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  1. Hi Ray. If I'm not mistaken, you can edit the weight of the passengers in the PFPX. It's there in the options menu. But as far as I know you can't edit in NGX. What I do on my flights is this: I simply use ZFW from PFPX and I enter it into the FMC. So I let the FMC figure out how much of this will be passenger and cargo. In this way I fly within the parameters of what was calculated in the PFPX. I hope I could help. Best regards Cristiano Mueller
  2. Keven; A thousand apologies. I had read about it in the manual, but I had not understood how to do it. Please forget what I wrote in the post above. I was wrong, I admit. Thanks for posting the video, things have now gotten a lot easier really. Outstanding work!! Best regards Cristiano Mueller
  3. Hi guys, this is my only "complaint" about ChasePlane. If you use the example of PMDG 747, seven variants of -400, re-designate all hotkeys again, for all internal and external cameras is an ungrateful job. Even if we take the NGX (with its -600, -700, -700WL, -800, -800WL, -900, -900WL), it's a large amount of cameras that need re-designing. Apart from what I wrote up there, I think it's one of the best addons ever made, wonderful. It certainly made our life a lot easier, but it could make it easier if it let us import "all" the parameters of a camera. Best regards Cristiano Mueller
  4. Hi GooseAviation and guys; I found the cause of my problem. I had the "affinitymask" line in p3d.cfg. Don't ask me why it was there, but it was there. When I removed it, everything was back to normal again. I did this in v4.2. The 4.3 version was released days before I went on a trip, and as I only came back days ago, I have not tested it yet in the new version. As soon as I do, I post the result here. Best regards Cristiano Mueller
  5. Hi guys; I'm encountering the same problem. When I click on the side views (head for left and right, for example), I have the stutters. I can't see a drop in FPS, for me they are the same. If I close ChasePlane, and use space+mouse, the movement is smooth. Then, when I restart ChasePlane, everything is working again, no stutters. I'm using beta version and ChasePlane starts with P3D (v4.2). I continue to search if I have suddenly done some wrong setup in the scenarios or something similar. What I notice, is that in cockpits with larger glazed area (F22 for example) this happens more than in airplanes with more "closed" cockpit (PMDG for example). Best regards Cristiano Mueller
  6. My guess? NGX V2 with split scimitar. That's it. Best regards.
  7. Hi guys! I'm using Alpha Experimental since yesterday (currently at 0.1.545v) and I'm loving it. But just to give you science, I want to relate two events: 1. first, the bad one. My external cameras are not working throught the shortcuts. I can select "external view" and the navigate throught the cameras. But I can't select one particularly ( for exemple Crtl+Shft+1 for one especific camera). I have re-created the shortcuts, but I did not succeed. 2. second, the good one. My HAT Switch is now working like "keys" and I can assign the views there. Thank you!! That's all. Good work, guys! I'm loving it! Cheers Cristiano Mueller
  8. Hi molleh; Did you try to rename "MD-11F.air" to "MD-11F.AIR" and "MD-11.air" to "MD-11.AIR" in SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG_MD11F and SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG_MD11 folders? This worked for me. Cheers.
  9. Hi guys; I searched here in the forum about it, and I didn't find anything about this. The question is: When I export all cameras from, let's say, -600 NGX for -700 NGX, all settings are exported, except the keyboard (and/or joystick) shortcuts. Is there a way to export the shortcuts together? I'm asking this because, let's say again I have 20 cameras in -600NGX, and I want to export these cameras to -700, -800, -900 and 777 and MD-11. In this example, if I have only keyboard shortcuts, I will have to assign 100 shortcuts again!! And if I have joystick shortcuts together, it will be a looong work!!! By the way, CP is getting better and better every update. Wonderfull addon!!
  10. Hi Keven; I'm using a Logitech Force 3D Pro. I just installed the last version os CP, and the issue continues. I can assign any button of the joystick for any camera, but the HAT doesn't work "as a button" for me. I always used the HAT to "look forward, look down, left and right", it's easier when you are landing. For now I'm using the num pad. Thanks for your quick reply, Keven. You're working hard, man!!!
  11. Hi guys; When I bought the product, it was in version 0.1.25. The fact is that until version 0.1.55 (the last one I flew a couple of days ago), I could never save the settings of the HAT as a button. I select the desired setting, click on confirm, but when returning to the Controls Assignments, the red - Blank - button continues as it was. It is as if nothing has been saved. With the keyboard, this does not occur.
  12. Hi guys; v0.1.47 installed and, at least for me, no more fsx_se.cfg issue. Thank you very very much!
  13. WOW!!!!!!!! I'm at work now... one more reason to go home earlier!!! Thank you very much!
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