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  1. Alas, this appears to be unavoidable with P3D and the original Rift. As the poster above also said, there appears to be nothing to do about it. The only way to get rid of it is to upgrade your headset. The Rift S, for instance, doesn't have the same problem however it has a problem with deeper black levels, i.e., the night looks a bit grey. While also not ideal, it's is more managable and much preferable to the banding with the orginal Rift.
  2. Strange, though. Because I used to have the problem and I used to undock the window in the upper left corner to get rid of it, and now I don't I don't have to do that anymore. No 'permanent' solution ever applied. Could indicate that something is not updated on your part? All PMDG birds the lastest version? I'm only flying thr NGXu and the 747. The 777 might not be fixed as it has not had an update from PMDG in a long time Also, dude. There's no need for the snarky, sarcastic tone. I'm just trying to help. You asked if it got "got fixed". I answered. Not the answer you wanted, obviously, but the fact that I don't have it anymore, while I used to, can indicate that it may be fixed. So I would suggest checking if your PMDG birds are updated to the latest versions. Then that you have the latest P3D hotfix installed.
  3. I don't have it anymore and I never did anything to fix it so I'm guessing it's fixed
  4. I have no problem with OTT, but I have noticed that you have to start OTT before you start whatever VR app you are using, otherwise it won't apply the SS.
  5. Ah, yes, Leap Motion. Forgot about that. From what I understood, it was messy to get to work right and it's not supported by native VR in the sims themselves, which means FlyInside. It also required some do-it-yourself messing about with the hardware to get the sensor attached to the HMD etc. Not exactly plug-and-play. Also newer HMDs ets are probably not supported. I recall someone writing on the forums that it wasn't possible to attach the sensor to the Rift S due the design of the HMD. https://developer.leapmotion.com/vr-setup
  6. If you're talking about VR gloves that will allow you to flip switches and pull levers like in real life, it doesn't exist. At least not in a stable, reasonably priced, commercially available product. The best we have are the controllers that come with the headsets, like Oculus Touch. Also, keep in mind that the software has to support the controllers too. P3D, for instance only supports mouse operation for klicking switches and knobs, but you can use your Saitek controllers for the main flight controls. Xplane supports VR controllers but I've never tried it.
  7. Sorry to hear that. I don't have a pimax myself, I'm afraid, and I've never seen the same thing on the rift. Hopefully someone on here has a pimax
  8. It could be that your position is too far back and into the headrest, a common problem when flying on a monitor because people want more of the dashboard in view. Try moving your position forward using the P3D postion keys, or if you have a camera app like chaseplane, the position settings for that app and see if it disappears. If it's this, it's not specifically related to VR but a P3D general problem.
  9. I haven't used Flyinside for years so, no, I guess. Everything works in native and if you have an oculus headset you can bring windows into VR for charts through the oculus home software, which makes FlyInside redundant.
  10. As for p3D and FlyInside, I don't believe there is any advantage to use FlyInside anymore. Native work fine, even if could be a bit more feature rich.
  11. PMDG 737? If so, this white window is their light box thingy. It can be removed by undocking the tiny window right in the upper left corner before entering VR. Just right click and chose undock and the window won't show again.
  12. You might want to try this in the hardware forum. This is the virtual reality forum. And also...9 monitors!!!
  13. I'm pretty sure you can disable the grid in the Rift S, unless it's a very recent change.
  14. I can't speak for x-plane, but these old pre-VR sims don't perform well in the first place and even worse in VR. 20fps might be normal for X-plane in VR. In Prepar3d, which I use, the trick is simply to reduce quality settings when flying VR vs. flying on a screen.
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