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  1. costamesa

    Purchase mistake, need support (resolved)

    Seems like the problem has been solved.
  2. costamesa

    Purchase mistake, need support (resolved)

    Too bad. I was about to make the same mistake when purchasing it. I hope you can find a solution.
  3. costamesa

    Reality XP End Of Year Sale!

    Casual simmer, had nothing to do with a GA aircraft before.... I bought the GTN 750 (XP11) yesterday -being provoked by the sale :D Although the purchase was not seamless and close to frustrating at some point, the installation was not. It was easy and when I launched Piper Turbo Arrow, the panel was already there. I was expecting some .ini file editing. I had a chance to try it quickly. Seems like I will love it. What does this mean though? That I can have two GTN 750 on both sides of the aircraft? Also I have seen something in the Manual which I can not say I quite understood: To accommodate a wider variety of aircraft panels, the GTN 750 license unlocks the radio-less GTN 725,.... This might be a silly question but does this mean that I can also install and use GTN 725? if so where can I download it?
  4. costamesa

    ENVTEX SP2 Released

    @kmax59 Kaspersky blocks everything your installer do. It literally goes crazy. Just FYI. It shouldn't be actually, it is just uninstall and reinstall but it turns out it really is a bit complicated. Already tried twice and I have yet to see v1.2 version number.
  5. costamesa

    TOGA Envtex 1.2.0 released

    Thanks for the information. Downloading already. Kaspersky goes just crazy whenever I run their installers.
  6. costamesa

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    While doing so should I back up p3d.cfg, dll.xml and scenery.cfg (for old style scenery installations) or will they stay untouched? I think it was Virtuali who said earlier here P3D would uninstall only the files it created and since these files are created by P3D, will they be gone? Or since we are uninstalling and re-installing one by one will they remain?
  7. Orbx is "relatively" easy... REX (HD Airports, SkyForce), ASCA, ENVTEX, UT2, MTL packages are the time consuming ones. I have recently re-installed the 4.3 and now I will probably have to do it again.
  8. If you read the official report, it talks a lot about developing a Take-off Performance Monitoring System and explain why the working groups said it was not possible. Since I am definitely not a science guy and therefore fail to understand that(my bad!), can someone (who read the report) explain why it wasn't possible? You have the data: t/o weight, use-able runway length, qnh, N1 value, etc... Is it difficult to develop a software which will say "Hey with this acceleration rate you wont be able to hit VR (or V2) by the time you reach the end of runway, once the take off roll starts?
  9. OP could be asked to edit his post and the topic could be suspended until he edited.
  10. costamesa

    Another Lion Air incident So easy...Page 6 and 7 explains the system but I am not sure if I understand the design logic. I understand(?) ALT SEL is not working like ALT HOLD in Boeing, but then why do you need ALT mode if ALT SEL is also able to maintain the selected altitude? Q400 experts?
  11. +1 There is not always available slot for an additional SSD
  12. costamesa

    Tutorial #1 Engine out after takeoff

    In the video as far as I see -quality is not the best in my browser for some reason- you have an "engine failure". So, once again, please check the if there is any "active failure", not "Service Based Failures".
  13. costamesa

    Passengers lying about weight

    Interesting thoughts...
  14. costamesa

    Tutorial #1 Engine out after takeoff

    I would probably start with checking if there is an active failure set from the failures settings.