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  1. I get error messages for every file it starts to install: Error opening file for writing. I have to pick p3d v2, that's the latest one the installer had. If I don't pick fsx, p3d v1 or p3d v2, just select the folder. It looks like it installs, but no files are in the folder. I tried using fsx and pointing to p3d v4, but nothing was installed. I do still have the install in fsx, but I don't think coping them over would work. I still haven't got ahold of Carenado yet. I've email, but no reply. I was able to install my E50P Phenom.
  2. I just upgraded to p3d v4.4 and want to put my Seneca V into p3d. The problem is it only have an install to p3d v2. I purchased it from Sim-Planet back in November of 14 and they've gone out of business. So if there's an update that will allow it to be put into p3d v4 I don't know where to get it from. I've sent Carenado a submit a request, but I don't know if it was sent. When I hit send it showed a 403 Forbidden error page with cloudflare underneath it. I've been able to install some of my other Carenado planes, cause I purchased them at like Simmarket. Any ideas what to do?
  3. johnk51

    Addons and AFCADs

    I just purchased P3d V4.4 a couple of days ago. I'm wondering where I put library objects, AFCADS/ sceneries and Mess. In FSX there was Addon scenery. I know that like Flightbeam, FSDT create their own folders. I have the latest ADE, but don't know where to put them. And I have all of my library objects I use for FSX there. I didn't see any kind of manual. How do those who has been using p3d for a long time have theirs setup?
  4. johnk51

    737-600, 700 overhead panel messed up

    Doing a repair did the trick. Thanks
  5. My 736 and 737 overhead panels have knobs where they shouldn't be and knobs that don't have click spots. My 738 and 739 planes are working fine. It's mainly the air conditioner system is. And a few other spots. Can it be fixed or should I just reinstall the 600/700 base again. It was working, but I mostly fly 800/900s.
  6. johnk51

    loading flight plan C441

    That's what I've been doing is exporting from littlenavmap to the GTN flight plan folder. Lots of my other aircraft have ground or apu for setting up a flight. And as you said, it doesn't take that long. Thanks.
  7. johnk51

    loading flight plan C441

    How do most of you load your flight plans for the C441 GTN. Do you start the engines first? There is no ground power nor apu power. And you don't start avionics before engine start. I do have littlenavmap, so I can have the flight plane ready to load fairly quickly. But I am sitting there with engines running for awhile.
  8. johnk51

    C402 panel lights

    Yah, now I remember. So many different planes, at my age it's hard to remember all of them.
  9. johnk51

    C402 panel lights

    Is there a switch on the 3d panel to turn on the panel lights? I think it would be strange to have to open the control panel to turn them on.
  10. johnk51

    C402 AP alt pitch

    That did the trick. Thanks
  11. johnk51

    C402 AP alt pitch

    I'll give that a try. Since the scroll wheel is on the pedestal, I don't want to have to pan down to change it, and not able to look out side. I tried to use the ap pitch ref inc up and down, but it didn't work. Still had to use the pitch wheel to change pitch.
  12. johnk51

    C402 AP alt pitch

    I'm trying to add a switch to change the pitch when changing altitude with the AP on. I can't find anything in fsuipc. And I've looked at all the cab files and can't find anything to do with ap pitch. Any one know what the code is for the pitch?
  13. Here's a zip of a short flight I made to day. Again I got the same error. I seem to be unable to upload the file. How do I email it to you.
  14. I use FSBuild to create my flight plans. Now I need to have a gfp format for some of my planes. So when I try to open the fsxse with little navmap I get an error: Caught exception "invalid lat/long format "N49(then a tiny diamond shape with a ? inside. I think it's the degree symbol) then the long degree gets the same error symbol. The thing is when I save the flight plan I put together in little navmap, it has the same symbol for degrees as the ones made by FSBuild. Any reason this is happing? Right now I take my route log from fsbuild and manually put it in navmap the n export it to gfp format.
  15. johnk51

    LJ 35A panel lights GPS problem

    I did buy the Flight1 GTN yesterday. Haven't really got flying with it yet, but I did look at the video at flight1 and it does look good. I guess I've been soiled with PDMGs 737, 777,747. Thanks for all the help. I also have the 402c, and I got that loaded also.