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  1. And what happens to the rest of the waypoints after the one you dir-to ? unless i am doing something wrong, whenever I do a dir-to I lose all of the the remaining waypoints in my plan.
  2. That's because in your example there is only PVD Vor to go direct to. Try it with a plan with multiple waypoints ahead of the one you decide to go direct to. In my experience it wipes out your plan.
  3. Says the company that has never managed to produce a decent weather engine in a decade of trying.
  4. $40.00 off for previous FS2004 version customers But the Level-D 767 P3D version is only for P3Dv3 , it will not work in the 64bit P3Dv4
  5. Do you have cloud shadows, HDR lighting, dynamic lighting, 4096k textures etc in FS9 ?, how is your texture draw distance at altitude ? Yes, no problem with VC rain, even the default aircraft have it, lots of development has happened since LM acquired the code in 2009, incidentally they have been working on P3D longer than MS actively supported FS9 and FSX combined and they haven't been sitting on their hands that's for sure. TDFi Trueglass
  6. But light years ahead in development, You haven't actually tried P3Dv4 have you ?
  7. Do you really believe that ?
  8. How do you enjoy the stutters on weather reload ?, which Hifi Sim fixed years ago. Active sky is the market leader by a very large margin, REX have been trying to make a decent weather engine for years now, trust me I have bought all of them over the years going as far back as Weather Maker Pro in 2006 and they have never been able to compete with Hifi Sim products.
  9. No time frame announced, which for Vatsim could mean sometime in the next couple of decades
  10. No time frame announced, which for Vatsim could mean sometime in the next couple of decades
  11. Name one company that does this, in all my years buying addons, I have never seen this happen. glyn jones
  12. When you switch from say a turbine twin to a piston twin or single, how do you go about setting up your hardware again without using Fsuipc ?
  13. REX have never managed to release a weather engine to compete with Hifi Sims products, and this is with over a decades worth of trying, trust me I have bought all of them. Why would this one suddenly be any different ?
  14. if it works why would you need support ?
  15. It's not about the flight preparations, it's the fact that from time to time the flaps , spoilers and gears fail to work unless the plane is loaded twice, its unpredictable sometimes it will load perfectly other times you will not be able to raise or lower the flaps. who knows what else does not initialise properly but you will not find out until it's too late. just load the thing twice, then you are sure it will work correctly.