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  1. The crazy water reflections appear when you have no reflection checked in the settings. I suggest checking at least user aircraft. It should get rid of it. Other than that, as someone said, be reasonable with AA settings. That's the worst nighttime killer.
  2. GSX and Sode always is a bit wonky. Some times it works, sometimes it doesn't. And then works again for some reason
  3. Try launching AS before loading your flight, or even launching P3D itself. I do this, and I've never had this problem.
  4. The clouds come back when AS inject new weather, which it does every 15 minutes by default
  5. Yes This does not not look normal. Clear your shaders and let them rebuild. Are you using Envshade? If so, make sure you have updated to the latest version and reaaply your modifications after you have cleared your old shaders.
  6. ASP3D should handle the clouds, meaning it should remain unticked as it was by default.
  7. No. That's not it. You have the stable version of ASP3D. You need to go to HIFI's download page and download and install the beta version. It will have an additional setting for 'enable detailed clouds' here. Tick it, and the clouds will improve dramatically.
  8. In "simulator depiction", I believe. Also, I would reduce LOD radius. Proably contributes a lot to your stutters. I only use medium myself. In VR you can't see very much detail in the distance anyway so you'll lose nothing.
  9. I've always found that increasing autogen draw distance beyond medium causes all kinds of instabilities and scenery loading issues. Not always CTDs but there's always something. Stuttering, pauses, blurries etc. As a result, I keep it at medium. It's mostly fine anyway from inside the cockpit, where I spend 99% of my time. You mostly only see the sharp line where the autogen ends with external views.
  10. Make sure you have the latest beta version of ASP3D and enable detailed clouds. I think it's enough to use medium cloud resolution in VR with the Rift S. It will save you some FPS. Other than that, there's not much to do that is different from legacy.
  11. It's probably just short cuts. They set each view to a key on the keyboard.
  12. Have you tried to enable detailed clouds in the ASP3D beta? It gets rid of the soft featureless clouds. btw, I just flew into FAOR and I've never seen P3D look so good. Fantastic clouds and the orbx Africa landclass + photreal mesh looks fantastic. Too bad I have no decent FAOR airport
  13. Light rain is not very visible in real life so I would consider that accurately depicted by EA. How often does one ask oneself "is it raining"? You go to the window and check and you can't see anything, yet the ground is wet. Or if you're out walking, you usually feel the rain first before you see it, especially if it's light. Or you're driving, the first you notice is the drops on the windscreen. I think people are just used to the big MS Paint rendered lines coming down from the sky and then conclude there's no rain when they don't see anything. Compounded by the fact that many addons don't have windshield effects.
  14. I'm curious. What's considered inaccurate with EA? I've heard people complain about only one cloud layer being rendered but I had 3 distinct layers flying out of Singapore a few days ago (as just one example). It matched what AS said there should be. Is it the type of clouds being rendered? Surely, the winds would be correct with EA on? I've heard people complain about rain and snow, but I have rain and snow when I expect there to be.
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