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  1. Won't do any harm to keep it, other legacy addons may also need to see it in order to install
  2. just create a dummy FSX.exe file in the P3D directory (copy and rename Prepar3d.exe)
  3. Jim, please make it a requirement to state what add-ons are in use in the shots. I see some fantastic shots but have no idea what add-ons were used to get the sim looking that good.
  4. LOL, in Europe Microsoft and Google get dragged through the courts and fined for these kind of anti-competitive practices.
  5. dbs airport gps has very poor support from it's developers I use Fscommander running on a very old laptop networked via WideFS which when zoomed in gives me a very good top down view of my aircraft position.
  6. What was foul mouthed in that reply, he only stated (clearly) his companies position and the reasons for it, much larger market in FSX/P3D / better interaction with Lockheed developers etc. He runs a business not a hobby and so develops for the largest market, can't say I blame him really.
  7. Please do not promote piracy here at Avsim, next mention gets reported, ok
  8. The boards that I have found with the most USB 2.0 ports on the back panel are from Asus, such as this one which has four, I am in the same boat as I have a load of Goflight stuff which seem to prefer the older Usb ports
  9. search over
  10. It will take a tragedy at a major airport before the UK government do anything about the idiots flying drones near airports. It's only a matter of time, but it will happen sadly.
  11. One day very soon a passenger aircraft carrying 300 souls will be brought down at a major airport, happens almost daily here at Heathrow. Or you could alternatively fly it at your local beach resort and it comes down and rips a child's face apart. The sooner these things are licenced and controlled the better for all of us.
  12. I would leave Virtual Avionics behind if Marks app had some audible feedback when a key was pressed, really hope he adds this soon as it is the only thing that it lacks vs Virtual Avionics
  13. Just drag it into the /modules folder in your P3D root directory
  14. Of course it was deliberately made wrong, it was made wrong to accommodate the collimated Hud. nothing wrong with that, they did what was needed. We all know this, we have all see it with our own eyes, PMDG acknowledge it. glynn jones