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  1. Hi Jim Just to let you know I followed the instructions and all works fine now :Applause: . Many thanks for the solution to this. I still find it hard to believe that Carenado haven't done something to fix this though. It's OK selling a cargo expansion pack but not if you can't get your cargo out :rolleyes: . Anyway, thanks again Cheers Mike
  2. Wow! That was quick...I only posted my message less than half an hour ago. I'll give this a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on. Many thanks for this Jim and for your very prompt reply. Cheers Mike
  3. Hi Jim, I seem to be the latest one to have bought the C208 with doors that don't work! I've read this thread and it seems to have been an issue for about 3 years. You would have thought that Carenado might have made a patch for this by now! Anyway, I wonder whether you'd be kind enough to share your solution with me? Many thanks Mike
  4. HelloI just started to get this problem today too. I've tried restarting FSX but it keep happening while in VC view.Badger PS I've just noticed that 'Windows Update' updated my GTX285 driver over the weekend to so I wonder if this is as a result of that? I can't find anything else that's changed that may be causing this. Is anyone else with this problem using this driver?
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