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  1. Yes, there's also that, which I completely understand. I've had an FB account since 2008 so it's too late for me. Damage is done. 🙂
  2. The advantages of the oculus HMDs compared to the HP Reverbs are bigger sweetspot (the edges of the image isn't as clear as the center), significantly better and easier software and setup,better performance (at the cost of lower res, of course) and of course price. Half the price or less of a G2. It doesn't seem like G2 is worth it since everyone is upscaling using the OpenXR Toolkit to get acceptable performance. If you have to do that you might as well get the Oculus and save yourself a bundle.
  3. The important thing is that everything looks good in the FMS of the actual plane. Nevermind what world map says. Maybe it can't handle different configs for the same livery and only reads the default setup. With PMDG the sim's own fuel planning and route planning is irrelevant.
  4. Just tried setting up the BBJ with maximum tanks - no problem here. EKCH to WSSS. No insufficuent fuel.
  5. Pretty sure both panels have the button. You can also use "Descend Now" in the Decent page in the FMS.
  6. Strange. It should have worked, one would think. I have the same setup except I use the "hold" instead of "toggle" and it just worked right of the bat.
  7. You get used to it. Everything on the controllers are right there in front of you. Just align it with the yoke in VR and reach out and grab it and there it is. Keyboard is another matter. It's best to map things to big keys like Enter, Alt, Ctrl, numpad, Space etc., that can be found easily without looking. And sometimes, you just have to lift the headset up for a second. But mostly you don't need the keyboard at all. Just point and click with the mouse. As to the OP, yes, it is beautiful. Like being there, truely and in such a pretty platform like MSFS it's fantastic. The flightsim I always wanted since I started as a kid in the 80s is here.
  8. I find that press+hold and the use the throttle axis works pretty well. I mapped it to a button reachable with my thumb. Prefect. I prefer to the FSX/P3D way.
  9. Far be it for me to claim to be an expert on the G1000, but consider also that there's a difference between "coupled" VNAV and "advisory" VNAV. With the former the automatics will actually decend the plane, the latter is just a reference. If you're trying to capture a glide path, you use approach mode, not VNAV. So, with that in mind, does the G1000 even have coupled VNAV?
  10. I haven't noticed anything besides the windows resizing thing. Performance and visual quality is the same on my machine.
  11. I don't delete the cache. Alas, I have no idea if it helps or not.
  12. Could be a photogrammetry issue. The buildings looking "old" could be that they don't completely load.
  13. I've tried it now with the Rift S. I noticed zero difference.
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