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  1. Gandalf

    Regular stutters every minute.

    Thanks for posting the solution 😊 far too many threads just end with “sorted” with no clue as to how. Regards Alan
  2. Hi Not wishing to go off topic, but is there a definitive thread/list which shows what order sceneries should be? Thanks Alan
  3. Gandalf

    Liverpool John Lennon Airport P3D v4

    Someone really really needs to get out more... 😂 🤣
  4. Gandalf

    How do i ad liveries?

    Think you may have misspelt [fltsim.18]? Or was that a typo...
  5. Gandalf

    Radar Contact

    Thanks, been using RC for years and hadn’t realised this! 😂 Regards Alan
  6. Gandalf

    use at the same time

    Are you using both as weather engines? I use active sky for weather and Rex skyforce for clouds but keep the Rex weather engine turned off. Hope that helps Regards Alan
  7. Gandalf

    Alan Constable 3D sounds

    Hi Dylan Thanks for the reply, just checked the support forum and the last reply from Alan to anyone on there was August 2018... Guess I either forget it or look at a freeware package. Regards Alan
  8. Gandalf

    Alan Constable 3D sounds

    Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated 😎 I’m just rather disappointed at the lack of response from the forum, it’s not as if they’re exactly inundated... Regards Alan ps was there someone who replied earlier in the thread who was a beta tester? Perhaps they could shed some light?
  9. Gandalf

    Alan Constable 3D sounds

    Hi Kand , how easy is it to install? Obviously the paid for product does it all for you, which should save me from totally borking my install 😁 Regards Alan
  10. Gandalf

    Alan Constable 3D sounds

    Hi, Dylan beat me to it! 😂 Tony, thanks for the reply but where can you purchase? All it says is “notify when available” I believe it was released about a year ago and it’s a download so would have thought it should be available? Maybe it’s been withdrawn... Regards Alan
  11. Hi All Been trying to buy the 3D sounds package for UTL from SimMarket but it seems to have disappeared 🙁 Anyone any clues? Also posted on their website but no reply after about a week. Thanks for any help Regards Alan
  12. Gandalf

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    45 million views!!? 🤣
  13. Gandalf

    Any fix for flickering after Win10 1809?

    Damm, the first time ever I could have helped someone and I’m 7 hours too late!! 😂 Had a thread on exactly the same subject a few days ago. Disabling full screen optimisation solved it for me as well. Regards Alan
  14. Gandalf

    ILS landing impossible at EHRD

    Hi, so would you recommend updating the sim? Regards Alan
  15. Gandalf

    Weird flickering

    Apparently that’s true although I don’t have that aircraft. But even without FSO NOT being disabled I had no problem in full screen, only windowed mode Regards Alan