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  1. nealmac

    Installation process P3Dv4.1 to P3Dv4.3?

    In your control panel, you will see a few different instances of Prepar3d. You will see the min P3D installation, along with client, content and scenery. Just click on the one labelled "client", and uninstall it. See image below:
  2. nealmac

    Installation process P3Dv4.1 to P3Dv4.3?

    Uninstall the 4.1 client (selecting "no" when it asks you do you want to deactivate your licence). Then install the 4.3 client. It really is that simple. (You can follow the same steps if you want to update the content and scenery, but these updates are optional).
  3. nealmac

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    Cash. And lots of it 😅
  4. I honestly wouldn't mind if it's a bit "robotic". However an impact on frame rate would indeed be a huge negative.
  5. I think you may have misinterpreted my post. I never once said that there were developers that didn't offer better quality at an affordable price. I'm saying that Gary's airports are cheaper than a lot of leading developers.
  6. I fly between the UK and Ireland pretty much every week. And while I agree that boarding the aircraft is very well controlled, there is always a long line of people waiting to board. Not 2 or 3 people at a time.
  7. It's not so much the speed of the passengers. I'd be more concerned with the quantity/rate. I reckon boarding time for a 777 could be up on 3 hours at that rate 😅
  8. Maybe so. But all I'm saying is that people are very quick to criticise UK2000's quality wthout factoring in how affordable they are to buy. Like I said, comparing apples and oranges.
  9. Except is not as simple as that. While his airport sceneries are indeed of a "lower" quality, you fail to mention that they are half the price of what most other major developers charge. You're comparing apples with oranges.
  10. nealmac

    P3d v4.3

    With mediocre hardware? Sounds good to me 😅
  11. I agree that UK2000 airports aren't exactly the most stunning looking, and their surrounding areas are pretty poor, but let's be fair. You get what you pay for. They are half the price of most of Flightbeam, Aerosoft and many other major software developers. It's unfair to expect high quality airports at those prices. Gary gives customers an option of buying lesser quality airports at very affordable prices, and he should be commended for that.
  12. nealmac

    New airport from Flightbeam

    A lot of people are saying that that EINN (Shannon) is much needed. I agree that it is, but surely EIDW (Dublin) is needed even more? As Ireland's main airport I would have thought that Dublin should take a higher priority. Aerosoft's Dublin was amazing. Unfortunately it doesn't work in P3Dv4.
  13. nealmac

    Start me up....

    Nice aircraft, but I think they should paint it black.... I'll get me coat 😞
  14. nealmac

    New Third Runway at Heathrow?

    I would have thought a 2nd runway (that can actually be used) at Gatwick would have made more sense.