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  1. It's awesome that you can add so much to this sim without spending an extra dime. Hope you enjoy your time with it! I feel like it's finally headed in the right direction since the last update. They addressed a lot of things that were targeted towards the more serious hobbyists vs. casual fliers. It's really the first time since December 2019 that I've felt even a bit convinced that they're in this for the long haul.
  2. I wouldn't consider the CRJ a must buy when the WT CJ4 is available for free. Grab their G1000 and G3000 mods as well. The Grravel cubs are about as much fun as you can have in the sim, and also free. If you absolutely need to spend money, the Justflight arrows are both well worthwhile. The little Ryan ST-A is tons of fun, as are the FlyingIron Spitfire and Milviz Corsair. The CJ4 is the best jet available for the sim bar none. I'm hoping the FBW A320 will be able to join it in a couple months once they get the new navigation system in place and it matures just a tad more.
  3. Paid 18 dollars. Download mechanism doesn't work. 🥱🙈
  4. I'm hoping for a large cabin biz jet someday. The CJ4 is more than good enough for the small jets.
  5. I've not been a fan of the weather system in this sim since the tech alpha. If they can't figure this thing out soon they need to open it up to devs who can. Active Sky has been a staple of our community for ages, let them at it.
  6. It was corrected but seems to be a problem again. I've run into it a couple times since the last sim update.
  7. OMG they uttered the phrase "Cirrus Clouds". I've been trying to get them to do that for 18 months now. 😇
  8. I see no joke anywhere. But we can't talk about that. 🤐
  9. Another complaint that's been around for almost 18 months now... 🙃
  10. I mean you can have everything else working exactly like the real plane, but if lateral and vertical navigation aren't working right, it doesn't really matter. I'll fly the heck out of it once they get those pieces fitted in from workingtitle. I am glad they are working on that now.
  11. Until they redo the way internal flightplans work with the logic from WT, this plane will remain a frustration to me. CJ4 all the way!
  12. For the first time in months I'm getting performance approaching what I had at launch. Not sure what they did but I'm happy to have my FPS back. WT CJ4 is working wonderfully as well.
  13. Any time I feel bad about the sim I fire up the WT CJ4 and it turns that frown upside down. What an epic accomplishment and so early in the sim's lifetime.
  14. I would also suspect blackshark.ai had something to do with it. It wouldn't actually be that difficult to create ML algorithms to detect clouds. Replacing what is below them with something reasonable is a bit more tricky. I think sometimes they just put in generic textures rather than doing something like Adobe does with photoshop where it actually uses algorithms to predict what should be there. The fact that they were able to run the entire world through these algorithms both for clouds and color cleaning as well as building/tree generation is incredible and a testament to cloud computing.
  15. The Corsair is really well done! I think the spitfire needs a few more QoL changes but it's pretty cool too.
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