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  1. andreh

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    I had a similar problem with the NGX years ago - no FSUIPC. As I recalled it was a corrput panel state that caused it.
  2. andreh

    A2A made me sick

    Now try it in VR!
  3. andreh

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    Couldn't imagine flying without Chaseplane. Works with VR as well.
  4. andreh

    ORBX oposite textures P3dV4

    This night textures appearing during the day and vice versa.
  5. andreh

    Correct Go Around Procedure

    Nose up, thrust up, gear up, flaps up - follow missed approach procedure on chart. Simplified, obviously. I'm sure someone more qualified will give you a more detailed explanation.
  6. andreh

    Aircraft shakes during pushback with GSX

    I obviously meant funny as in "curious", not funny as in "haha, you have problems with your aircraft, njya, njya..."
  7. andreh

    Aircraft shakes during pushback with GSX

    Funny how it only happens to some people, though
  8. andreh

    Aircraft shakes during pushback with GSX

    Something must be causing it.I'd be curious to know if the people experiencing this are using another addon in between such as FSUIPC that may interfere. Some people definitely got around the problem by pressurizing after push. Never heard the tap the breaks solution, but whatever works.
  9. andreh

    Aircraft shakes during pushback with GSX

    This may have something to do with a conflict between GSX and the aircraft's hydralics. I've seen this mentioned a few times for the 777. If you turn hydralics on before pushback it may shake. Seems to happen to some users but not to others. I always turn on hyrdalics before push on 777 and I've never epxerienced any shaking. Maybe FSUIPC is involved? Seems to be involved with a lot of "issues" and I don't use it so maybe that's why I never have this problem.
  10. andreh


    I think it's a matter of having the settings too high for most part. You didn't list your settings so I don't know what you mean with "turning the settings down" In the sim get rid of all settings that will tax the GPU as it's already working extra hard with the VR - get rid of all settings that won't make a difference in VR. The resolution is low so added clarity of textures won't give you much anyway. I turned off shadows - especially the ones you will barely even see from the cockpit in VR, like external airframe shadows. I only have internal cockpit shadows enabled. Shadow quality to low and and draw distance to low. I turned off tesselation - can't tell the difference in VR anyway. I turned down texture resolution to 1m - can't tell the difference in VR anyway. Don't use high def textures - stick to 1024 max - can't tell the difference in VR anyway No dynamic reflections I turned down AA to 4msaa - higher AA doesn't seem to make much difference anyway. FXAA to off. Don't go above normal for autogen - Autogen draw distance to medium at the most. keep Airline traffic reasoanble. Set level of detail radius to medium at the most - detail in the distance will not be very clear in VR anyway If you're using Active sky - reduce cloud draw distance and set max cloud layers to 2. Reduce visibility to approx 75 or 85 and match cloud draw distance to this. There's no point in drawing clouds futher out the the limit on visibility. My sim is smooth with the 1070 in most situations with these settings and still look good enough using PMDG birds. I use 1.8 supersampling.
  11. I installed the Tophat presets for PTA. Fixed it right up. Now the night is acually dark and the clouds aren't bright white. Nothing to do about the anti-aliasing on the ORBX light though. Resolution is simply too low.
  12. andreh

    Seemingly Unfixable Micro Stutters

    FSUIPC? If so, turn off autosave
  13. andreh

    Some VR questions/concerns

    I get roughly the same performance in VR as I do with a screen in v4.3 using single-pass render. I've turned down some settings a bit but not to a point where it bothers me. Well worth the trade off. It's clear enough with SS at 1.6 and higher as someone said. I use 1.8 myself.
  14. andreh

    777X new boeing plane

    I was on a 767 from Frankfurt to London once. Talk about wide-body short haul.
  15. andreh

    777X new boeing plane

    Heck, I'll fly a 737-800 on route a Cessna is supposed to fly! It's fun. Try it. It's just a simulator. 🙂