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  1. amresh03

    PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    Yes, can confirm that the Queen is working fine when i don’t use ASN. Is there any workaround? Amresh S Mishre
  2. amresh03

    P3D 4.2 and 747 loading problem

    I have the same problem! regards Amresh S Mishre
  3. amresh03

    PMDG 747v3 CTD P3D v4.2

    Hi, I think that the latest Active Sky Beta 6620 is cauding a CTD with the PMDG 747 V3. I have the latest version of the Queen. Deleted ASN and the Queen is working fine. Reinstalled ASN and i get a CTD after selecting the Queen. any one else encoutering the same issue? Amresh S Mishre
  4. "Better be easy on your F5 key. I'm not an English native speaker, so I might be wrong, but I don't think that Robert meant to say the SP will be released 6-18h *from now*, but that he will give us notice 6-18h prior to release." I think that Stefan Keller is right. Patience is a virtue ;-) regards, Amresh S. Mishre
  5. amresh03

    Regarding the 747 v2

    Nice prospects PMDG. Keep the fantastic work on!