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  1. But surely all these animations can be achieved without the use of SODE? I'll give you the dual jetways though. Ctrl+J doesn't work those properly.
  2. Well I was referring to airports/developers that use SODE. And these are the ones that give me trouble. So the problem definitely lies with SODE. The only mistake the developers are making is making use of it.
  3. W10 works perfectly for me. In fact I noticed increases in performance when I upgraded. I can't think of 1 single add-on that won't work on W10.
  4. Exactly, Erich. I mean if they added something worthwhile to the simming experience, I could understand that they would be worth persevering with to get them working correctly. But I honestly can't see what their benefit is
  5. I'd also love to see a UK2000 version. However, Gary has firmly ruled out ever creating any airports outside the UK. Such a shame really.
  6. I'm also having this problem at lots of add-on airports. It's really annoying. I don't see the benefits of SODE jetways either. The "ctrl+J" method has always served me well in all my time flight simming. The phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is lost on many developers.
  7. Bloody hell, guys, I'm sorry. He asked for a list and I posted one. I never stated that it was 100% accurate. If anyone feels they have a more accurate list then be my guest and post it.
  8. I believe that list only lists add ons that "officially" work with v4. So while many of them weren't originally designed with v4 in mind, they are all officially compatible, and therefore all supported. Of course I'm open to correction.
  10. SimTouch Plus2. Like it says on the description of the video
  11. To be fair, it was a mistake that I got banned. A chat with Ron and Ed afterwards confirmed it was accidental. However, they seem to be unable to "unban" me . Although I suppose since I moved to v4 it doesn't really matter any more.
  12. As far as i'm aware, the Eaglesoft Citation doesn't work on P3Dv4? I've been banned from their forum so I'm not getting the latest news, but unless there's been a very recent update then it doesn't work on v4.
  13. I'll second the Majestic Dash Q400. Lovely aircraft to fly. I'll also suggest the Aerosoft CRJ, however, it seems some people are having problems with it tracking a route. Personally I haven't experienced this issue, but I'm sure it will be fixed eventually. Anyway, both of them are really nice to fly, but they both have steep learning curves. If you're up for a challenge then either should work for you.
  14. I have it set to ignore crashes. It's actually more realistic to set it to ignore crashes and just be careful as you would in real life. It's far less realistic that a stray baggage handler can crash into you while you're still on the ramp, therefore ending your session.
  15. The QW 787 is coming to P3Dv4 soon. I'm not sure if you'll have to pay again though.