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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I KNOW...we had this propably a thousand times already. But it really frustates me. I've been flying FSX/FS9 for almost 15 years now and I experienced a million different ways to make the Flight simulator crash (Blue Screen, OOM, CTD etc.). Last year at this time I even was so frustated I quit playing Flight Simulator and sweared to myself to wait until the new MSFS will be released. That's what I did. For that I even bought myself a new PC, because it just wouldn't be possible to play on my old one. Graphics -> WOW! Amazing! How do they do that? 😵 Performance -> WOW! Amazing! I cannot complain at all (40+ FPS on highest display settings) VFR flying -> WOW! Amazing! So nice 😃 IFR flying -> WHAT THE HELL? Even with purchasing the Premium Deluxe Ultimate Super Duper Version..WHAT THE HECK! I'm gonna wait till PMDG or QW realeases their aircraft for this flight sim! So I decided going back to good old FSX for finally flying some nice IFR legs again. What could possibly go wrong with my new PC specs? 🤪 Now the problem itself: Starting a flight on PMDG 777-200LR at EDDF (Mega Airport Frankfurt V2), activating AS Next Gen for FSX:SE and having GSX installed according to ProcessExplorer my VAS is already load up to 3.5-3.7GB (so like 92%) --> Are You kidding me? Is that normal? Even if I start a Trike flight on a non scenery airport without having AS Next activated the VAS is loaded by 2.4GB Can someone please explain? To be honest..I expected a lot more! My FSX even closed down with a OOM after reaching the gate now 2 times already. I'm definetly not a PC specialist and almost have no Idea about Hardware stuff. But this? Seriously? My PC specs: Processor: Intel i7-10700KF RAM: 64GB GPU: ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity Win10 Pro FSX:SE is installed on Drive D\ -> SSD 1TB FSUIPC 4.976 The LON thingy in FSX.cfg is still unchanged at 4.5000 Would I have the same problems with P3D (I just thought about changing SIM if it helps)
  2. Hello, After tweaking/changing settings, now my FSX:SE performs very good, very smooth. The only problem I have is VAS. I have tried several things to reduce but I do not know if I have done all or I am missing something. Almost all my flights I restart sim before TOD but after landing I still use around 3.8 - 3.9GB VAS (using major airports from FSDT/Flytampa/Taxi2Gate/Flightbeam/LatinVFR). Addons: PMDGs/FSLabs A320X ORBX Global AS16 + ASCA Chaseplane For now, TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048. Use Simstarter NG to active only the airports that I use for the route. FSX settings as below. FSUIPC max AI to 10 aircrafts only, no vehicle/boat/ship. Any help would be very appreciated! I do not mind lower the settings because I only fly IFR and look from VC. I just do not know which setting that affect VAS. Cheers Hoang Le
  3. I am using p3dv3..I have the latest alpha 1.679 as of today. I notice from time to time.. the vas usage lights up and dings. I was wondering with the use of Process Lasso...what is the best setup for ChasePlane as far as all of the settings across the process Lasso line from left to righ..(ie: Rules..Priority Class...etc etc.) I have an eight core AMD 9150.. I know there is a setting inside Chase Plane with CPU Assignments 0-7. The green button is to the right for "Dynamically select xxx". Does this need to be set or unticked if I am using Process Lasso. Do they override each? I have Windows 10 and latest p3dv3. I am running AS2016...real traffic..proatcx and Maybe LittleNavConnect with Little NavMap on a networked machine. Any help appreciated. I typically fly the new PMDG 747v3. As a side question..anyone using Razor/Cortex https://www.razerzone.com/cortex in conjunction with and does it really work? lol Bestest to Everyone :) Bob M.
  4. Just completed a flight from FSDT KORD (Chicago) to FlightBeam's KIAD HD (Wash Dulles) and the flight was like night and day in comparison to previous versions of Prepar3D. I flew the PMDG 777 and had AS16 enabled. I had Megascenery Ultra Hi-Res scenery enabled for Chicago and in the Wash, Maryland, and Virginia area. In between I had GEP3D enabled (which has optimized textures). This was the same scenario for previous flights. I monitored and logged VAS via the FSUIPC module. FPS were set at unlimited which is different from flights from previous versions as I had to lock the fps at 30 to maintain smoothness. Previous flights from KORD-KIAD resulted in the amount of VAS to dramatically drop when on final at KIAD, from 1100000 down to 250 - 500 MB's depending on the weather (I had saved the FSUIPC reports but they are no longer there for some reason so much of this is based on memory). Most flights it was a slide show on arrival and some resulted in OOM's on final or on the taxiway. In Chicago, there was a lot of stuttering and fps were extremely low until I departed and got out of the Chicago area. Then fps and vas would start rising again until I reached my destination. So, bottom line, no fun. I thought I would have to wait until I upgraded from Haswell to the latest chipset before flying this route again. But, today, here are the results: Minimum frame rate was 6.5 fps (not sure where this happened as most of the time fps were well above 30 fps), Maximum was 157.5 fps Minimum available memory recorded was 1204Mb (or 1269872) Average frame rate for running time of 7489 secs = 39.5 fps Maximum AI traffic for session was 339 aircraft FPS went dramatically up when out of the PMDG VC and in spot or wing views. Still, FPS in the VC exceeded 30 fps every time I looked at the fps monitor. That's HUGE! So I'm really happy with this upgrade and happy to see progress is being made to enhance the usefulness of this simulator. I hope others are seeing a major performance boost too. Best regards, Jim
  5. Hello guys, I was told to post this here directly from the FSFX staff, my P3D works fine with chase and I really like this add-on, cannot be without it but I been having an issue, no matter how low my settings are, how many sceneries I have active while flying using the scenery tool, and no matter how good my machine is; I keep getting low VAS alerts at the end of my flights, at the beginning I was using the FSLabs 320 and I thought it was the issue but now even with any PMDG, carenado or A2A aircraft will do the same, I get very good frames on my P3D but as soon as im on approach to the destination I will start hearing the low VAS alert and if I open chase I will see the remaining of the VAS on 0.10, 0.20, etc etc, sometimes will even crash the sim. I use the dynamic core option just in case. I already updated and did a full clean install of the NVIDIA drivers and actually the VAS improved but I still get the alert but now will take maybe a little longer, I have no clue what can be so I emailed FSFX and they said it wont crash the sim but I can share it here just in case someone has a solution. Once my sim crashed so it can happen, please if anyone can share maybe an option for this I will gladly appreciated, thanks in advance. My computer settings are: i7 6700K 4.0 Processor NVIDIA GTX1070 16RAM, 2TB space and 124SSD Windows 10 64 bit
  6. Hi, How to fix Vas problem? i have the issue that when i fly and i can not open anything if i open it the game will not responding but it never happen before So i create the Post http://www.avsim.com/topic/496141-p3d-v3-not-responding/ and someone say that i have vas problem so how to fix it ? Here is my spec! Intel® Core I5 4570 3.20 GHz. RAM 8 GB ASUS STRICK GTX 950OC and asus mainboard Thank you Best regards, Vichayut Chunjaroen
  7. For those of you observing the Vas leak on latest drivers I can confirm after some testing that the issue looks resolved with 378.72 hotfix. I think also there is a little improving on fps on my side!
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been immersing myself in the forums, here and elsewhere, to research the VAS/memory management problem that most of us who have 3.4 are struggling with. I'm convinced that it's a memory management problem. In any case, I'm curious to find out what the last version was that did NOT have these VAS problems. Maybe I can ask LM to let me roll it back since I started with 3.4 and can't get earlier versions. My VAS problems are pretty much identical to what everyone's been talking about recently. I'm still in the process of tweaking things, but maybe it will be worthwhile to see if an older version is a better option for decent performance/eye-candy until this issue gets addressed. I can hold my own for the most part with out going near OOM unless I'm in the 777 coming into JFK, and next worst airports are at LAXv2 and DFW. I don't have my sliders to the right, except for those run by the GPU, and am using low res textures. Traffic rarely above 10% unless I'm going into a smaller airport and I'll kick it up a little. Frames hover in the low 20s at most addon airports in the Airbus and 737, and of course, performance is spectacular in default ac. The CS 777 is a performance hog, knocking me down to 12-15fps in most cases at any airport, under any condition. Vectors are limited to primary and secondary roads and my cloud textures are also low. I guess what I'm getting at is I understand the VAS problem, and am learning how to manage settings in order to get the most performance vs graphics. But, after 2 weeks of constant tweaking, researching and testing, version 3.4 just doesn't give back VAS once it takes it away. The only way I can regenerate the memory is to save the flight, make it default, and restart P3D. Fortunately because of the SSD, the process only takes about 1-2 minutes. However, I'm wondering if a previous version would perform better, and if so, which one should I ask for? Thanks, John I7-6700k @4.4-4.6ghz (don't know which is more stable yet) 16gb 2100 DDR4 GTX1060 4gb (little better than the 960, but not by much- may return it) SSD for P3D and all addons ORBX Vector, HD Airports, Global, North America AS16 PMDG ngx Aerosoft Airbus Captain Sim 777 (unflyable), will upgrade to PMDG once I can get performance up Various popular FSDT, Flightbeam, Taxi2gate and Fly Tampa for USA and CYYZ, and Aerosoft (EGLL) airports MT6 (had UT2 migrated fine, but took a big performance hit and AI liveries too much to manage and update.
  9. Hello captains, I don't know if here is the right place to put this but I think that this is an interesting tool. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6atkUYYWmkteHhkaG5aUkVpcnc/edit?usp=sharing This is a software that I wrote to myself but I think that it can be helpful to many people. This software monitors your FSX VAS. It's very intuitive. Just double click on setup to install. After the installation, double click the FSX VAS Monitor icon. If the FSX is already started, FSX VAS Monitor should automatically start to read the FSUIPC offset 024C. If the FSX was started after the FSX VAS Monitor, click the Connect Button and it will start monitoring. there are only 4 adjusts to set, the minimum quantity of memory avaliable before trigger the alarm (in MB), if the alarm will run with the red text blinking and a ding sound, and if the FSX VAS Monitor should start directly on system tray. System Requeriments: FSX (obviously) with FSUIPC installed. It works with WideFS too (Ideal to people that use two or more computers). This software is free to distribute. have a good flights... Fred Matias spilfred@gmail.com B)
  10. Hello All, First off the plane is amazing! It does what it is supposed to do if you know how to fly it!! My question is performance related. I have flown the cojones off this thing since she was released but i have noticed one issue with it and i was wondering if you all could potentially shed some light on the situation! Flight #1 N581UP Paint PHNL(FSDT)-KONT(Addon) Left PHNL with no issue, about 3 hours into the flight over the ocean well short of landfall i noticed my VAS was creeping up in the high 80s low 90s OVER WATER! Eventually leading to the Audible ding in the simulator that told me it was to late to save it...Subsequently i save the flight and restarted the PC with AutoSave. I was then able to land without issue after re-loading the flight! Flight #4 N578UP Paint KSDF(BluePrint) -PANC(Aerosoft) SAME RESULT....VAS crept up into the mid 90s this time over Northern Canada...restarted and continued the flight from AutoSave...Upon landing in PANC when i started to pull into parking i was getting the audible OOM ding...I was able to shut down and submit my flight before the sim crashed! Flight #5 N581UP Paint PANC(Aerosoft)-KONT(Addon) Left PANC at about 78%...now as i sit here typing this i am at FL350 over the ocean west of Vancouver with no land in sight and over the course of 2 Hrs and 1 Minute from takeoff the VAS has crept all the way up to 89%-90% 3607MB Could this have been due to a bad install .exe? For reference in the 777 i only see 68%-72% sitting on the ground at PANC Equipment: i7 6700K clocked to 4.5, 16GBDDR4 RAM, Nvidia GTX970, 500GB Samsung SSD P3d.cfg and simmed have been expertly tuned as well for optimum performance. Sadly all tests are pointing back to the plane possibly being the issue! Thanks for the assistance!! Rich M.
  11. Hello, Just bought Chaseplane and trying to figure it out. One thing I have noticed (I have searched for it but couldnt find anything here, so I am sorry if this was addressed before) is the VAS usage figures. Process Explorer says I have used 1.9 GB of VAS while Chaseplane says it is 2.9. That is a big difference. Am I reading something wrong here? Thanks..
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