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  1. i guess this is the best way to contact StevesDX10 Fixer, and as such, I'm also going to give a few extra comments. First, for Steve: Flight Sim Customer, purchase date 20Sep2013. email: redacted $33.91 USD, I need an upgrade link from build 3.2.3 I was one of the "lucky" customers who bought your product through The Flight Sim Store (purchase date: 20Sep2013) It must have been a birthday present for myself. Anyhow, I remember spending a lot of time reading, tweaking and learning about a subject I knew nothing. (Still don't) But I eventually got it right, and oh Lord, what a difference. I continued to enjoy FSX for a few years, but eventually, personal medical circumstances kept me away, and I removed everything FSX from my computer. Fortunately, when I began my FSX journey I kept a database with every single purchase I ever made for FSX. and kept the original files in a separate data drive. A word to the wise, youngsters. Fast forward a few (6) years and I have decided to get back into Flight Sim. Unfortunately, I don't have the available disposable income, as before. I am officially retired. One of the very first personal decisions I made is that I will not spend one single dime on getting my beloved FSX back to its former glory. Having made 338 former purchases for FSX, I am willing to make this one exception. My current version of "The Fixer" is 3.2.3. Another objective in getting my FSX back to snuff is re-downloading the latest version of the original software. After perusing your blog (a great source of technical information, BTW) I realized that to get the latest version I would have to contact you for an upgrade license. I couldn't figure out a way to contact you through the blog. (I concede I'm old and can't see well, and can't ... blah, blah, blah). But AVSIM has always been my "home" forum and luckily, here you are!! Apparently, your current build is 5.4, but in order to update that, you must have build 3.4. And you can't upgrade if you purchased through the aforementioned Flight Sim Store. (Don't feel bad folks, I bought a LOT of stuff through The Flight Sim Store, and each re-load will be a challenge.) Someday, when I have a little spare time (hahaha) I am going to learn what happened with The Flight Sim Store. Since your amazing program was probably the single most impressive purchase for my FSX (with the possible tying exceptions of ORBX Global and PMDG), I am willing to do whatever it takes to have the latest version of the "Fixer". I'm willing to buy "Clouds" but only if there's a way forward to upgrade the "Fixer". Let me know what you can do for me, as I'm stuck. Additional "Old Man" Rants: First, what the heck happened to the visuals on Windows 10? There's no contrast to the words I'm typing. Causes severe eye strain and headaches. But the spelling and grammar correction utility is cool. (I've been using commas wrong for 50 years!) I know there's a "fix", but that interferes with the ability to see other things, like the PMDG Ops Center 2.0. Does Microsoft create problems purposely to wield their immense power? For Developers and other Authorities within our hobby: We are all going to get older. Eventually, physically, financially, etc. we might be stuck with the sim we have, unable to "upgrade" to the latest and best iteration of this wonderful hobby. It's not a game to many of us, it's a legitimate simulation of a real world in which most of us wish we could live. Ironically, it's us old people that have the time to really dive into this hobby. Youth truly is wasted on the young. Please continue to make your software forever obtainable for your former customers, so that when that day comes, and we're no longer able to keep up, we can still enjoy the hobby we bought, even if our computer is completely consumed in a house fire. The verification and security protocols you have put into place to protect you from software pirates, can also be used to verify former customers. MOST, developers have done a great job at this. (Even Flight1 lol). If you decide to go out of business and refuse to offer support for the software we purchased, then you should offer the software for free, with the latest updates. Some people were raised right, and have done exactly that. (I'm talking about YOU, Real Air Simulations). All in all, my re-integration has been very successful. I only use about a third of the software that I have purchased. Most of the rest of it is junk. Even without the upgrade from "The Fixer", my sim looks as good as it ever has, and I'm flying SIDS, STARS, Hi and Low level routes, approaches, IFR, VFR, like I know what I'm doing. Long Enough ... thanks for your consideration Dennis Trawick, IFR7700, redacted Former AVSIM Screen Shots Forum Big Boss, Real-world pilot in the late '70s and '80s, with a new great grandchild on the way. (That's what did it, now I really feel old)
  2. After stepping away from flight sim for more than a few years, I recently got the itch again and began re-loading my computer with all my old FSX files. Of course, I wanted all the latest iterations of the software I purchased, so I began visiting all the old stomping grounds to update my files. What a revelation I should have known there would be big changes in the flight sim community. PMDG left AVSIM for their own forum, (I saw that coming), some market vendors simply disappeared, A few companies just gave up (sniff for Real Air Simulations and Flight Sim Commander). Some companies have really stepped up their game. PMDG's Operation Center is top notch, as is ORBX's ORBX Central. Flight1 used to be clunky to re-install, but they've got everything nicely organized now. In years past, I kept a database with all my flightsim purchases, with passwords, activation numbers, dates, etc. What a blessing that turned out to be. I had 338 different pieces of software that I have purchased over the years, and I'm happy to say that every piece of software that I wanted to re-install on my computer was successfully updated, with no hassle from any vendors. I did have to send out a couple of emails, and support tickets, but the response was quick and positive. Then I came to Airline2Sim. I see they had a brand-new website and didn't have the technical expertise to port over passwords. So I went through that hassle and opened my new account with them. It wasn't very difficult. But when I went to my dashboard, or library, or account page (whatever they call it), I noticed I only had one purchase listed in my history. It was for the Q400 First Officer's Training Program. I knew I had purchased both the cadet and FO program, so I did some digging and sure enough, on April 11, 2014, I purchased the Cadet Q400 program for $29.99. I did some more digging and found the videos for both programs tucked away safely on my hard drive, as well as backed up on separate storage. I also distinctly remember the Airline2Sim promise that a "Captain's Program" for the Q400 was in the immediate works. I'm glad there was no option to pre-pay for it because I was very happy with the quality and the content of the products I had already purchased and may have found myself in the same predicament some of you are in now. I would have purchased every Boeing product they released. They really haven't produced much in the last 8 years. Caveat Emptor I hope you guys get your money or your product. Well, I'm off to fly my beloved FSX, and maybe I'll dabble in the stunningly beautiful MSFS 2020 I just bought.
  3. Actually, when the word gets out about MSFS 2020, it may stop the spread of COVID19, because everyone will be at home, in front of their computer. A software pandemic ends a biological pandemic ... This is not your father's Oldsmobile.
  4. Excellent for you, Peter. But I'm one of those guys who would rather have a notebook open in front of me ... it just seems more natural and easier to navigate. BTW my images from the 747 tutorial are so dark, it's hard for me to read them off a computer as well. Maybe I'm getting glaucoma. Here's one each from the 777 tutorial and the 747 tutorial.
  5. I'm not sure if it's just me, or if others are having this problem, but when I print out the 747 v3 tutorial, all the images are much too dark. I solved this problem by meticulously taking each image and adjusting the levels in photoshop, saving the results as a separate PDF page, then binding them together into one document. The resultant prints were MUCH easier for these old eyes to read. If there is any interest, I would be happy to upload the PDF to the AVSIM library. Has anyone else had a problem with the images printing too dark? Dennis Trawick
  6. Sometimes when I have digital conundrums, I use a search engine to find a workaround or solution.
  7. ACARS ... the surprise is ACARS ... some serious deducing went into my official guess. Perhaps I'll win a prize. After all, I was very close in guessing about the Operations Center. My guess was flushable latrines.
  8. Froogle mentioned in his "first impressions" video that there were over 400 pages of documentation. Is there more than is listed on the PMDG website document page? Thanks
  9. PMDG does not publish release times.
  10. This makes you my new best friend.
  11. I must admit, I enjoy working through tutorials. I get a lot of information from YouTube, Angle of Attack, and other educational venues, but nothing ties all this knowledge together better than a well written tutorial. Step by step with information and options on a written page ... yeah, that's the ticket. Ryan has written some wonderful tutorials for PMDG, especially on the 737 NGX and the 777. His tutorial #2 on the NGX is a masterpiece. I have worked these tutorials so often, I can almost do them without reference, ALMOST. It's a very time consuming and difficult effort to produce a good tutorial, I'm sure. So I had an idea. Wouldn't it be great for some of the very knowlegeable and willing participants of this forum to generate their own tutorials, publish them on AVSIM in a collected location and open them to scrutiny and conversation. Let's take some of the pressure off Ryan, and let him finish #2 on the 777. These tutorials wouldn't have to broad cold and dark to shutdown tutorials (although they certainly could be), but could concentrate on a particular aspect of 777 operations, such as fueling, flight planning, in flight operations, emergency procedures, etc. We could even have contests, voted on by members, for best tutorials in certain categories. The possiblities are endless. A lot of the AVSIM members, like me, are retired and have some spare time to contribute. What do you think?
  12. No download link available for me, as well. I'm logged into my account, I can pull up the order, but there is no download link. Please advise.
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