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  1. There is no way to remove jetways if separate jetways BGL is not present without editing terminal BGL. Read the GSX2 manual
  2. feisty

    General Question About Computers and FSX

    Last year bought a Dell 8920 with I7 7700 with Nivia 1080 card and 500 SS hard drive. FSX works great except for the VAS limit of 4gig since FSX is a 32 bit outdated software. Don't think you tweaked enough and probably have your slider way too high and too much AI traffic. Read up on VAS on this site
  3. feisty

    FTX Global

    Installed Orbx FTX Global about a month ago, best software I've added period. I have UTX, GEX NA, GSX, many addon airports, both payware and freeware, including several UK 2000 scenery, some I've made myself and all work great. Not a FPS hog in any way. Looks better without photo scenery. Removed some Taubet photo payware and Orbx looks better. Lots of free off the beaten track, airports worldwide. Snap it up looks great
  4. feisty

    Aircraft casting shadows in FSX

    In some addon airport sceneries, airplanes casting shadows on ground will result in losing some WOAI AI aircraft in DX10. In addition some apron pavements on the ground don't show shadows until plane hits taxiways.
  5. feisty

    KALB scenery--no jetways showing

    Are you running Ultimate Terrain X for US? If so go to menu on top to 'advanced' and then to 'Terrain' and to bottom "Modify Status of repositioned airports" and disable KALB. worked for me. also check if your using DX10
  6. I fly FSX with DX10 checked. Apparently this scenry cannot work with DX10. In addition there is an elevation issue that can only be solved with deleted the runway lighting BGL. No help from developer at all. People who have bought this product are getting no help from anyone at Thai Creations ande I would not recommend buying this product at all.
  7. feisty

    Thai Creation VABB elevation issue

    Be aware This scenery does not work with DX10 checked. Can't believe that the author did not state this as well as the elevation issue. I also have no jetways at the gates because of this DX10 issue. Will never buy from Thai Creations again. Don't recommend anyone else does.
  8. Tried everything to find the jetways with DX10 enabled. No go. Publisher seems unresponsive to anyone's questions either on elevation issue or missing jetways. Should not have too work so hard just to use payware. Too bad this scenery has so many bugs, the real Mumbai Airport is a beautiful new terminal in the middle of Mumbai which I just walked thru. Highly published. Was looking forward to recreating it on my sim. No more "Thai Creations" scenery for me.
  9. After installing the new Thai Creations Mumbai International Airport, the jetways are nowhere to be seen. I've tried to re-install several times, looked at the objects and bgl's in the Scenery folder but cannot understand the non-appearance. This developer does not have a website with support but instead has a facebook page? Cannot get a response. Anyone else have this similar problem in this scenery or others
  10. I have not had the same elevation problem with this scenbry but I have another problem with the jetways not showing up. I think it may be a problem with UTX and the list of airports that were amended. Had same problem with Albany NY scenry with jetways not appearing and defaujlot scenry bleeding thru. Will check tonight.
  11. Thanks Hightower that did the trick. UTX can be somewhat tricky as there was a few other airport list but did not have the same problem elsewhere.
  12. The scenery is Albany International Airport KALB_301546.zip Tyler Lawrence. I do not own AFX but sounds like a good idea. I tried to delete the terminal object using ADEX in the APX28160.bgl file but it did nothing. Didn't save it to file. Something is allowing default terminal and not allowing jetways. Too bad nice scenery.
  13. I've installed a very nice new freeware KALB addon scenery and no matter what I try I cannot get rid of the default terminal building. When I start FSX at a gate at KALB, there are no jetways and my plane is half in the old terminal building. I've tried both excluding it and then deleting it from the basic airport bgl using ADEX with no success. , I searched for duplicate AFCADs but with no success. Seems there is ghost hiding somewhere. any suggestions?