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  1. In case anyone else was looking for hours, they are located by clicking on a very nondescript black square near the top of the panel to the left of the X flow panel as mentioned above.
  2. Nice panel! I've seen them but never bought...might have to splurggggeee.
  3. I have the Striking Software somewhere if anyone is still looking for it. Send me a PM. I may not respond for a few days at a time Gord
  4. I seem to have two, dated 2018-04-07 & 10. V1.0 Not sure if those are the up to date ones, PM me and I'll get them to you. by either dropsend or email direct. About 140K Gord
  5. What mailing list do you speak of? And how can I get this mod? Gord
  6. Yeah, I think I may not be for the "Beaver". I just assumed it's an all access pass once activated. Message sent! Thanks! Gord
  7. This is getting ridiculous, I logged in, came back here, clicked on that link and I get You are not authorised to read this forum. [sic] not my spelling....
  8. I'm already on there, I just don't see the post that is being referenced here.
  9. That's the thing, it never went through my PayPal at all. Whatever this "charge" is, the bank showed it as a pre-authorized (aka monthly). I did force a cancellation at the bank, they show it as coming from PayPal. Just trying to figure it out.
  10. I must be blind. What’s the title on the posting list over there?
  11. A charge came through my bank showing as pre-authorized - PayPal. Can’t find a corresponding one in PP transaction listing. Seems close to the amount I had done as a one-time donation. I did make a donation, early in December, which reconciled against my PayPal transaction list. However, I don’t recall if there was an option for it to be monthly. Is it possible I somehow clicked a button for auto monthly or should I dispute this with the bank?
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