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  1. Actually heard a bird warning on CYYZ's ATIS broadcast on Friday morning, so having those in the game would be a neat addition.
  2. I had CYYZ from FlyTampa back when I was regularly fying P3D and enjoyed it although it struggled a bit on frame rates. Went and purchased the MSFS one today and have flown around it with AIG Traffic active -other than the ADE files it was a feast to behold. Perhaps not as up to date but certainly fantastic textures and good perfomance. Pleased with my purchase.
  3. Having been to Australia, I can confirm that the constellations that are visible from both north and south of the equator e.g. Orion appear upside down relative to my usual orientation seen from near Toronto. Hard to believe people can believe this flat earth stuff. Chris
  4. Henrik, Thank you so much for all your efforts in sprearheading this vast upgrade of the shipping ecosystem over the sim default shipping. Thanks to all of your collaborators on this project as well. The community is blessed to have individuals such as yourselves giving so freely of themselves. Chris
  5. FYI https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/version-1-21-18-0-current-beta-build-to-go-live-january-6th-at-8-00am-pt/487227
  6. They've continued to develop projects like cockpit builder's edition (talk about niche) and are soon to release the training edition for P3D. I'm not sure how much of their heart is into making the switch to MSFS even in light of the vastly improved sales numbers they would experience.
  7. I went ahead and said yes. No problems in AIG or elsewhere so far.
  8. The only mention of AIG is in the Top Wishes list. I'd like to see some specific mention and a paragraph or two. Perhaps make the picture of the week contest about busy airports
  9. Thanks ChaoticBeauty. Hope they acknowledge the remarkable release of AI traffic this week by AIG in the next update as the featured freeware mod or something like that.
  10. My experience with AIG in P3D was that it was so good at creating a 'living airport' that sometimes I would just park my plane on the apron of FlyTampa's CYYZ and watch the planes taking off and landing. Virtual plane spotting, if you will. The AIG schedules closely matched the real world schedules shown in FlightAware (pre-Covid). As mentinoned above -better models, better liveries, realistic schedules and realistic airport population.
  11. 3:27 to the main menu with i9-10850, 32 Gbyte 2 x M2 nvme 2 TB SSD RTX 3080
  12. MDFlier -highly recommend you also check out the Working Title mod of the CJ4 -makes it one of the best planes in the sim.
  13. I think Steve is also affectionately known as 'Tech *******' -word not allowed refers to founder of Christianity
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