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  1. I just got RC4 installed last night running Win8.1 64-bit, initially had the msstdfmt.dll error but fixed that. Everything seems to work fine, but interfacing Flight Commander and MCE has been a bit of a challenge I have yet to master. I'm using WideFS and it connected fine with FSX on the Master PC, but MCE is not seeing RC4. But to answer your question, yes, it runs fine on Win 8.1, 64-bit. Bob M
  2. My apologies to JD and the Support team for my impatience. Regards, Bob M.
  3. Thanks for all of the help, I just got six responses from JD to my registration requests. I went back and checked, all were formatted correctly, at least when they left my outbox. Thanks again for the support... now the adventure truly begins. Its a very large manual
  4. The first email, (now a total of 4) were sent to the 'register@...' and the follow-up, (now total of 2) were sent to 'jd@...'. I followed the pinned post above for email format as well as sending direct from the registration screen. Edit; It seems that both responses, (from Register@ and JD@) were computer generated, ie. the wording was the same. Sorry for being cryptic, but, I'm trying not to post addresses online. :ph34r:
  5. Ray, thanks for the suggestion on ASN, I will try that. I do hope to enjoy RC4, but as of yet, unsuccessful in obtaining a registration key. I see that both you and Ron are noted as RC Support Team, maybe you can help... I made sure my email format was correct when sending to [register 'at' jdcllc] (yes I do use @), The response I receive is: I am unable to find your email address in my records, and cannot process your key request Please request your key with an email from the same email address you used when you purchased Radar Contact If you have a new email address, please send your updates to: jd 'at' jdtllc.com So I then sent a email to that address. Subject= User data update and RCV4 key request Along with a screen shot of the registration screen (.jpg) and my SWREG Order Receipt (.pdf). And I again get a response stating the same failure. What else can I do? I've been trying since Saturday. Thanks for your help.. Regards, Bob M
  6. Ron and Ray - Thanks for the replies! No intent to run it on both, just that the key request failed and thought that trying on the server PC added to the problem. I have FSUIPC and WideFS purchased and installed. Currently successfully using FS Commander on the client. I hope I don't confuse JD with my multiple requests. I currently have MCE, REX4 and ActiveSky Next on the Server PC, Only FS Commander on the client. Thanks again, Bob M Edit: and have Makerwys installed too.
  7. Just purchased Radar Contact yesterday... The plan was to install it on a 'client' PC but the Key Request came back as a failure, email address was 'not able to be found'. Though it was sent with the correct email address. Thought maybe the problem was the 'client' PC, so I installed RC onto the FSX 'Server' PC and resulted in the same email response "Key Request - Failure" due to email address not on record. Sent an email to jd 'x at x' jdtllc.com with purchase details, but no response yet. (understandably - we'll give it time because of the weekend). But I also have a question as to which PC I can install on. I want to install on to the 'client' assuming that will work ok, but the Registration Request Screen produces a different Product ID than the 'server' PC. I believe that the Licensing info stated I can install on two pc's if there is only ONE user. How will this work if two different Product ID's are generated? I assume the Key (when ultimately received) will only work on one PC, to match the Product ID. Am I wrong?
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