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  1. I had the most fun and felt the greater connection to the hobby and the folks here when I was using FS2004, FSX with the DX10 fixer turned out to be a great sim and I probably should have been content with that but I pressed on with P3D from v1 untill v3, since then I feel the hobby has become a money pit, Developers charging fees for straight porting old assets into 64bit, the community fractured and constantly argumentative. My Yoke, throttles and rudders along with all my Goflight stuff have not been touched for months and now are packed away in my loft. Do I miss it, of course I do, and I still will visit here daily but the magic has gone. Glyn,
  2. The installer is probably looking in your registry for the location of FS2004 and giving up when it cannot find it.
  3. Just rename TrafficAircraft.bgl in /Scenery/World Scenery to and the default Ai will be gone
  4. It probably did as a lot of old keyboards had numlock and caps lock lights. The main problem you are going to have is getting them recognised as separate devices as they will be detected as identical pieces of hardware. best put it back on ebay and look for the usb version, Saitek built them like this for a reason.
  5. You need the version of the throttle that has a USB connector, Are you saying that the one you bought from ebay was PS2 ?
  6. This harks back to the days when developers were simmers and had a passion to drive the hobby forward, seems so long ago... Build it, but don't forget to take time out to fly now and then.
  7. I have one of those also, needs a new spring on the aileron axis so not using it presently.
  9. No one is going to be deported either from the UK or from the EU, where ever do you get these ideas from ? And if you have such an poor opinion of the UK's future outside of the EU why did you not use your right to vote, you had a choice and an opinion but chose not to use it, this I find incredible. PS, just look how the EU handles democracy in its lack of response to the treatment of the Catalonians in their referendum, is that what you want for your countries future, I certainly don't
  10. It's has a much faster response to button presses on my tablet, Remote CDU was very laggy for me.
  11. Well I guess if that happens then the 3 million Europeans in the Uk will also become illegal, fair swap I say. But we both know it's not going to be happening like that is it ? Did you actually live in the UK as an adult before we joined the "common market" ?, thought not. I did and I can tell you it was a much nicer place than it is now, relax it will be fine.
  12. Does the "author" distribute his donations to the freeware developers who's work he stole ?
  13. What surprises me is that folks expect still expect a good weather engine from REX. If they could do it they would have managed to produce one by now. how many tries have they had over the years ?
  14. Make sure that you have the required Microsoft.Net files installed
  15. Never had an OOM on P3Dv3 with the NGX