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  1. Hi Just out of interest, are you using AI flow or any other tool to “space” out your AI? That can have the effect of curtailing landings. Cheers G
  2. I think his forum name is Clipper Ocean Spray Cheers G
  3. 👍 happy to help, glad it worked Cheers G
  4. Hi, my AIG traffic controller always starts with a blue screen, I check the en route box, centre on user and show all tracks and zoom the map out. It then shows all flights within a certain radius of your aircraft (not sure what the radius is) Hope that helps Regards G
  5. Oh good, I was hoping someone would ask this so I didn’t have to 😁 Thanks G
  6. Hi All Just discovered this great app (I live under a rock...), congratulations to the developer and testers! I’ve read this thread front to back (and back to front!) and just have a couple of questions. Did the Simstarter integration ever happen? And which is the better “flow program” to use? AI flow works well but appears too aggressive and fs separation only appears to work intermittently on my system, I keep getting an “error in program” message. Many thanks for any help Kind regards G
  7. Thanks for posting. Be interesting to know if this is just aspirational or if there is code already in the works, hopefully the latter... Regards G
  8. Hi All I’ve just reinstalled everything on a new computer and AIG asked if I wanted to turn off the default AI and did it automatically... Cheers G
  9. Hi There was a thread back in May about theses jets you may find the answer you’re looking for there Regards G
  10. Hi The way I do it is to select the airports I use most regularly and google which airlines use those airports. Then bulk select those airlines then install using OCI and sit back and let it do it’s thing. It might take awhile depending on how many airlines have been selected... Hope that helps Regards G
  11. Hi The QW787 has 2d pop out panels Regards G
  12. Hi Bought these at full price, I’m not an expert pilot so won’t comment too much on how it flies, just to say there is another hot fix in the process of being tested and I haven’t flown it in a while. At the price (full) I was disappointed to have to download a utility to open the doors and another utility to calculate v speeds. In addition fuel loading is done via P3d. I personally wouldn’t buy again, but at sale price.... probably not. Regards G
  13. Thanks for that 👍 Plus your tag line always makes me smile...
  14. Thanks for the advice, I’m on 4.5, I do have track IR but unfortunately I don’t think my current rig is up to handling VR, it’s rather outdated by current standards but I’m holding out on upgrading until we see how things shake out with upcoming sims and hardware. The A2A Comanche looks good so I may go for that...
  15. Hi All Firstly many thanks for taking the time to type such detailed and informative replies. The reason for wanting to try GA is more to learn about procedures, especially the use of various navigational aids and so thank you for the recommendations for airplanes and thanks for the links to reading materials. 🙂 Please keep the suggestions coming Regards G
  16. Thanks for the replies thus far guys, very helpful and informative! 👍
  17. Hi All Having used both FSX and P3d almost exclusively for flying ifr in big airliners I thought it time I learnt to fly vfr. Unfortunately I know very little (nothing) about it so was looking for advice on the best set up plane wise, equipment etc for training. Thanks for any help Regards G
  18. Sorry, late in replying. In case you’ve not found it yet open AIG manager, go to tool tab (first left), then settings, then AIGaim-OCI. It opens in general tab, payware tab is next to it. Hope that helps Regards G
  19. Pop over to the AIG forum, there are a couple of threads on the subject. The way I cured it was to go to the payware tab, deselect everything there, make sure then that freeware only is ticked then save and close. Solved the problem for me. Hope that helps Regards G
  20. Thanks for the heads up on this! To be fair the QW787 goes slightly AWOL after a jump, but takes about 2mins to recover. On my way to the library 🤓 Regards G
  21. Hi All Been using the QW787 with the jump ahead feature which I’ve found works very well. I prefer this to time acceleration and was wondering if there was a utility that could add a jump ahead feature to all aircraft? Many thanks Regards G
  22. I would disagree about the difficulty of setting up, a couple of clicks, a couple of logins and you’re done. There was a bug in the last build with regard to freeware and pay ware but that was quickly resolved. ( I don’t use pay ware AI) The other major advantage (for me) is the ability to update both routes and repaints, again with a couple of clicks. I used to use UT Live and well remember the hassle of searching, downloading and installing new models and paints.... and then updating timetables etc 🤕 Also, the program is still in beta so hopefully will continue to be improved and refined Which reminds me... I still haven’t donated, will go and do that now 🙂 Regards G
  23. Thanks for the reply Simbol, absolutely no problem whatsoever, as you rightly say this is wayyy down the list of priorities! Keep safe Regards Alan
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