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  1. Twenty-one years ago, two Flight Simulator enthusiasts had a common wish, to improve the ATC in FS. A programmer in Atlanta met an Air Traffic controller in Memphis and we created a company called JDTLLC. We began working on Radar Contact which became the best FS ATC program available for many years. In 2001, after 6 years of work, Version 4.3 was released. Seventeen years later, after deep soul searching, we decided to give RC away for free, and step away from the business of supporting it. As of January 1st, 2019, we will shutdown the web site, our email, our storage providers, and our e-commerce partner. What this means to our existing customers, and future owners: 1. Radar Contact 4.3 will be available at no charge, by downloading it from my iCloud Drive. Here is the link. 2. JDTLLC will no longer generate keys. We will give you the same tool we use, the Key Generator. You can download it from here. 3. Radar Contact will be supported here on the AVSIM forum. 4. Refunds have already been issued to the customers who purchased RC in the last 3 months. 5. John and Doug will be available, as needed, at jdradarcontact@iCloud.com. Keep in mind, support will be handled here on the forum. During these 21 years, we have encountered tens of thousands of customers, hundreds of supporters and contributors and dozens of beta testers. We will never be able to adequately express our deepest gratitude and thankfulness to each and every one of you. All we can do is say, "Thank You". John Dekker 📫 JDRadarContact@iCloud.com
  2. did you run makerwys.exe or did you click the rebuild rc scenery database button inside the rc app? you have to click the rebuild button inside rc jd
  3. i couldn't find your email address in my records, or your name. but i explained that in the email i sent back to you. if you can help me find the info i need, i can send you a key jd
  4. Please help me! I am finding it difficult to register my product

  5. you must have done something different on the 10th try. computers aren't really finicky. glad it's working.
  6. there is no regsvr64 commandthe directions, for 64 bit, is to go the syswow64 directory and open the dos prompt there, as admin. then type the regsvr32 commands there
  7. what version of windows 7? 32 or 64 bit?when you launch the dos window (click start, type cmd, press ctrl-shift enter? does the dos widow say "Administrator...."did you go to system32 or syswow64?did you type regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll /uany errors?did you type regsvr32 msstdfmt.dllany errors?are you starting rc by right mouse clicking the shortcut or .exe and clicking run as administrator?jd
  8. Show Multiline Window should be ON if you want RC's window on the FS screen, OFF if you are using ShowText instead (whether on the same or a WideFS networked PC). This is really the only one related to RC's menus and operates the window which replaces the old defunct AdvDisplay module.Suppress Single line is only related to single line messages, not just from RC, some quite important, and should normally be left enabled. Here you get things like notifications from Active Sky and Project Magenta and other programs saying they are connected, ready, whatever. Programs which use this for trivial things which you'd like suppressed are usually better disabled using their own options.Suppress Multiline FS is normally suppresed for use with RC, but I don't think it affects its displays.I use ShowText on a networked PC and have the INI options set thus:ShowMultilineWindow=NoSuppressSingleline=NoSuppressMultilineFS=Yes
  9. the topic is pinned at the tippy-top of the forum.
  10. This error message usually means you are missing a particular system file that RC needs to runs. To fix it do the following:The problem is that file system file name is not registered with Windows Open a DOS box (Start|All Programs\Accessories\Command Prompt) (for windows 7 and vista users, click start, type cmd into the search box, and press ctrl-shift-enter, this launches it as admin)for 32 bit users:At the prompt type the following:Cd \windows\system32 (press the enter key)The prompt will change to this:C:\WINDOWS\system32>for 64 bit users:At the prompt type the following:Cd \windows\syswow64 (press the enter key)The prompt will change to this:C:\WINDOWS\syswow64>Type the following:regsvr32 /u msstdfmt.dll (enter missing system file name herethen type the following:regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll (enter missing system file name here
  11. yes, you have to open the dos window as admin.that is what happens when you type cmd, and press ctrl-shift-enter. a little trick learned from vista, and carried over to windows 7you can also click start, accessories, right mouse click on the dos prompt icon, then click run as administratoralso, msstdfmt.dll needs to be in the \syswow64 directoryfinally, if all else fails, open dos window as adminnavigate to \syswow64 directorytype regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll /uthen typeregsvr32 msstdfmt.dlljd
  12. in the hopes the next time a person with 64 bit, 713 error, will read thisClick start, type cmd in the search box, then press ctrl-shift-enterAt the prompt type the following:Cd %systemroot%\syswow64 (press the enter key)The prompt will change to this:C:\WINDOWS\syswow64>Type the following:regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll (enter missing system file name here
  13. sorry, i don't have the files to upload anywhere.maybe when the avsim library, nick can upload them again.jd
  14. read them, fly them. you will enjoy rc much more, once you understand some of the beauty under the coversjd
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