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  1. This is the pot on a saitek throttle, as you can see it is open, just stick the long nozzle on your electrical cleaner down the side of the lever and spray whilst moving the throttle. No disassembly needed. It's easy but maybe the others did not understand what they were doing ?
  2. The Pots are open, they are miniature trim pots, spraying them with contact cleaner with a long nozzle works perfectly Done mine many times.
  3. The bit about "step away from the business of supporting it" made me LOL, there has only really been Ray and a couple of others here that have supported it over the last few years. It would be nice if the released the source code for V5 and let someone finish it though.
  4. Glynn

    Train Simming

    These days all I play is Elite Dangerous, my Goflight stuff and all my Controls are sitting in the loft. I just got burned out with FSX/P3D and the relative lack of progress in the hobby over the years... Oh and the cost, I really don't miss the constant purchasing of addons, I feel sick when I think how much I have wasted over the years on FS9, FSX, P3D and chasing hardware.
  5. https://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/947965/ryanair-worlds-safest-airline-southwest-flight-1380
  6. Not surprised really , Realair were always a class above.
  7. Try Oolite, true to the spirit of the original Elite. http://www.oolite.org/starting/
  8. Jose nails it, I would love to transition to Xplane because it is really looking great. But there is too much missing at this point that I need in a simulator, The weather system is poor, Vatsim client is ancient, ATC is poor, Ai is miles behind the packages available for P3D, Only a handful of really great aircraft addons available, the list of missing or poorly implemented features is massive. P3D may not look as good but it has a much more complete ecosystem available.
  9. Search google for "High Definition Environment v2.1 FSX & P3D" HDEv2.0.zip
  10. Fscommander does not really work well like this, I find it is best run on a networked PC via WideFS. Seeing as you have bought WideFS you must also have a networked machine available, yes ?, any old laptop will do the job just fine.
  11. Which twin otter ? If the addon uses the default auto pilot code it will work, if not you will need to use lua scripts, Fsuipc or the Goflight Interface tool from pollypot software. https://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/ Not sure that a Boeing 737 MCP is the best choice for a twin otter though.
  12. Biggest benefit comes when you change aircraft and your controls are automatically configured for you. Fsuipc's Profiles function is worth the price alone
  13. But product X has never been fitted to a real world air frame, so at that point what exactly are you simulating ?
  14. And what happens to the rest of the waypoints after the one you dir-to ? unless i am doing something wrong, whenever I do a dir-to I lose all of the the remaining waypoints in my plan.
  15. That's because in your example there is only PVD Vor to go direct to. Try it with a plan with multiple waypoints ahead of the one you decide to go direct to. In my experience it wipes out your plan.
  16. Says the company that has never managed to produce a decent weather engine in a decade of trying.
  17. $40.00 off for previous FS2004 version customers But the Level-D 767 P3D version is only for P3Dv3 , it will not work in the 64bit P3Dv4
  18. Do you have cloud shadows, HDR lighting, dynamic lighting, 4096k textures etc in FS9 ?, how is your texture draw distance at altitude ? Yes, no problem with VC rain, even the default aircraft have it, lots of development has happened since LM acquired the code in 2009, incidentally they have been working on P3D longer than MS actively supported FS9 and FSX combined and they haven't been sitting on their hands that's for sure. TDFi Trueglass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0P-Osp6ZO0
  19. But light years ahead in development, You haven't actually tried P3Dv4 have you ?
  20. Do you really believe that ?
  21. How do you enjoy the stutters on weather reload ?, which Hifi Sim fixed years ago. Active sky is the market leader by a very large margin, REX have been trying to make a decent weather engine for years now, trust me I have bought all of them over the years going as far back as Weather Maker Pro in 2006 and they have never been able to compete with Hifi Sim products.
  22. No time frame announced, which for Vatsim could mean sometime in the next couple of decades
  23. No time frame announced, which for Vatsim could mean sometime in the next couple of decades
  24. Name one company that does this, in all my years buying addons, I have never seen this happen. glyn jones
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