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  1. nealmac

    When you do not sim?

    When I'm not simming I'm usually to be found in political groups on Facebook, arguing with right wingers. I need to get a life.
  2. Oh. ok, fair enough. I didn't know that.
  3. But you can disable updates.
  4. I've only ever had one (very minor) issue with a Windows 10 update. I am always surprised when I hear of people having problems.
  5. Well done, crew. To be fair, it looks like they were crabbing, rather than the wind 'pushing them sideways' like the report says.
  6. nealmac

    Aerosoft Summer sale 30% off!

    Looks like it's ended
  7. nealmac

    Aerosoft/SimWings Dublin Airport

    Just read it. That looks very promising. For those wondering about the upcoming changes to Dublin, the new north runway won't be ready for another 3 years. That's ages away. I don't want to have to wait THAT long. The new runway could always be added in an update later on anyway. I'm still surprised that Aerosoft didn't update their version (yet). It's pretty obvious that there's a huge demand for it.
  8. I don't really understand what you're trying to say. You don't seem to be able to distinguish between a target and an official release date. This is all beside the point anyhow. We all know that they didn't make these targets. This isn't exactly news. The only news right now is that there's a 4 day delay, from the official release date. The ONLY official release date that was ever given out. I get that people are impatient, and people love to bash certain developers. But another moany thread over a 4 day delay? Do me a favour,
  9. If you can show where he said that that was the official release date, then I will happily concede defeat.
  10. It's still not a release date. This is exactly why developers have stopped giving release dates. Did you read the rest of my post? I noticed you only quoted the last bit of it, which isn't actually the important part.
  11. Again, this was never a "release date" or a "deadline".
  12. I'm sorry, but that isn't a release date. The word "probably" might give that away? The first hard date they gave, was the 6th of September. They never committed to a fixed date until just a few weeks ago, because they didn't actually know. So no, I interpreted things properly. Was I hopeful for an early 2018 release? Absolutely. Did I accept it as being a "release date"? Of course not. That would be a bit silly. In any case, how does this add up to "a year plus 4 days"?
  13. nealmac

    Aerosoft/SimWings Dublin Airport

    Is this official news?
  14. Eh...Why are people saying 1 year plus x days? They never gave a deadline until a few weeks ago. Originally they were going to make the old busses compatible for 64 bit. They didn't even give a deadline for this. Then they changed their minds, and decided it would be better to make a new product, properly optimised for 64 bit. The first date they gave was only a few weeks ago, when Mathijs said they would be aiming for the 6th of September. I love the way people interpret things their own way.
  15. They aimed for August. They missed the deadline by 10 days. I don't think it's worth being critical over. I do see why people have an issue with them, but not for this reason. Personally I never had any issue with them. Yes, I'd like to have seen the busses and the CRJ released a lot earlier, but y'know, sh*t happens, as a wise man once said. I think a 4 day delay is not worthy of a moany thread though.