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  1. I own a license of REX Weatherforce and it is unusable when I fly airliners. Every time you are at cruise it blankets every cloud layer and its a huge performance loss. Not only the loss of FPS but it looks HORRIFIC as well. What seems to be happening is it gets the closest stations METAR and then duplicates that for the entire orbiting view around your position. This does not happen with Live weather. If it wasn't for the delayed data live weather would actually not be that bad. MUCH better for airliners. If you fly GA and never get to high FL's then Weather Force is MUCH better for winds and gusts realism. It's almost as if the WIND data of REX WF using the cloud depictions of Live weather would be the sweet spot. With the latest Weatherforce and the latest SU check out how unrealistic this looks. It is unflyable. This is literally the case over (essentially) FL190 no matter the location you're in. If it has even broken clouds in your METAR it will blanket it everything. Not to mention the dramatic tiling since it can only load the current positions METAR over and over. Until REX figures this out its only usable for GA for me. I am ok with live weathers delay for now. My settings (honestly makes no difference no matter what I really do)
  2. Hey Kevin, just bought a 787 Immersion license, never received my serial to add my product nor do I see it on my account. Paypal transaction ID is 2LT84056SS160612B. My account email that i use is different from my paypal accounts....never had an issue with all the other stuff I bought from you; I hope thats not the case here. Please process me I am waiting to fly this thing : ( lol
  3. We really need a re-done 64bit 767....
  4. I just use VMR generator. It will creat a custom model matching rule set of all your sim object. Then you just import it. http://www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html
  5. Does that CTD point refer to the NTDLL.DLL CTD? If not what faulty module does it solve? Thanks in advance.
  6. I beg to differ, I think if PMDG ever makes a 767 it would be a HUGE hit.
  7. aaaa! is makes perfect sense Keven! Awesome. Cant wait for it.
  8. Great piece of software. I have one thing to note and I'm sorry if his was mentioned somewhere and I missed it...I did a search for wind and nothing seemed to cover it; so here I go! lol Love the wind effect - I use AS16 for my WX engine and with ChasePlane I get a great deal of realism by adding the shake to my POV. That being said, I feel that at cruise or at high FL's it shouldn't always be that shaky. Of course one would say lower the slider! right? well I want the shaky wind effect during many occasions during my flight but at cruise planes simply just dont shake like that. I am getting 82 knots of wind from the back and my meter is shot up to the max. I have lowered my slider almost all the way down to eliminate the shake because there shouldn't really be any. I am looking for a good mix....Wind turbulence below FL100 and then at high altitudes to hardly shake (except for pockets of turbulence of course; but I'm saying that the shakyness currently will be shaking through-out). Am I missing something? I am currently making my wind slider 0 at CRZ and around .2 under FL100 lol
  9. Not saying I got a fix %100 yet boys, but I do want to share that - I have not gotten the CTD 4 flights in a row, after doing my latest test or setting change. I'd love if a few of you could replicate my process to see if comes back for you thereafter. W10 users - Go to settings and click on privacy Then replicate these settings & restart your system: I have yet to see a CTD after this Feedback & Diagnostics change & it is 4 flights now. 4 Long hauls! Not getting to excited - I hope it translates to your sim.
  10. You are not alone my friend! I hear ya! We have a 0 tolerance charter policy. It is only based on plane registrations/locations/and what we operate. We spent a lot of work enhancing the phpVMS system and it works fantastic... It is a Greek based virtual airline (which is very English as well so not to worry) and we simulate the newly launched RW airline Ellinair. Have a look - I promise you'll love what you see
  11. If aliasing drives you crazy (like me lol), use NI If you don't mind a nice shimmer or aliased edges/panels use the AA methods in the sim menus. I have never used just control panel so this all IMHO
  12. Yup! we can put the EZDok possibility to rest lol, crashed 8 hours into my flight and completely clean uninstalled EZdok prior. Will be doing another test now without vPilot
  13. I am about to do another long haul shortly I will do just EZdok and fly offline. I will report back
  14. This is so consistent now its killing me Happens on basically every flight for me with EZdock and vPilot running, I know it sounds crazy but its the only thing getting me consistent results. For what its worth - another screenshot:
  15. Thanks Craig, Although it may sound crazy, and I know its a very very far fetched idea that it may be EZdock or vPilot but that's all i GOT! (lolll) I am now going into my 3rd longhaul flight without both EZdock and vPilot without the msvcr120.dll CTD. After this one I will do my return with both of them running and report back!
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