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  1. What's the call sign for the fsr500. It's more like the 172 is a Cessna, so I'm looking for the 500.
  2. Where do you exclude any airport in msfs 2020. I know they have that in P3D. I just installed it. It's also too bad that FB doesn't have a forum at this time.
  3. The only problem I'm having, is that I can't get the jetways to move with GSX pro. My only choice is stairways.
  4. When running the pmdg 737, and on the runway ready for t/o. I get flaps, flaps. I have t/o flaps set to 5, and in the raas setup for flaps I have min. set to 2. So I shouldn't get a flap warning at t/o.
  5. Since November 28, 2021, my Avsim front page still has the same stuff on it from November. Here it is 12/22/21 and nothing on that page has changed. I've logged out and back in. I've cleared the cache several times, but nothing changes. I've been on avsim for many, many years without this problem.
  6. I made a flight plan from kttd to kmlt. I selected position 10 at kttd to start the Cessna King Air 350i, but when I selected fly, it had me at runway 25 ready to go. I don't like to start on the runways, I like to startup myself and taxi. Then when I was close to kmlt atc told me to fly the approach to runway 14. I did that, but the the autopilot wouldn't go to the first waypoint of the approach. I ended up turning off the autopilot and lining up for the approach manually.
  7. I'm having trouble starting up the GA aircraft. So far I've used the c152 and c172. When I set them up and turn the key (like I do in P3D v4.5), the prop turns, but doesn't fire up. Is there something I have to do in this sim that I didn't have to do in all my passed sims? I can start it with cntrl+E, but that's just the easy way.
  8. does any one have the lua codes for things like anti-collision lights, land taxi rec lights and such? It's nice not having to look allover to click on a switch. PMDG is good about it for the cockpit builders. Anything will help.
  9. I have KBNA for p3dv 4. I discovered that the Taxi J and L taxi bridge that goes over the road near Taxi H for rwy 02R/20L is not in the proper elevation. Is there away to fix this?
  10. Still waiting for my license. Found the other file I had received and there was the license. Going to fly now.
  11. Well the Q400 is out now. I bought it, but haven't had time to try it. I have the PMDGs and A320s. I'll be glad not having to use a mouse to input everything, Just use your fingers like in a real dash 8.😊
  12. I found it and got it updated, now it all works fine. Thanks for the help.
  13. Well, I updated gtn750, which isn't in the 35A. Did a check for updates for REX WX and it said I had the latest update. The 402C and C441 do the same thing also, but I only am using the rex wx radar. Could it be something with the planes themselves? I do have the latest 35A and when there's an update for the 402 or 441 I get notified and update. I'm not sure about the 441, I found out that FSpilotshop.com's license expired on 10/18/19.
  14. I haven't flown my 35A for awhile. For the last few days I went to fly it, but about 20 seconds after it loads p3d v4.5 CTD. I even downloaded the latest version 4.2g. I completely uninstalled the old one and installed fresh. Still after I load the 35A it CTD within about 20 seconds. I also have the C402 and the C441. I haven't tried those yet, but I guess I will now. I don't know what the problem is. I don't have any other planes that does that. This is the first time.
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