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  1. Hey Kevin, just bought a 787 Immersion license, never received my serial to add my product nor do I see it on my account. Paypal transaction ID is 2LT84056SS160612B. My account email that i use is different from my paypal accounts....never had an issue with all the other stuff I bought from you; I hope thats not the case here. Please process me I am waiting to fly this thing : ( lol
  2. We really need a re-done 64bit 767....
  3. I just use VMR generator. It will creat a custom model matching rule set of all your sim object. Then you just import it. http://www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html
  4. Does that CTD point refer to the NTDLL.DLL CTD? If not what faulty module does it solve? Thanks in advance.
  5. I beg to differ, I think if PMDG ever makes a 767 it would be a HUGE hit.
  6. aaaa! is makes perfect sense Keven! Awesome. Cant wait for it.
  7. Great piece of software. I have one thing to note and I'm sorry if his was mentioned somewhere and I missed it...I did a search for wind and nothing seemed to cover it; so here I go! lol Love the wind effect - I use AS16 for my WX engine and with ChasePlane I get a great deal of realism by adding the shake to my POV. That being said, I feel that at cruise or at high FL's it shouldn't always be that shaky. Of course one would say lower the slider! right? well I want the shaky wind effect during many occasions during my flight but at cruise planes simply just dont shake like that. I am getting 82 knots of wind from the back and my meter is shot up to the max. I have lowered my slider almost all the way down to eliminate the shake because there shouldn't really be any. I am looking for a good mix....Wind turbulence below FL100 and then at high altitudes to hardly shake (except for pockets of turbulence of course; but I'm saying that the shakyness currently will be shaking through-out). Am I missing something? I am currently making my wind slider 0 at CRZ and around .2 under FL100 lol
  8. Not saying I got a fix %100 yet boys, but I do want to share that - I have not gotten the CTD 4 flights in a row, after doing my latest test or setting change. I'd love if a few of you could replicate my process to see if comes back for you thereafter. W10 users - Go to settings and click on privacy Then replicate these settings & restart your system: I have yet to see a CTD after this Feedback & Diagnostics change & it is 4 flights now. 4 Long hauls! Not getting to excited - I hope it translates to your sim.
  9. You are not alone my friend! I hear ya! We have a 0 tolerance charter policy. It is only based on plane registrations/locations/and what we operate. We spent a lot of work enhancing the phpVMS system and it works fantastic... It is a Greek based virtual airline (which is very English as well so not to worry) and we simulate the newly launched RW airline Ellinair. Have a look - I promise you'll love what you see
  10. Yup! we can put the EZDok possibility to rest lol, crashed 8 hours into my flight and completely clean uninstalled EZdok prior. Will be doing another test now without vPilot
  11. I am about to do another long haul shortly I will do just EZdok and fly offline. I will report back
  12. This is so consistent now its killing me Happens on basically every flight for me with EZdock and vPilot running, I know it sounds crazy but its the only thing getting me consistent results. For what its worth - another screenshot:
  13. Thanks Craig, Although it may sound crazy, and I know its a very very far fetched idea that it may be EZdock or vPilot but that's all i GOT! (lolll) I am now going into my 3rd longhaul flight without both EZdock and vPilot without the msvcr120.dll CTD. After this one I will do my return with both of them running and report back!
  14. Finally completed a long haul after 4 attempts - without the MSVCR120.dll CTD. Kept on uninstalling sceneries finally the only thing that worked was noy running vPilot, & not running EZCA. For me this is the only way possible right now
  15. Unfortunately, another one for me my scenery deletion did not help - this was over the Atlantic have restarted 3 times now. I'm starting to think it is possibly 2 things. 1) EZDOK or 2) 777 IMMERSION warning big picture I got the crash when I was panning around my aircraft when I went right into the contrails. Also in my logs I do see EZCA crashes. Trying without EZCA and without Immersion to see if I can make it.
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