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  1. New link: modification: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1a2grkh44ofdp2g/AADRbtSzfOJAH0Nl9U_GesjBa?dl=0 aircraft data + checklist: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vahixd0jee4334h/AAD61emQ8LsLK1cxeRha7igAa?dl=0 The files have been uploaded to the AVSIM library.
  2. Updated Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tls48smn2jgcpy1/AADRYXcPgpJEgWfRYXIj_SOBa?dl=0
  3. I haven‘t tried it since I was very happy with the results I had. I haven‘t had the problems some obviously encountered. For me, realistic engine out behavior and accurate performance data were most important. Since June 2019, I‘m training on the Mustang for a reason 🙂
  4. I‘m sorry for that the link changed. I don‘t know why. I can‘t edit the first post with the broken link, unfortunately. New link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dln8xngcgmlofkx/AABqetQwbZOyiqD5Wd9CN0tba?dl=0
  5. Yes, it‘s known and discussed in the P3D forum. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=140550&p=232035#p232035
  6. Flaps TO/APR are generating too much drag and too much nose up, but I haven‘t modified that yet. Light in the cockpit: I gave up and I‘m waiting for the fix, since this is reported to be the cas for many aircraft. In P3D 5.0 I could disable HDR while leaving EA on, that helped. I also turned of receiving shadows for the aircraft. Leaving Landing Lights on does help, too - although I avoid this, because switching of the Landing Lights is very procedural: Recog for taxi and when reducing Takeoff Thrust to Climb Thrust until passing 10,000 ft; on when cleared for takeoff or when on the approach. Training of Standard Operating Procedures is a great benefit of the sim.
  7. The Flight1 Citation Mustang is a very well done aircraft with good simulation depth, realistic flight characteristics and accurate performance numbers (once you set the thrust in aircraft.cfg to 1,460 lbs, which was the thrust from serial number 0001, despite the first numbers from Cessna weere 1,390 lbs, which was basis for the F1 Mustang).
  8. I‘m using the Flight1 Mustang for serious flight training, since I fly a C510 single pilot RW. The G1000 gets unreadable at altitude with EA on.
  9. Most of my RW and sim flying is in the Citation Mustang. Flight1 has done a great job on the C510. The G1000 makes for an easy life in RW single pilot operations, but gives a hard job to the CPU in P3D (in my case an i9-10900K).P3D since V5 is now really using all cores, but the thread distribution get‘s obviously complicated when all those cores are changing their speeds automatically and depending on other cores‘ jobs. With all the bells and whistles on and as much OrbX as there is, I see smooth 30 fps with the CPU challenging Mustang (and 50 fps in the most dense sceneries flying the C421), but that‘s dropping to stuttering 17 fps when I let the OC done by the board and per core.So the solution that really helped in my case: OC all cores, not per core. Have all cores at the same frequency = in sync.But be aware: this is requiring very good cooling.
  10. There's now a P3D V5 beta version available for the Citation Mustang. Working very well! The C510 has been done really nicely by Flight1.
  11. It's a trailing link gear C421C, thus 1980 or later (latest model).
  12. Cessna Citation Mustang (C510). The Flight1 Citation Mustang is pretty close to reality.
  13. Great aircraft! G1000 works well, but would be even better with SIDs (DPs), STARs and airways. The rest is just awesome!
  14. A G1000 is a fully integrated avionics solution. It has ist own GPS, AHRS and so on. It won't talk to other FMS or GPS in real world and you won't find a RW aircraft having a G1000 + a GTN.
  15. Final Version of the modified aircraft.cfg is available for download now. Enjoy!
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