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  1. Has there been a fix found for this? I've noticed odd autopilot behaviour over the last couple of weeks too. I'm guessing the last update has some kind of bug in it. I use the Logitech multi panel so there may be a correlation/conflict between that and the latest version of the 414, and I know of 3 or 4 others who have suddenly started having having this issue. Basically, as the OP says, it sometimes won't hold altitude. But there are a few other issues, such as descending or climbing past it's target altitude. I've also noticed that sometimes when I'm flying manually, my autopilot switches itself on.
  2. This issue occurs when scenery is slow to load in. Certain airports are more problematic than others, and it's also possible that a break in internet connection can cause it.
  3. Just my luck, eh? 😄 Thanks for that. Glad to hear it's not just me then. I'll wait for a patch. I've been googling all evening without any joy, so eventually I came here. Haven't been here in ages. Great to see that it's still a good place for fast answers.
  4. So I finally bit the bullet and bought MSFS, as I was getting burned out with P3D. It looks absolutely stunning out of the box, and I'm enjoying getting used the different key commands and camera mechanics. I decided to go throught the training lessons, just to have them done but I seem to be encountering a bug on the 2nd lesson. When it starts out, it says the instructor is in control, but she's clearly not, as the aircraft is on 29% power, and descending quite rapidly. I'm unable to take control (even though I shouldn't have to) and if I let it go to far, I'll end up hitting the ground. Has anyone else encountered this issue? There was no such problem with the first lesson. Or is it just because I'm a noob to the software and I'm missing something blatantly obvious?
  5. 120 notes? I was looking forward to the 64 bit version, but....wow. I will take a lot of convincing before I spend that sort of money on an Eaglesoft product, no disrespect to Eaglesoft. The most I've ever spent on an aircraft, was around $120-$130 for PMDG's 777. Money well spent in fairness (even though I did end up moving from FSX to P3D so it wouldn't work anymore). I used to own Eaglesoft's 32 bit Citation X, and it cost less than half that as far as I can remember. And I felt that the price tag was fair, based on what I got for it. Again, no disrespect, but Eaglesoft are not (based on the Citation) on the same levels as PMDG. This would need to be a MAJOR step up the ladder for me to spend $120, and an extra $40 if I'm reading correctly, for nav data, as it won't be compatible with Navigraph?
  6. https://www.rte.ie/news/regional/2019/1006/1081489-reports-of-two-casualties-as-light-aircraft-crashes-in-co-wexford/ Happened on Sunday evening. 2 dead. They're saying wreckage is spread over a wide, which would indicate a mid air explosion.
  7. I never said otherwise. I'm just making the point that the initial question isn't as dumb as it might sound.
  8. Lockheed Martin released a 32 bit application in 2015, only 4 years ago. It's a perfectly valid question.
  9. The only thing in the FS world that I pay a monthly subscription for, is with Navigraph. If MSFS2020 includes updated nav data, and it's reasonably priced, then I'd have no problem going down this route. There are far bigger issues to worry about.
  10. When I read the very first post of this thread, @Ray Proudfoot was the first person I thought of 😔 #ThoughtsAndPrayers
  11. As Dublin is my local airport, I find it really frustrating that we don't have a P3Dv4 version, almost 2 years later.
  12. Just left them a review as well. They probably won't publish it. It's a bit harsher than David's 🤣
  13. They may be of a 'low standard' as you say Pete, but you fail to mention that they're also extremely reasonably priced, with top notch performance. Swings and roundabouts and all that.
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