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  1. Thanks to everyone who responded. Really appreciate your input. I will move forward and purchase PMDG NGXu!!!!
  2. I would like to transition to the NGXu. I have a JetMax B737 TQ. that uses FSUIPC5. What issues if any exist with FSUIPC5 and PMDG NGXu
  3. Completely agree Michael. I would love to have another SWA destination.
  4. Filled in all the blanks and checked all the boxes. When I click on purchase it does not transition to paypal
  5. Recently I placed Fs9 and FSX on the same computer as a new installation. Followed the instructions per David Marshall for a Win 7 64 bit system dual installation. I have to say that the Fs9 side operates great but my computer was simply not up to the task of operating FSX from a performance perspective. I reinstalled FlyTampa TNCM, KBOS, VHHX, and KBUF both for FS9 and FSX. I now have multiple scenery library listings for those scenery's in FS9. VHHX and KBUF are fully functional. KBOS will show only the default scenery and TNCM leaves me a "grass field" with no airport scenery in sight. Any help would be greatly appreciated concerning this matter.
  6. Recently purchased a new rig. I have been able to run all my previous scenery's that I was using in XP in Win7 except FlightZone Portland. It ran once and since then a window pops up stating that FS must close due to an error. I am using only default scenery in this area and 55 or so scenery addons. Not terribly computer savvy so any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated
  7. Just recently replaced my old laptop with a desktop. Windows 7 64 bit, AMD Athelon II 255 3.1 Ghz processor, 5GB ram ATI 5770 graphics card, and 650 GB hard drive. Using FS2004. I have reinstalled well over 75 different sceneries from numerous vendors including FlightZone01 Rhode Is. with out a problem except for one. Reinstalled FlightZone02 from Flight 1 website without any indication that the software did not install properly.I start FS9 and then click to run KPDX. A windows box then pops up stating it cannot finish loading because of a problem. Thanks for any advice anyone could provide concerning this issue
  8. Looking for Gary Widup's KSTL. To date have found only dead links to this scenery.
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