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  1. I installed the Tophat presets for PTA. Fixed it right up. Now the night is acually dark and the clouds aren't bright white. Nothing to do about the anti-aliasing on the ORBX light though. Resolution is simply too low.
  2. andreh

    Seemingly Unfixable Micro Stutters

    FSUIPC? If so, turn off autosave
  3. andreh

    Some VR questions/concerns

    I get roughly the same performance in VR as I do with a screen in v4.3 using single-pass render. I've turned down some settings a bit but not to a point where it bothers me. Well worth the trade off. It's clear enough with SS at 1.6 and higher as someone said. I use 1.8 myself.
  4. andreh

    777X new boeing plane

    I was on a 767 from Frankfurt to London once. Talk about wide-body short haul.
  5. andreh

    777X new boeing plane

    Heck, I'll fly a 737-800 on route a Cessna is supposed to fly! It's fun. Try it. It's just a simulator. 🙂
  6. andreh

    Strange SID path in my B738 FMC

    I would fly the SID as is. Seems like a fun ride! Combine with Max rate in the climb page! 🙂
  7. Before entering VR, just right click on the box and choose undock. Outside VR the window is a tiny little box in the upper left corner of the screen. No need to resize or move. Just right click and undock.
  8. andreh

    Reposition Feature?

    May I recommend FSIPanel? It allows you to directly set up your aircraft for different scenarios including finals. It may not be exactly what the OP is looking for, but useful and fun nevertheless.
  9. I think someone said above. You can just undock the window before enabling VR --> box disappears. I haven't noticed any negative consequences of this.
  10. andreh

    Advice on EGLL & Area

    At least with v4 it's not OOMing anymore. It's the little things... 🙂
  11. andreh

    777 Thrust Lost during Takeoff Roll

    Are you moving your physical throttle with the increase in thrust? If not, the physical throttle may override the one in the plane.
  12. andreh

    Problem I've never seen before-spinning 77W

    I had a similar problem a few years back in my FSX days. Turned out to be my REX weather engine and the problem disappeared when in I disabled it. I switched later to Active Sky and have never had the problem since. I see you already have AS but I think it's worth poking around in the weather settings, both in FSX and AS.
  13. andreh

    744 and 777 VC eyepoint for VR users

    Using supersampling to make the image clearer will help with the eyes. My rig can manage 1.8 on most applications including P3Dv4. Everything is decently clear then. Can even read the FMC without too much trouble.
  14. Also, forget about Nvidia Inspector. Not needed with p3dv4
  15. andreh

    Landing the 777, what's going on?

    Just a thought, a controller issue? Maybe throttle hardware isn't calibrated and actually doesn't go to idle and overrides the autothrottle before you try engage reversers?