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    Not always the case at all. That's why many products that were updated to run with v4 still need the older version to stay compatible with older versions of P3D. People tend to lump all versions of P3D into the same catagory, but the reality is, P3Dv4 is a completely different sim.
  2. Comments like this have me shaking my head in disbelief. People are moaning that they aren't pushing out the updates quick enough. And here's someone moaning about the opposite. You just can't keep people happy.
  3. FSDT don't include VAT on their prices. I just bought Vancouver and O'Hare, thinking they would work out at about €33, but they were actually €42. I still bought them though.

    When you click on "checkout" (don't click the PayPal option), it brings you to a page where you fill out your information, and there will be a field at the bottom to enter the coupon. After you do that, you will still have the option to use PayPal if you wish.
  5. Reminds me of that episode of "I'm Alan Partridge" where he met his old school teacher who had previously accused him of drawing a chalk penis on his own jacket.
  6. Thanks, that's great to hear. Looking forward to checking them out.
  7. Everyone has pretty much answered above, but one more thing you are paying for is support. Developers won't want to support an old product forever.
  8. 4. I would have got 5 but I didn't read one of the questions properly.
  9. Simple answer, yes it would. A better question would be, can it run with your sliders maxed out. In which case it's impossible to know without trying it. But you will definitely be able to run it with reasonably high settings.
  10. Thanks Matthew
  11. Just wondering, I have ASP4 and REX TD with SC. Is there any benefit to having ASCA as well? Or would I be wasting my money?
  12. Sale

    Just bought TD with SC. Can I just ask, is anyone else having problems downloading from PC Aviator? I ended up having to leave it running overnight. Bear in mind it's an 8GB file. When I came into this thread I only saw the 2nd post. If I had seen the first post I would have purchased directly from the REX store. My first experience with PC Aviator, and I don't think I'd ever buy from them again. Either way, it's downloaded now. Looking forward to trying this out tonight when I get home.
  13. Hi, you say P3D only, but does that include v4? Because v4 is a completely different sim to versions 1, 2 and 3, so I think this should be clarified. I don't want to mess up a stable v4 installation with a scenery that may corrupt it.
  14. Never flown with them, but I'm surprised Emirates aren't on the list, considering the amount of publicity they get and the way everyone raves about them.
  15. If you use PFPX, it also has a moving map on it.