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  1. kiwikat

    New 310R from Milviz

    Any idea when she's going to be ready for the masses again? I've got a bit of open floor waiting for her. :)
  2. I'll second the exterior sounds. Doesn't sound like any MD-80 I've ever flown on or heard at my local airport. They're by far the loudest plane at my airport (Allegiant). The other thing I'd like to add is performance. Unfortunately I'm not seeing the good frame rates others are. During takeoff I was getting 15-20 fps. It did improve to around 35-40 in the air, but overall it places the maddog somewhere between the FS Labs Airbus and the PMDG planes, whereas others are seeing it about even with the PMDG offerings. I'll mess with settings a little bit, but the rest of my sim is pretty reliable right now. I'm really impressed by the overall fidelity and solidness. You can really tell that tons and tons of hours of work went into her, both on the development and testing sides!
  3. kiwikat

    Orbx 2018 Roadmap

    Oh that's cute, they think people are going to pay for photoreal scenery for X-Plane. What I'd really like to see is an ORBX Global equivalent for X-Plane, replacing all of the awful default textures so the world with new HD Mesh v4 looks better. Ortho4XP is really nice but isn't feasible to cover the whole world, not to mention all the inconsistencies with ortho imagery. Not really excited about the P3D stuff at all. I wish they'd expand eastward with the regular region packs and cover the Midwest US and Great Lakes areas instead of rehashing existing ones.
  4. kiwikat

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 coming October 23 for P3D v4

    She's definitely a beaut! Easily one of the best addons available on any sim platform. It felt wonderful reinstalling her last night. Hoping to get a chance to fly again soon. I hesitate to call many planes "must-haves" but I really feel that way about this one.
  5. kiwikat

    LM Officially announces event tomorrow

    I'll give the "no comms approach" a try here in my IT department and see how far it gets me. Project planning and estimating are very basic functions of any development team. While they're not perfect, Laminar does a much better job of keeping the community up to speed with X-Plane. There are dev blogs, live streams, and a pretty good presence in the community. Elsewhere, I feel like Blizzard does an excellent job keeping their communities up to speed on what's going on with their various games. Obviously most sim devs don't have anywhere near the resources of someone like Blizzard, but I still don't feel like that's a valid excuse for the relatively poor communication we see in this community.
  6. kiwikat

    LM Officially announces event tomorrow

    Well that was completely useless. Why do an AMA if you’re not going to answer anything? Sigh, maybe someday flight sim developers will figure out this whole communication thing.
  7. kiwikat

    Just flight hawk

    Great news! I've been waiting for a light jet to fly around in P3D with. Will be picking this up within a few hours.
  8. kiwikat

    Best small jet for v4?

    Absolutely this. It beats the Carenado stuff with its eyes closed. Don't waste your money on anything else in the meantime. The Eaglesoft jets will almost certainly be worth it once out as well.
  9. kiwikat

    RealAir turbine Dke for FSX in P3D4?

    THANK YOU a million times!
  10. kiwikat

    FMC CDU for PDMG737 on iPad

    Virtual Avionics says on their support page that they are working on compatibility with v4. There is no ETA listed however. I've got all of their iPad products so I'm definitely looking forward to the update.
  11. kiwikat

    Early Release Comments

    What on earth... can you guys confirm that we're STILL seeing the FPS drop with the mouse cursor? Seriously!?
  12. kiwikat

    Just 2 days away from the Historic Day !

    Sure glad my upgraded internet kicked in recently.
  13. kiwikat

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    As someone who recently hauled FSX out behind the shed and put it out of its misery and switched to XP11, I'm hoping this will be an opportunity to enjoy my old addons going forward. I'm aware that most, if not all will not be directly compatible, but I would expect the major developers to release updated versions of their best sellers. It has yet to be seen which platform is THE single way forward. Perhaps there will no longer be a singular solution as there had been for decades. My wallet weeps.
  14. kiwikat

    Is VR the reason for the delay?

    The resolution is dictated by the VR hardware, not the simulator software. Since VR screens are way closer to the eye than traditional LCD monitors or even your phone, much, much higher DPIs are required to avoid aliasing. I would guess that not even the second generation of current VR tech is going to please most flight simmers. It is going to take a pretty sizable leap in screen tech as well as graphics processing to make people truly happy with VR in the flight simulation environment.