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  1. Make sure that you have the required Microsoft.Net files installed
  2. Never had an OOM on P3Dv3 with the NGX
  3. You can burn a recovery disk but the better option is to install the recovery environment to your boot menu.... you will then be presented with the option to load windows or the Macrium recovery system at every boot. Macrium is by far the fastest of all the imaging software, it does a differential backup every day of my OS drive and P3D drive in less than two mins . The paid versions incremental backup and delta restore is very rapid indeed. Solid software with very good support by a British company
  4. Yes, and P3Dv3 and 4, just depends on the model, Flywaresim and Realair both have them
  5. No, that shot is from FSX
  6. It is very easy to use and totally reliable, you can also install it to your boot menu so as long as you can get to that point you will be able to fully recover your machine. the paid version has some really neat things, you will probably buy that one eventually.
  7. PMDG NGX tutorial flights, then some of the great Youtube NGX tutorials
  8. Do the UT live aircraft have logo lights at night ? In Traffic 360 there are no logo lights, in MT they are all lit up at night, if UT live aircraft have logo lights I might just buy it.
  9. The cab files are the actual gauges in the gauges directory, When i get back from my trip I will PM you the correct name to add to the Panel.cfg
  10. I can cycle as many views as I want on one button in Ezdok, what unique in the way Chaseplane does it ? Can Chaseplane pull the Metars from AS16 and ASN for it's effects yet ?
  11. Have a look in the Panel.cfg and if they are using change the entries to in both the 2D section and the VC section. FsAerodata along with Navigraph Charts and data and the updated Magvar file from Aerosors gives what we have wished for, a sim with current data
  12. There are two GPS cabs in the P3D gauges folder, the original FSX version and a P3D version, the P3D version can display the sids stars and approaches you need to edit the panel.cfg entries and change the GPS entries from' to ''. for some reason LM did not do this for us. Sids and stars are then available in the default GPS and will correspond with your Navigraph charts and data
  13. Orbx OL Europe is not fully installed, and the parts that are installed are marked Active=False. You need to reinstall Orbx OL Europe and enable it properly in the scenery.cfg
  14. Post your entire scenery.cfg here, you are not giving us much to work on
  15. glad to help, I also needed it for my Goflight panels.