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  1. (Your MSFS Path) \Official\OneStore\ (target aircraft) \SimObjects\Airplanes\ (target aircraft) \flight_model.cfg
  2. This worked for me. In the G36 I changed to 0.30 0.20 and left the rudder at 1.0 I might tinker with them a little more but for now it's much better. Thanks
  3. I've had this for ages. On a world tour and have flown through Asia where there were thunderstorms with minimal cloud about 30% of the time and now I'm flying south from North West Australia and there is barely a cloud in the sky but a raging thunderstorm going on without the rain. It's just ridiculous really.
  4. Still got lightning constantly. Currently flying south from Brisbane, weather reports show clear skies, I've got patchy clouds and thunder and lightning.
  5. Me too. Also still have my issues with keyboard mappings not working correctly which happened after the previous patch.
  6. Mine does all sorts of weird things. If I press CTRL+SPCAE to reset the view on an external view it works fine but if I do it in the cockpit, it goes to 'Landing View' even though it's the same command set up in the settings. If I move the view around externally, it snaps back to reset view, if I do it internally, it's fine. The L key toggles the lights but ignores the Landing Lights and the default view keyboard commands don't work so I've had to change them, All since the last patch.
  7. Not surprising. The last update did some very wired things to the key assignments. Mine have been screwed right up and I can't fix them. I raised it with zendesk and they said it'd be fixed in an upcoming patch. They didn't say which patch and I'm hoping it's the next one.
  8. My logbook doesn't seem to be updating since the last patch. Anyone else? Two flights, one not there at all and the second shows landing [in the vicinity] of the airport I took off from even though the flight was about 75 miles.
  9. The thunder/lightning issue is improved but not completely resolved. Flying through SE Asia, blue skies, scattered clouds and thunder and lightning. Not a storm cloud in sight. Not as intense as before but there's still the odd rumble of thunder and flash of lightning.
  10. The sim no longer seems to recognise the hat switch as an input. When I click in the input box, nothing happens. I can select it from the drop down list but it has no effect in the sim. Something has definitely broken since the last patch.
  11. Actually, I take that back. The ability to assign keys to an action appears completely stuffed. On occasions I'm unable to assign anything as the input populated with a random selection of keys and no matter how many times you clear it, the same keys get prepopulated. The assignments I previously made only seem to work intermittently. The last patch definitely broke something.
  12. Because I don't want to take my hand off the joystick while I'm flying. I have the keystrokes mapped to the pov switch on my joystick. I seem to have got around the problem now by using a rather convoluted combination of keystrokes to map to the joystick. Bottom line though is that the arrow keys no longer appear to be recognised by the sim which is unfortunate as they're the default for move views around.
  13. It hasn't fixed the issue regarding the cockpit and external views that the last patch caused. The sim no longer recognises the key combinations required to change the cockpit and external views. i.e. SHIFT-LEFT which is a bit of a nightmare so no looking around from in or out of the cockpit.
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