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  1. The long absence with nary a peep is concerning. Chris
  2. Crimplene, While I did know about the Baie de Somme, I appreciated that you took the time to answer what seemed like a question. Its folks like you who help make this place a valuable resource. please don't let the rudeness get you down. Chris
  3. Haven't seen any posts by Ben of Airline2Sim since early March? Hope everything is okay.
  4. I have to say that I find the initial emphasis on Xbox disappointing given how much work still exists in the PC domain.
  5. Hope they include Matt from Working Title in the Q&A segment.
  6. Hey Crosswind, Not sure if you folks at Majestic have ever reached out to Pilot Emilie. She could certainly be a high profile promoter of your wonderful plane. Chris
  7. Just wanted to thank everyone who replied with suggestions. I'll trust that the metars are close enough. Chris
  8. Hi Folks, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I was wondering how people approach flight planning with Live Weather. Given that it is model based and the Metars may not correspond to the current real weather, how does one go about determining proper take-off runway when creating a flight plan in Sim-brief for instance. Do you start the game at the intended departure airport, determine the weather, go into simbrief and create appropriate flight plan and export it, and then finally load it into the flightsim? I've bee enjoying the WT CJ4 mod and wanted to do some IFR flying with Live Weather rather than the clear skies setting where wind speed doesn't play a significant factor. Thanks in advance, Chris
  9. While contrails are nice, I would prefer if energies were directed in fixing weather and icing. Having high level cirrus clouds seems more useful than contrails. Chris
  10. I'm hoping the SDK gets into good enough shape that Majestic puts development into high gear. It would be great if Kroswynd and her get together for feedback during development. Chris
  11. I do hope she goes back to producing some tutorials like she did earlier rather than just livestreams as of late. chris
  12. A nice community spotlight article on Pilot Emilie, the Q400 Pilot youtuber appeared today. https://www.flightsimulator.com/community-spotlight-pilot-emilie/ It looks like she'll also take part in the March 8th Twitch Stream. Chris
  13. At least she's a real commercial airline pilot (Q400) who could some appreciation of its functionality.
  14. Maybe its because this sim has so much potential? 🙂
  15. Thank you very much! Certainly added to the realism of the area. Chris
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