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  1. Introducing New Lufthansa Cargo Livery

    The livery looks fantastic in P3D v4. Thanks for rolling this out.
  2. Understood. Thanks. Sounds like PMDG just needs to push a new set of profiles at some point and overwrite the old.
  3. Good question. The bandage fix by loading default panel state then customizing is one thing and won't be hard to follow, but once this is done - does it clear the bug and we can load long turn, short turn and the rest w/out this yellow light?
  4. Hi: Press the H key for carb heat. P3D /FSX can't tell between carburated and injected engines. As soon as you press H, the engine will jump back to life.
  5. Same. I jumped the gun on the purchase. These guys are on top of their stuff though. I'm not too worried about the Q400 catching up.
  6. I have the same exact problem. It all spools down, then starts back up. However - I'm also having the same issue in the TFDi 717 ... (less the successful and immediate restart of the systems) Kyle - you may have nailed the issue .. in part. After flying a Cessna 206, I saw the mixture knob go out to lean cutoff for no reason whatsoever. I checked all my axis mapping in P3D and FSUIPC and can say for sure my Yoke, pedals, TQ6 throttles don't have any mappings to mixture. So it doesn't seem to be a conflicting axis, but it's certainly caused by the mixture being cutoff. I'll keep digging. Hey Jason - do we have any hardware in common? Saitek Yoke, AV8R Joystick, Saitek Pedals, TQ6ADV Throttle, VRinsight overhead?
  7. Anyone know of another source for the change logs? I did the update, but now I'm interested in what was fixed.
  8. P3D v4.1 Released

    Everything good on my end with 4.1. Reinstalled client, content, and scenery one at a time by uninstalling and installing. Tested the NG, 744, and 777. All smooth. Looking forward to rain effects on the windscreen one day.
  9. [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    I had to look that up. Damn you Boston College.
  10. This is so worth accidentally installing the Bing Bar.
  11. FsSteam to Prepare3D V4

    Chris: Not helpful and rude ... as usual. Jack - It's an expensive transition, but well worth it in the end. Somewhere in the forum is a pretty long explanation of why PMDG chose not to have a license transfer from FSX to P3D if you're curious about the details. The short answer is no - you can't transfer. Good luck and welcome to P3D.
  12. Bypass the 773 for the NGX for P3D v4

    Hey David. Sorry to jump in but why you would question his logic. It's not that puzzling. He wants to fly a 737. People have very personal reasons why they choose routes and aircraft. Maybe virtual SWA frowns on landing a 777-300 in KBUR. I was happy to see the question even though the answer was going to be obvious.
  13. Chris. I get it. The MD-11 is old and perhaps it can't be converted easily. I also realize PMDG's standards for an ultra-high quality and comprehensive product wouldn't be met. Do I think it should be a major development effort and we go through he painful wait and previews and beta tests while the real aircraft slowly goes out of service? No. But if they were willing to throw it out there, using code, conversions, or magic.. I'd take it without thinking twice. I'd be willing to pay and it would be one of my favorite aircraft in the hangar. It's a solid aircraft and looks great for its age. (just like me).