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  1. Dear Nick. This is indeed very simple, clear and helpful answer. Appreciate it and thank you 🙂
  2. Thank you, andreh, for your swift reply. It was just my presumption grounded on my limited knowledge of PC working and performance. Wish you a nice day
  3. Hi, friends. I have another beginner question, which, I hope, will not make you laugh too much J My question relates to possibility of improving performance in VR. PC desktop mode is fine. I use almost ultra set up and reach around 60 fps (with RTX 3060 Ti). Great quality and decent performance. On the other side the VR mode is far from good as regard the quality of visuals, not mentioning the poor performance smoothness. I have ultra wide 21:9 2K monitor (3440 x 1440), which itself reduced the fps when in “normal” mode, which I understand, but when switching to VR, the HP Reverb G2 goggles take another huge portion of PC performance, which I also understand. Switching from normal to VR mode result in enormous drop of fps (around 60 for ultra in PC mode, to 12-20 in VR mode). One option is the minimize quality in VR to high or even less, but are there other options? I was thinking to eliminate the PC screen projection while in VR mode, since the former is taking too much processor capacity away with no reason, as I do not use the monitor while in VR. Is it possible? As I understand, the game is shown simultaneously on PC screen in full 2K mode and on VR goggles, which is enormous waste. Or I am mistaken and the PC screen projections is not running while in VR? Thank you for any tips.
  4. Been away and just now found your extremely useful and helpful advice. I am not that advanced so far, but my goal is to improve. I am not brave and experienced yet to fly airliners, but all procedures explained are calling for engagement. Study, this is what I have to do. Thank you both for your answers
  5. Dear friends. I would appreciate your assistance regarding the in game planning/navigating tool. I am beginner in MSFS, so please understand my strange question. For expert colleagues it may sound ridiculous, but when I make my flight plan I get a straight route, and always have trouble with properly prepare myself in advance for landing (I would expect the landing route take in to account the curve you have made to descend slowly and prepare for touch down), basically with descending approach as the route does not show details regarding the final approach. How can I plan this route ahead? My question is which flight planner for MSFS 2020 that I can use in VR mode would take into account and “draw” the landing route, with possibly necessary data (recommended speed, altitude …). Thank you for your help.
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