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  1. I'm getting old and have begun to forget things. A friend of mine advised me to write memos on a pocket notebook. I started doing so back in Oct 9th 2016 and then forgot where I put the notebook. Yeah!! 😃...guess what? I found the old notebook and my last memo was: "CHECK AIRLINE2SIM POST IN AVSIM FORUM" - 13,800 hours since my last post. ??????
  2. Hi Stephen, I just recently successfully fully un-installed FSX Gold version and installed FSX Steam edition. All is working well (and better). I have installed REX4 and many ORBX as well as Plan-G. I was already running FSI v5.22.1 and without uninstalling just change the FSX path. All was working ok to this point. The problem: I upgraded to version 5.22.4 only to fail. The installation fails to see my license (both folders -opus and fsx- are shared). In the configuration window, when choosing the fsx folder, only Prepar3D is given as an option??? (I don't have it). Check the following images and see if you can help. Thank you. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgezjg1wrevjquk/Opus1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/u58g1wgvrd1t117/Opus2.jpg?dl=0
  3. Hi guys, I have not forgotten you yet; it has been over a year now since our request. Any news? Best regards.
  4. Hi Guys, Congratulations on the launch of the 777 but, where is chapter 13. This is becoming like the UN resolutions (running now into 4 figure numbers!). All of my best wishes for this New Year. Good day for Ch.13: FRI 13th Jan 2017 Cool, don't you think!
  5. I, joining Hippo in his plea, will wait patiently for the 13th module... Josh, stop playing with A320s and come back to work! Thanks.
  6. Hi, Having troubles with your website. I managed now to log in. Tried to send you a message via "Contact Us" but it seems not to work.
  7. Hi, I have logged over 1,000 hours on-line with the Dodo. I exclusively use FSX but have installed it for friends in their P3D 2.4 platforms using Post #5 above with success. My hardware is as follows: CYCLIC: Saitek X52 joystick (Spring has been modified to zero effect - compressed) and sits on chair between knees. COLLECTIVE: Saitek X52 throttle (Very aggressive hardware modification to resemble RW collective) OVERHEAD PANEL: diy using a keyboard internal board and micro-switches, again to resemble the RW version PEDALS: Saitek Combat Pedals (A must if your want to replicate RW behaviour) OTHER: 2x Saitek Radio Panels (Nice to have...) 1x Saitek Switch Panel (Nice to have...) FSUIPC: Either version, free or paid. I suggest the paid version and then set all your controls and switches with it. Good luck. No pics...
  8. Email me. I have the same problem but I kept the 5.63 version in a ZIP file. I'll email you back with the attachment.

    Bob from RC Simulations called to let me know that he will be having the DVD version in a few days and he will sell it at a discount price for those in his database.



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