im guessing the VC and its textures are in the Bombardier_CRJ_700\model Bombardier_CRJ_700_Interior.mdl Am I right? What program do I need to access the VC? How do I open a .mdl? Is there free software that can do it? Finally, has someone already done this? Created a HD version of the default CRJ VC? I dont want to reinvent the wheel. I've searched extensively and the only ones Ive come across are tweaks to the external model but none for the VC. Just thought Id ask in case Ive missed it! Cheers :)
  24. I got orbx global base but after I fly away form the airport thr ground starts to get blurry and buildings dont spawn. Please can you help me with this issue. Thanks
  25. Hi! I've come up with an update for the google earth sky textures :). https://www.dropbox.com/s/afn6z01d72gt8rx/GE_Sky_Textures_v2.zip?dl=0
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