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  1. I've used PF3 for a while. I like it. Tried Pilot2ATC and for some reason didn't get on with it. I much prefer the accents in PF3. If you use SIDs and STARS I believe P2ATC may be more flexible but it's not really an issue for me.
  2. No, it's really not. When you can't see Canary Wharf from EGLC or Tower Bridge from Canary Wharf n a clear day, that's not haze. When you can't see the runway at a number of airports on a similarly clear day until you're right on top of it, that's not haze either.
  3. I experienced this on my first flight post SU7 too. Hasn't happened again since but I'm expecting it back!
  4. Nope. Its in the UK too. After taking off from London City, I couldn't word not allowed Canary Wharf until I was right on top of it and from there couldn't see Tower Bridge. The haze is everywhere.
  5. For me they seem to have undone all the good work from SU6 that fixed the performance issues in SU5. I've lost between 7-10 frames and when you're trying to keep them at around 30FPS, you really notice a drop of 10 frames. More stuttering and a little screen tearing. If I reduce the terrain LOD to 100 I get my frames back but the popping objects that were so prevalent after SU5 reappear. So whatever they did in SU6 they seem to have undone it, intentionally or not, with this update.
  6. Another flight into EGTK today. METAR said visibility 9999 but I couldn't see the runway until I was a mile or less from it because of the haze.
  7. I has an experience similar to your first shot yesterday flying into egtk. Apparently 10 miles visibility but couldn't see the airport until I was virtually on top of it. This is going to make life very difficult.
  8. I too have this issue with a checkerboard image at the top 10% or so of the screen when looking around after about 20 minutes or so. Lost frames too. Not sure exactly how many as they're all over the place at the minute, possibly 7-10 frames down. On occasions it looks great but most of the time there are visual issues of some sort that weren't there before.
  9. First impressions after spending over 7 hours downloading the Sim update and content manager updates. The Bad: 1. Loss of frames of between 5-10FPS 2. Much more stuttering and now screen tearing too 3. TrackIR - not yet stopped working for me but it's certainly less accurate than before, for example rather than pressing the buttons to change frequency in the TBM, you now need to point to the top right of the button to get them to work. The Good: 1. The issue with 100% loading times for me seems to have been resolved. 2. The annoying Parking Brake warning bleep can now be turned off. For me the bad outweighs the good and in some respects return me to the bad old days after SU5. The fixes to stuttering and improved frame subsequently introduced have all disappeared. I'm not interested in Reno Air Races so, not for the first time, I wish they'd have left it alone. UPDATE: Forgot to mention that objects popping in at close range is back and I have now experienced the TrackIR stopping mid flight.
  10. Just over 6 hours later, the update has finished ... onto the Content manager now!!
  11. 🤬 why do they break stuff that works perfectly well? TrackIR is a key component for me when using MSFS. Have they got some deal with Tobii Eye or something?
  12. Not for me ... 37% after 2 hours now!!! Chugging along at 12mbs
  13. 10% in 30 minutes for me 🙄. It's going to be another long night.
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